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RoW80 Round 4 Wrap-Up

I just posted my mid-week check-in yesterday, but I waited until today to do my official end of the round wrap-up. And, even though the round is over, and it will be Christmas, I’ll probably have another post on Sunday. I like staying on a schedule, otherwise it will probably feel like I’m forgetting to do something. And I’ll have my December and yearly wrap-up the Sunday after that.

For now, here’s how I did this round:


  • Toby & Denise – finish outlining – done!
  • Jess & Terrall(Kurztown #5) – done!
  • Stained Blood – re-plot – still waiting on my CP. Going to give her a nudge and hopefully I can get to this next year.
  • Still Burning(Hunter Family #4/Flames #6) – nothing yet. Will start this when Crash and Burn is closer to being drafted


  • Closing Time – finish 1st draft – done! At 59,361 words, it’s a little long for a novella. Oops. 9553 of those words came during this round.
  • Break on Me – finish 1st draft – done! This one came in at 72,032 words. This round brought in 30,634 of those words.
  • In the Moonlight -finish 1st draft – not done. It’s sitting at 58,822 words right now. Probably won’t finish this month, but I did add 21,611 words for the round.
  • Defending the Heart – add 12000 words – 21348/12000. Definitely met this goal. I’m enjoying where this story is going
  • Toby & Denise – add 12000 words – 22667/12000 words. Another success!
  • Jess & Terrall – 1st draft(NaNoWriMo) – 18724 words. I ended up splitting my NaNo words between all my projects instead of working on only one.
  • Crash and Burn(didn’t add this to original list) – 23597 words. this one may end up being longer than novella length as well. Those Magaldi boys obviously have a lot to say 😉
  • Stained Blood – re-write – again, still waiting on email from CP before I re-plot/rewrite this


  • Guarding the Heart – finish revisions & send to CP – I finished revisions and polished it up. Sitting on it but it’s added to the list to send to CP
  • Healing the Heart – beta edits & publish(depending on timing) – done & DONE! That makes 3 novels I published this year.

Side Projects:

  • Dance with the Devil – finish 1st draft – no. But, it is at 25907 words. Coming up on the climax, so I’ll probably finish in January.
  • Snow White Twist – finish 1st draft, revise, & submit by 10/31(this is looking unlikely at this point, but we’ll see) – I didn’t make the deadline. In fact, I’m still writing it. But, I’m mostly wrapping it up now. So, I’ll probably revise and submit it for next years World Unknown Review. It’s up to 19900 words right now.
  • Patrick & Sarah – get to 3000 words – 3774/3000 words. This one’s coming along steadily.
  • Tavin & Haiwee – get to 2500 words – 3053/2500 words. More good progress.
  • Roman – get to get to 3500 words – 4181/3500 words.
  • Dougal & Shae – write 1500 words – 2308/1500 words. A lot of good progress here. As I said above, those Magaldi boys sure like to tell their stories. 🙂


  • Listen: 15 audiobooks – 25/15 audiobooks. And I’m about halfway through Winter by Marissa Meyer, which is 23.5 hours long. I’ll finish it before the month is over.
  • Read: 82 books – 68/82 Not even close to my goal.


  • Knit: 3 projects – 4/3 wp-1480249846252.jpg wp-1479302187760.jpg wp-1478702318489.jpg wp-1476018812837.jpg
  • Crochet: 3 projects -4/3 + several dish cloths I didn’t put on the list & almost finished with 1 more project. wp-1476300233278.jpg wp-1476878789373.jpg wp-1477495218351.jpg wp-1477830284351.jpg wp-1477830290420.jpg wp-1478702323606.jpg wp-1481463073352.jpg wp-1482070267129.jpg

There were a few things I didn’t manage to get to, but overall I’d say it was a successful round. Looking forward to the next one.

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