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“It’s so spangly,” Corrin said, grinning up at her big brother.

“Spangly?” Neil asked with a laugh. “Is that even a word?”

“Sure, it is. The adjective form of the verb spangle, to glitter with or like spangles, which are small, thin pieces of flittering metal or other material.”

He laughed again, running a hand through his hair. “I swear, Corrin, you’re like a walking dictionary.”

She grinned. “I could have also said it shimmered, glistened, sparkled, or…”

“Okay, I get it. I know all those words are too ordinary for you. But, do you really have to compare my badge to some bangle or something.”

She laughed and gave him a tight squeeze. “Did I forget to say I’m proud of you, Officer Riley?”

“You just can’t stop being a brat, can you?”

“Never,” she said with a grin. What fun would life be if she didn’t poke at her brother.


This is Day 5 of Just Jot It January and today’s prompt is “spangly”. I’m using them to explore characters in one of the projects I’m currently plotting. I love spending time with the Riley family(as well as their cousins, the Magaldis).


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