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I didn’t plan to be up writing this so early. Usually I stay in bed until the kids are up on Christmas morning. Well, I suppose  I was. Because at 3:30(maybe a little before), I hear “Santa came!” Yeah, my kids are early risers, but this is early even for them! This was after the girl nearly caught ‘Santa’ filling the stockings last night at 9:45 because I was sure she’d fallen asleep by then. Anyway, I figured I should probably come out just to make sure they didn’t start sneaking peeks at the presents. I needed to take more medicine anyway since I can’t get this stupid cough to go away. Sick on Christmas…it’s basically a family tradition.

Santa did come!

Santa did come!

Friday, while the kids were still in school, the husband and I went and got a few things at the store(I needed stuff to make cookies still), and stocking stuffers. I made some snickerdoodles and M&M cookies. Yesterday we had breakfast with some friends then went to see my husband’s grandma. Then, later in the afternoon we stopped and got pizza on the way to my mother-in-law’s. The kids got presents there, and I got some cash and a gift card to barnes & noble. Now to decide whether to use it online or actually in the store(I tend to have trouble ever finding what I’m looking for in there.

"I wanted this!" What the boy said for pretty much everything he opened.

“I wanted this!” What the boy said for pretty much everything he opened.

wearing their new school spirit sweatshirts together

wearing their new school spirit sweatshirts together

We’ll be going to my mom’s later this afternoon. I’m trying to hold the kids off from waking Daddy and opening presents until at least 6. Another hour now. So, I’ll get to my wrap-up of the week.

