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“Nothing about that is tangible.”

Corrin put one hand on her hip. “So my faith means less because you can’t touch it? You know, Silas, not everything is about your evidence and proof and scientific method.”

Silas’ lips twitched, but she decided to ignore that. It’s not like this was a new argument between them. And she didn’t know why she let it get to her.

“I never said it was less. Just that I couldn’t believe you would give it more weight than what science tells us.”

The door opened before she could make her usual comeback to that. Jeremiah came in holding a plastic bag that smelled delicious. It only took one look for him to apparently take in the scene. “This again?” he asked. “I thought you two were friends now. But, all you ever do is argue.”

“We’re friends,” Corrin protested.

At the same time, Silas said, “We like to argue.”

Jeremiah laughed and shook his head then put the bag of food on the counter. “You two are impossible.”

Corrin saw Silas eyeing Jeremiah as he moved around the kitchen, and something shifted inside her. She couldn’t blame him. She’d found herself eyeing Jeremiah the same way. No matter how many times she tried to stop herself.


This was today’s post for Just Jot It January, which had the prompt of “tangible”. I’m really looking forward to dive into Jeremiah, Corrin, and Silas’ story. Things are going to get interesting, especially when Corrin and Silas like to “debate” so much. 😀

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