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Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is to use bear/bare, one or both in any way we want. I have two side projects I haven’t quite met my goal for this week, so I’m going to be using one of them today. And this fits right with where I ended a scene yesterday. I’ll leave you to guess what happened before this. ūüėČ


I woke to Hawk’s bare chest right in front of me. I traced the¬†tattoo¬†covering one side of it. I had a similar one on my arm. Hawk shivered , then I felt his hand run up my back. “We¬†have to get up, Devil,” he said, and I could hear the regret in his voice.

I already was. Unfortunately I knew there wasn’t time for that this morning. I still pressed my mouth to his chest, but he hauled me up so our lips met. “Later,” he promised, “when this is over.”

I rolled away from him and found the clothes I’d stripped off the night before. “I’ll meet you downstairs,” I told him. His eyes were hot on me, even as I headed for the door. We had to get the job done, to keep the club and everything we stood for safe, but when that was taken care of, I’d be right back here with Hawk, and we could figure out where this would go.

As long as we both made it back. But, that was something I couldn’t bear to even think about. So, I pushed it away as I headed back to my room to get ready for this mission.


There’ll be more to this scene, and hopefully both Hawk and Devil will make it back unharmed. Hopefully I’ll be writing that part next week and wrapping this story up soon).


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