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Sunday Summary: More Snow

We started getting more snow Thursday night. And it kept coming. Not sure exactly how much we got, but my husband has had to go out the last three nights to plow. Yesterday, the kids wanted to go out and play in it. Pretty sure it took them longer to get all their snow stuff on than how long they stayed out there. Then, they came in and wanted hot chocolate. I think that may be the whole reason they wanted to go outside. 🙂

Yesterday we had my niece’s 8th birthday party. Roads weren’t great, but we made it there(they live about an hour or so away from us). Then, we always have Christmas with our dad after her party. On the way there, they had some issues with their dog(a Great Pyrenees they always take with them). She had an accident in the car and when they got her out, she started having problems with her back legs. Not sure what the issue was, but they came the rest of the way up. Hoping she’ll be okay. I haven’t seen my dad since this time last year. He hadn’t been able to make it to either of my kids’ birthdays. Didn’t go camping with him like we usually do. Though he was up to see both my sisters. But not me. Not surprised, just brings up all the issues I’ve always had with my dad. But, I did get a $100 amazon gift card out of it. he’s always been good at giving us money/gifts, if not his time. And I’ve already got it spent(Outlander Season 2, new wireless headphones, 5 physical books, & a couple e-books with what was left). That didn’t take long.

My progress this week wasn’t that great as I dealt with sinuses/cold. Feeling better though still having some sinus pressure(though not as bad as earlier in the week) and the cough seems to be coming back. Hoping that’ll go away again and I can get back to my usual progress. I have got a good bit of reading done, though.

  • Write: 12500 words – 6744/12500 words. Way behind where I’d like to be. Hopefully next week will be better.
    • Defending the Heart – 1296 words – “You really should get off your feet. You said you’d take a break while I’m with Josie. Do I need to get Hector to sit on you to make sure you do that?”
      She grinned at him, and he realized his mistake a second too late. “Pretty sure that’s how I got into this situation in the first place.” *Oh, little sisters. 😀
    • Crash and Burn – 1601 words – “No,” she said and reached out for his hand. “I don’t want you to go.”
      Thank god. He didn’t say the words, but they rang through his head. “What do you want?” he asked.
    • Not Meant to Be – 858 words – Toby wanted to be a lot more than her shield, but if that’s all he could get, all he deserved after all the wrong he’d done in his life, he’d gladly take up the position. He opened his door before he could think anymore about it. What he’d been shouldn’t have any effect on who he was now. But, he knew it still did. He’d tried to leave it behind, but he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to completely. So, he’d use it to his advantage now. This guy didn’t know just who was on her side in this fight. And he’d regret that.
    • Stay a Little Longer – 1024 words – “Do something,” Lieutenant Berman said, not letting him finish. “Just get out, instead of sitting there wallowing in whatever thoughts you’re brewing.”
      He hated that the man seemed to know him so well. That’s just what he’d been doing. Letting Susan’s words wash over him again and again. Hell, he deserved it. All of it. What he’d done was unforgivable, and he certainly wasn’t a role model for those kids. Shouldn’t be used as one.
    • In the Moonlight – 1965 words – I understood now, and I wasn’t going to argue. Though it surprised me to hear her talk that that. I looked at her face and saw the blush turning it red. Almost as red as her hair. God, even that turned me on.”I read a lot,” she said, taking me by surprise and making me laugh. She did that more than anyone else ever had.
  • Edit: Let It Begin(Kurztown 2.5) – Pre-revision items(filling in all the [xx] I left through it, story map, timeline, etc…) – I got the [xx]s all filled in. There weren’t too many, mostly names for side characters. Also finished the story map.
  • Plot: Loving the Devil – Back Stories – I finished the first back story. Haven’t started the others yet, though.
  • Side Projects: Write 2000 words – 2396/2000 words. At least I did good with this one. Working on each of these for 5 minutes seems to be working out pretty well.
    • Midas Daughter – 547 words – But, he didn’t bother trying to interrupt his boss. He’d learned long ago, that there was no point in that. He’d just keep railing on, and it could very well cost Flip his job. He couldn’t let that happen. For more than just the money it brought him. But, he didn’t let his gaze go anywhere near the main house. Near Calla. That would give everything away.
    • Dance with the Devil – 589 words – “He’s my brother, as much as the other guys are.” He looked at me then, and I knew he thought of me as even more than that. “But, what he said, it was so close to something my father said to me that last night, as he was slamming his boot into my ribs. It set me off.”
    • Snow White Twist – 535 words – “Eira is not dead,” she said and saw the shock come into the queen’s eyes. “She still breathed when I left. You did not win.” And Tarian would not give up on Eira without a fight. 
    • Patrick & Sarah – 222 words – Patrick was pretty sure the clerk’s mouth twitched, but he hid it quick enough he couldn’t be certain. Still, Patrick held his hands up and stepped back. He wasn’t going to run roughshod over the lady if she insisted on turning away his help. 
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 174 words – And if he couldn’t find work around here, he wouldn’t have a chance to see Haiwee again. That thought weighed him down so much, he shoved it away. She may not even want to see him again. Yeah, that didn’t make him feel any lighter in the saddle.
    • Roman – 139 words – Roman was exhausted by the time he made it home. He hadn’t had a whole lot of time with Carlos by the time the boy finally started to talk to him. His visit with Toby Almeira had gone even worse. Carlos might be shattered by his sister’s death, but he’d covered it with a sullen mask. Toby hadn’t even had that defense. That boy was just broken. And even after speaking to him, Roman couldn’t figure it out. 
    • Dougal & Shae – 190 words – “Care to tell me what happened?” she asked, practically ignoring the two men standing at her back. He figured she’d probably gotten used to that over the years. Lord knew his own sisters were quite adept at ignoring him.“I noticed those other two men come in and noted they looked like troublemakers,” he said. “Then, your brothers came over, and I spoke to them for a few minutes.” His lips twitched up as her brow furrowed. “I do believe I’d remember more of the conversation if you had been along.”
  • Listen: Soulless(Gail Carriger) & The Last MacKlenna(Katherine Lowry Logan) – I finished listening to Soulless yesterday and absolutely loved it. Wish I would have bought the second one when they were both on sale. Also finished The Last MacKlenna and really enjoyed it. And I started listening to Midnight Exposure(Melinda Leigh).
  • Read: Finish Soulblade(Lindsay Buroker), Against the Tide(Kat Martin), Honor’s Flight(Lindsay Buroker), Dare to Touch(Carly Phillips), The Vanishing Throne(Elizabeth May), Romancing the Holidays(various), A More Complicated Fairytale(Emily Witt), & The Distance Between Us(Kasie West) – Finished Soulblade(loved it), Against the Tide(enjoyed), & Honor’s Flight(loved) and read a short story that falls between Honor’s Flight and the next book(which I bought as soon as I finished HF). I also finished Dare to Touch(enjoyed), The Vanishing Throne(loved!), Romancing the Holidays(though I actually only read Dance me a Dream by Kait Nolan in it, but I loved that one), A More Complicated Fairytale(enjoyed), and The Distance Between Us(enjoyed). I also started Sweet Little Lies(Jill Shalvis) and have less than 100 pages to go. I may not have been writing a lot this week, but been doing good with the reading.
  • Crochet: Dashes Beanie – Finished this yesterday. wp-1481463073352.jpg
  • A-Z Challenge Posts I got through post G plotted. This is going well. Hoping to have all the posts ready(or at least close) by the beginning of April, though it will likely remain a ‘when I have time’ goal until then.

