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I’ve had a bit of a slow start to this round. Monday the kids were still home, and it took me longer than I’d hoped to get my words in for the day. I decided to change to working 2 hours on my main project and 1 hour on a secondary project each day.  Which means I may not get the 3000 words I’d planned every day, but I’m hoping it might balance out throughout the week. I was hoping to catch up on stuff that got pushed aside on Monday yesterday, but then we started moving things around in the girl’s room so we could put our old headboard in there(since we got a new bed last month). Turns out her bed(one of those wooden ones with the drawers built in) is falling apart. We’ve had it eight years, and it was used then. So, we’re going to give her the other pieces of the old bed, too, we just have to get it in there now.

Still hoping to get caught up on where I’d wanted to be. I mostly am except for my knitting and reading goals.

Now, it’s WiPPet Wednesday!! The first one of the new year. I have a little more from Defending the Heart for you today. 6 paragraphs(1+4+2+0+1+7=15=1+5=6)

“You two boys sure you don’t want anything else?”
They’d ordered some pastries to go with their coffee when they’d first set things up. But, since then, it had just been refills of the coffee. Xavier started to shake his head, but Piers said, “How about a couple of those cinnamon scones I saw the last time I was up that way. They looked as sweet as you.”
Xavier very nearly groaned as the waitress smiled at Piers and noted down the order. He wasn’t sure if it was just the flirting Piers was doing with the waitress, or because the other man obviously still remembered his weakness for cinnamon.
“We’ll probably be here a little while yet,” Piers said quietly once the waitress had left, a light flush to her cheeks. “We’ll need the fuel.”
He might be right, but Xavier still didn’t want to think about how he’d smiled at the woman. Piers used to smile at him like that. And it was all his own fault he didn’t anymore. He needed to remember that.
Even after that kiss, he couldn’t expect to get that smile again. That had just been a buildup of…what? Lust, frustration…something else? He didn’t know. But, he was sure it wouldn’t happen again. It shouldn’t happen again. It only led them along the same cycle they’d been repeating the last fifteen years. You’d think eventually they’d learn.

Well, they certainly have to learn something, it just might not be the thing Xavier assumes. 🙂


  • Write: 14000 words(2k on main project a day, 1k on others a week) – As I said above, I’m not quite keeping to this plan. But, I’ve got 5912/14000 words in so far.
  • Stained Blood – start re-plotting once back from CP – got this back Monday and we’ve been emailing back and forth on some ideas. I’m about ready to start re-plotting
  • Loving the Devil – start Story Toolkit – I got this started and 1st 2 sections filled in
  • Playing with Fire – finish back stories, plot summary, start Story Toolkit – finished the last of the back stories and the plot summary. Going to type all those up into scrivener today then start the Story Toolkit
  • Side Projects – write 1500 words – nothing on these yet
  • Listen: Miss Frost Solves a Cold Case(Kristen Painter) & She Can Scream(Melinda Leigh) – Finished Miss Frost Solves a Cold Case. It was a fun listen. I started She Can Scream this morning.
  • Read: The Hawk(Monica McCarty), Law Man(Kristen Ashley), Trade Me(Courtney Milan), Tied to Trouble(Megan Erickson), What Chris Wants(Lori Foster), Just You(Rebecca Phillips), & Island of Glass(Nora Roberts) – Like I said above, this is one of the goals that’s suffered this week. I’m only about halfway through The Hawk and haven’t even started the others. May start dedicating more of my afternoons to reading.
  • Knit: Craigiecatt Hat – I just finally got this cast on yesterday. haven’t made more progress than that.
  • A to Z challenge: Plot – nothing more on these this week. I may get to them at some point.

More red than I’d really like to see, but a good bit of green, too. So that isn’t too bad. and I did a lot of jotting here, so I guess this can count for my Just Jot It post for today. 😉


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Slow Start" (22)

  1. Wow, you really have a lot on the go! I like your idea of writing your accomplishments in green and the things you still need to work on in red. Nice visual reminder. 🙂

    • Yeah, I like to have a lot of different things to work on. It’s just a matter of finding the best way to balance it all.
      That’s what I like about the color-code system. When I think I haven’t done much, I can look and see just what I have accomplished.

  2. There’s such a great tension here – the push and pull of long-term relationships that aren’t what we want them to be.

  3. Ha! They definitely need to learn *something*. Like maybe how not to make assumptions about each other?

  4. A slow start is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m deliberately taking it slow with certain changes to make sure I can be comfortable with everything.

    • I’m trying not to stress much about it. I am still making progress. And I made up a schedule today that should let me get everything done, with plenty of time for reading still. and I can adjust it if I have to(and having it written down actually helps me stress less).

  5. I haven’t gotten to any of my writing goals yet this week. I’ve been pretty wrapped up in my revision class, and that’s OK. I feel like I need to focus on a few other things before I’ve got the mental acuity for that.

    Xavier’s right – they need to break the cycle; but I’m hoping for a much better resolution than he’s thinking of.

    • I’m trying to focus on the progress I have made, but sometimes that’s hard to remember. Part of yesterday’s low word count was because I was doing some research for Stained Blood. And today I wrote up a schedule that’ll help me get everything done, I think, and is somewhat flexible. And it’ll have me focusing more on time spent than words written.
      Yes, they certainly do. They’ll get there eventually. 🙂

      • Research can be a time consumer, but it’s usually worth it. I’m not on schedule at the moment; sleeping very little, and that at odd times. My brain is in a creative tsunami mode…

      • It will be for a sub-plot in Stained Blood, and I realized giving Jacob his happyish ever after might not be as difficult as I thought. 🙂

  6. You’re doing well, especially with so many works on the go. I’m finding it hard getting back to my one WIP!

  7. Yeeeaaah, it’s going to happen again isn’t it? Some lessons never get learned.

  8. Kat Morrisey said:

    Even if there is red you still made awesome progress. I didn’t get any writing done but I did a lot of other things this week I can dive in and *hopefully* not be distracted by all the little to-dos! I joined ROW80 again–hopefully I make it through the round. With it being on FB I think I will. It will be easier to update my progress if I get busy and can’t get a blog post out. 🙂 Have a great week!

    • Yeah, and I managed to turn most of that red to green by the end of the week. So, it did end up being a decent week.
      Glad to have you join in again!!

  9. A lot of red, but also a lot of green! I am having trouble getting started, but hoping that will change. Good work and keep it up!

  10. Sometimes, some couples never break out of the cycle. Hopefully they will this time (though probably not, because where would the fun be in that?)

    • Well, by the end, hopefully they’ll at least be able to communicate better, though I’m sure there’ll still be some push and pull. 🙂

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