  • Write: 12500 words – 8032/12500 words. Not even close to what I’d hoped. But, I slowed down a bit this week. Going to keep the goal low for next week, too then hopefully get it back up there after the new year.
    • Defending the Heart – 1059 words – Something was wrong. Piers could sense it just as much as he knew the waitress had seen more to his flirting than had been there. Not that he’d ever minded flirting with a pretty woman, or even taking one home. But, he had trouble thinking about anyone else when Xavier was around.
    • Crash and Burn – 1121 words – “We all heard it, cousin.” Brann saw Adrian’s wife, Kayla, hovering in the doorway, glancing down the road, too. Jeremiah was her little brother, so he figured she was probably worried about him, too. He couldn’t think about any of that right now, though. All he could think of was that Jaya could be in danger, and she was unprotected right now.
    • Not Meant to Be – 1583 words – She glanced over at Toby then. Okay, there was one cop she would enjoy existing. But, as far as she could tell, he was the exception to the rule. And even that was probably being unfair. Still, she couldn’t completely dispel the thoughts and bad feelings.
    • Stay a Little Longer – 2622 words – Terrall didn’t bother responding to that. He didn’t plan to get into trouble. But, he wasn’t going to regret doing what was needed to keep Jess safe.
    • In the Moonlight – 1217 words – Had one of those other shadows been her father? What would he have done to her. There was another sharp scream, and I was sure the echo of a gunshot, then…nothing. I dropped my hands and looked around. There was nothing up here except for a bunch of old trunks and chests.
  • Edit: Let It Begin – finish pre-revisions & start revisions – I finished the pre-revisions. Setting aside revisions until next year.
  • Plot: Loving the Devil – Plot summary & start Story Toolkit – got the plot summary done. Setting aside the rest of it until next year
  • Side Projects – add 2000 words – 2155/2000 words
    • Midas Daughter – Because marrying a pretty, and wealthy, girl would be such a hardship for him. Especially when his father was pressing him on that exact issue. It was time to settle down, to ensure the Adair line continued, and on and on. He usually stopped listening. Why would he want to settle himself down with only one woman when he could have his pick of them? *Oh, James, you are just such a gem. *gag*
    • Dance with the Devil – 553 words – I barely listened as Bull and Icarus gave us some final instructions. We already knew what they wanted us to do. And I was too distracted by Hawk’s presence next to me, his hand resting at the small of my back, just under the bottom of my vest. 
    • Snow White Twist – 559 words – “There is nothing in the many rules that says I must marry a man. Not one reference. So, Tarian, princess of [xx], will you be my queen once I’m on my throne?” *I still need to give both their kingdoms names.
    • Patrick & Sarah – 277 words – But, she thought she’d seen his lips turn up. She blinked and the look was gone. She must have only imagined it. Sarah sighed and scrubbed a little harder at the stain. She couldn’t believe she’d think it of her son for even a moment. Lord, she was a horrible mother to think it. *yeah, you didn’t imagine anything, but just live in that denial, Sarah.
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 238 words – And maybe even have a chance to see Haiwee once again. Now, that made him smile.
    • Roman – 254 words – They were going to send her to a group home. After everything she’s been through, they were going to just drop her there. She refused to go. Any option where there were other kids, she said she’d just run away from if they tried to make her go.” Cristine glanced back at Tereza, who was still eyeing them warily. Roman thought she looked pretty likely to run right now. “It only took me a few to realize what the problem was. I told her we didn’t have any other kids at home, and we were certified as foster parents already.” She smiled at him then.
    • Dougal & Shae – 147 words – “Then, why won’t he give me a straight answer?”He saw the brother roll his eyes. “Maybe because you’re being abrasive right now. You know what Dad says.”She snorted. “Which of his many sayings are you referencing? The list is probably endless by now.”
  • Listen: Winter – I’ve listened to most of this and loving it. And a friend sent me the audible of Stars Above to start once I finish. Woohoo!
  • Read: Finish Ink or Treat(Eliza Madison), Status Update(Annabeth Albert), Breaking Through(Juliana Haygert), Night Watch(Suzanne Brockman), Touching Fate(Brenda Drake), The Family Simon(Juliana Stone), Going Deep(Cari Quinn), Serpentine(Cindy Pon), & Assassin’s Heart(Sarah Ahiers) – I finished Ink or Treat(really enjoyed), Status Update(loved), and Night Watch(enjoyed). I really enjoyed Breaking Through. Couldn’t get into Touching Fate. I only read the last of the three books in the The Family Simon set(I’d read the first two separately but the set was free so I grabbed it for the third book only) and enjoyed it. I enjoyed Going Deep. Started Serpentine but it wasn’t drawing me in, so I set it aside. Haven’t started Assassin’s Heart yet.
  • Crochet: Grumpy Octopus Coffee Cup Cozy – finished this on Friday. It’s a little big to fit around my coffee cup, though.wp-1482659536582.jpg
  • A to Z Posts: Plot – haven’t made any more progress on these

Not a bad week overall, even if I didn’t get to everything I had planned. Even though RoW80 is on break this week, I’m still putting my goals for next week here.

  • Write: 5000 words
  • Side Projects: Add 2000 words
  • Listen: Finish Winter & Stars Above
  • Read: Finish Assassin’s Heart(Sarah Ahiers), Kiss Me Like This(Bella Andre), Whiskey Tango Foxtrot(Liliana Hart), Labyrinth Lost(Zoraida Cordova), The Seduction Hypothesis(Delphine Dryden), Cutting Edge(Allison Brennan), He’s So Fine(Jill Shalvis), The Hawk(Monica McCarty), & Law Man(Kristen Ashley)
  • Crochet: Charmed Cloche

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Christmas Edition" (6)

  1. Hey, you have a Jeremiah! I have one in real life. He’s taller than his dad, starting to get some peach fuzz on his face, has lots of blonde curls, and is amazing in All the Ways!

    I like yours already, so I hope he doesn’t disappoint me, because I happen to be Jeremiah-biased.

    The snippet with Sarah and Thomas was chilling.

