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It’s day 3 of Just Jot It January. This is only my second post, since I skipped day 1. Yesterday, I included it as part of my post looking forward to this week’s/month’s/quarter’s/year’s goals. I didn’t have another planned post today, though. So, I decided to write something else up. I’m going to use at least most of the prompts to explore the characters in one of the stories I’m currently plotting out.


“I gave you a warning.”

Silas laughed into his own coffee cup. Jeremiah should have known better by now. Corrin had been living here for nearly two months now. He knew not to touch her, or hell even speak to her, before she had at least one cup of coffee. Better if it was even two.

Jeremiah rubbed at his side. He was probably lucky it had only been her elbow in his ribs and not her teeth in his hand. Who knew what she was capable of when she was really upset.

Then, he swore and grabbed his bag off the back of the chair, taking his travel mug with him. “Gonna be late for class. See you later?”

Jeremiah shook his head, and Silas frowned. “I’ll be at the firehouse. I’m covering Garro’s shift today. I need to get going, too.”

Silas met Corrin’s gaze over Jeremiah’s head. That meant she’d be alone here for the day. At least most of it. She smiled, but it barely turned her lips up. He didn’t bother saying anything, since he knew she’d only insist she was fine. Only he knew she wasn’t.

She’d tell them what was wrong when she was ready. He just had to keep believing that. “Guess we’ll see you in the morning then. I have a large break between two of my classes this afternoon. I’ll bring lunch back for us,” he told Corrin.

She nodded but just went back to her coffee. Silas sighed then headed out the door. He’d figure up what was up eventually. For now, he needed to get his mind on science. One of his favorite places to be.


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