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“I don’t like it.”

“Well, I don’t really like you running willingly into danger,” Silas snapped out at Jeremiah. “Yet you do it anyway.”

“I don’t run into anything. That would be stupid and dangerous. And I never go in alone.”

Silas shook his head, and Jeremiah was pretty sure he caught an eye roll, too. “You’re smarter than that. You could do anything.”

“Do you really think anyone is a firefighter because they can’t do anything else? Nolan was going to school for psychology before he joined the Marines. And trust me, he could have gone back when he got out, but he felt called to do this instead. Is my sister stupid? Pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to put the pieces together to investigate how they started them if she was. And Uncle James says she’s one of the best investigators he’s had.”

“I didn’t mean anything like that,” Silas said. “I just…I worry about you, Jer. I see the stories of firefighters getting hurt or killed doing their job and can’t help but think if it were you. And that nearly kills me.”

That took most of the fire out of his anger. “I know,” he said quietly. “I grew up with a father then a sister who answered the call. I know it can be hard to be the one who stays behind. I’ve never seen Mom so relieved as the day Dad retired.” He smiled then. “Even if it’s been a rough adjustment having him home all the time.”

Silas managed a laugh at that, though from the turmoil in his eyes, everything wasn’t fine yet. And Jeremiah didn’t have time to make it better unless he wanted to be late for the shift he’d picked up. “Try not to worry,” he told Silas. “I’m trained, and so is everybody riding on that truck with me. We’re as safe as we can be. And now I have to go.”

But, that didn’t make leaving Silas and his worry behind any easier.


This is day 10 of Just Jot It January and today’s prompt was “danger”. As the wife of a firefighter(volunteer), I can certainly understand Silas’ worry here.

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  1. Thanks for participating and please pass along a ‘thank you’ to your husband for his service. I’ve written a few times about the importance of supporting our volunteer firemen and women. They are truly a huge benefit to our community.

    • Thanks. And yeah, we live in rural NW PA. For the most part, all we have are the volunteer departments. My original Flames series focuses on a paid department but then I started a spin-off that focused on a family of volunteers(though one of the brothers in the family is a paid firefighter – the Nolan that Jeremiah mentioned).

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