    As for that little octopus guy – he’s adorable, and I just got some big cups. I kind of want to adopt him! =)

    I haven’t been to bed. Lise opened her Hess truck last night – it’s a tradition that Jim gets her one every year, and it’s been waiting for weeks. No stockings anymore – mostly, Miah wants snacks and drinks – lately, he’s been really into Arnold Palmers (half iced tea; half lemonade). He’s absolutely a minimalist. Lise got snacks, arm warmers, nail polish and manicure stuff, and the like.

    They both put turkey on their stocking stuffer lists. I’m not surprised that I have odd offspring – why wouldn’t I?! – but it’s always extra fun when they’re odd in the same way at the same time, because they’re very different people.

    When Jim gets up in an hour or two, there will be a few more gifts to open. Lise is going to see my parents later, because her cousins Sam,12, and Nate, 10, will be there, and those three are pretty tight (and now they have a dog; Corki is very missed).

    I’ll sleep at some point….maybe. =)

    • I think you’ll really like this Jeremiah. I don’t know him too well yet. He’s a rookie firefighter, and will help out a friend in a bind even when he might want to be more than a friend. And I may have learned more about him last night. He doesn’t seem to want to wait for me to finish Brann’s story then Jess’s before I finally get to him. But, we’ll see 😉
      Writing Thomas even as a young boy is a little chilling. All the signs of his evil were there, Sarah just refused to see them.
      If you want, I could send him your way, maybe even make more if you’d like(they were pretty simple to make).
      It only took our kids maybe half an hour to open gifts, and that was having them through paper away between each gift. We keep it pretty simple here since they have three different grandparents that spoil them(plus aunts & uncles). I got a sweatshirt, a couple books, and a new ceramic skillet from my mom. So, it was pretty good. We’re going to husband’s stepmom’s later today and then that will be it.
      We usually leave gifts under the tree for at least a day or two. The puppy has changed that, though. We had to put pretty much everything away to keep him from chewing up their new toys. The girl even got him a new rope toy, but he had that destroyed in about 20 minutes. Should’ve named him Mr. Destructive 😉

      • It’s his pit bull jaw. Corki could go through rawhide like magic. We’ve missed him this year.

        I’d love that octopus guy, or one of his friends. =D

        My Jeremiah is a very laid-back, patient sort (even if he was an adult, and not 15. It’s amazing, at his age!) Maybe he could give yours a lesson or two in that regard. They seem to share a generous and helpful spirit, though.

        Miah didn’t really ask for anything but the cello we got a few weeks back, and that we all go play laser-tag, which we loved when Jim’s sister took us in Oregon. Lise got the lion’s share of gifts, but I bought myself the two big coffee mugs and the Hamilton book I’ve been lusting after, as well as a Hamilton calendar, since tickets are out of the question at the moment.

        Jim got some kitchen things that will make it easier for him to make and bottle hot sauce, which he hopes to turn into a side business within the next few months.

        Both kids got some gifts from my parents (I’m estranged from them, but the kids aren’t) and my sister (same story).

        When I got home from the write-in, both kids were asleep. Jim and I had a nice chat, and went to bed early, ourselves.

      • Just let me know where to send it, and I’ll ship it out to you 🙂
        Sounds like the fictional Jeremiah does have a lot in common with yours. Though he had me up at 1 this morning, insisting his story needs to be told NOW. *sigh* fine. I wasn’t sleeping anyway between that and the cough that doesn’t want to go away.
        The girl got a keyboard from my mom this year. We haven’t opened it yet since we haven’t really been home, there may be some music this week. Sounds like it was a good holiday for you.

      • My Jeremiah often reveals his deep thoughts in the middle of the night, and he has since he was a very little Jeremiah, and not the biggest person in our house!

        I hope the cough leaves you soon, and stays gone.

        I’ll PM you my address! Thank you – I would be delighted to pay for him!

      • I did get the general characters mind map done, and read some of the first story in my Flames series again b/c I couldn’t remember if Is described him or not when he made a couple brief appearances(I had. Which made things easier). I’ll probably keep working on this here and there and start it sooner than I’d planned.

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