More blue than I figured there’d be. And everything else was green, so it wasn’t a bad week after all.

  • Write: 10000 words
  • Edit: Let It Begin – pre-revisions
  • Plot: Loving the Devil – back stories
  • Side Projects – 2000 words
  • Listen: Midnight Exposure(Melinda Leigh), Swamp Sniper(Jana DeLeon), & Gates of Thread and Stone(Lori M Lee)
  • Read: Finish Sweet Little Lies(Jill Shalvis), Into the Fury(Kat Martin), Fighting Dirty(Lori Foster), Tiny Pretty Things(Sona Charaipotra & Dhonielle Clayton), The Better to See You(Kate Serine), Ink or Treat(Eliza Madison), Status Update(Annabeth Albert), & Breaking Through(Juliana Haygert)
  • Crochet: Round Coasters(shouldn’t take long so may make a few of them)
  • A to Z Posts: Plot

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: More Snow" (7)

  1. It is snowing here right now and the hubby is ready to go out and blow out the driveway. Kind of makes me crazy that he won’t wait until it stops snowing, but I need to keep my mouth shut if I don’t want to do it myself.

    Looks like you had another productive week. I don’t know how you get that many words written. Even though you didn’t reach your goal, it still looked like a high word count to me.

    • We got even more snow dumped on us last night. Husband’s been out plowing all night again, so I’ll probably have to get the snowblower out today. His uncle lives down the driveway from us and usually does the main driveway, so I’ll mostly have to do in front of our garage.
      It was better than I’d thought, even if not as good as I would have hoped for. Hoping this week will be even better.

  2. It’s snowing here, but not a whole lot of accumulation yet. That’s coming, I hear. 😦 Sounds like you did pretty well considering having sinus issues. Those are not fun.

    Yay for a $100 Amazon card!

    Tiny Pretty Things is absolutely amazing. There’s a sequel out too, which I still need to buy.

    • We got even more last night. It looks like it’s supposed to warm up then get cold again then warm up even more over the next couple weeks. Which isn’t going to help my sinuses.
      I’ve heard good things about it, so hoping I enjoy.

  3. I’m from western PA, so I can relate to having to deal with iffy road conditions this time of year. I’ve lived in Virginia for a decade now and we deal with bad weather a little differently. Everything just shuts down when we get snow, so we usually don’t have to deal with the icy/snow-covered roads. We just wait for everything to be cleared.

    Your check-in piqued my curiosity. You used the word “pre-revisions.” I just have to know what that means!

    • Yeah, we’re pretty much used to it.
      When I’m drafting, I have a tendency to leave [xx] in place of character names I haven’t figured out or other details I want to come back to. So, the first thing I do before actually revising is start filling those in. Then, I do a “story map” which is basically listing out all the scenes in each chapter and highlighting the different plotlines. As well as writing down the word count for each chapter. It helps to see what I need to add or move around. Then, I do a timeline and figure out where I need to add in any worldbuilding. Then, I actually start the revisions.

  4. […] anyone who read my post on Sunday, an update on my dad’s dog: got a text from him on Monday. She apparently had a soft tissue […]

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