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I couldn’t come up with a clever title today. I’ve got some sort of cold coming on. Sinus pressure, sore throat, cough. Oh, yay, what fun. But, I did release Healing the Heart on Friday, so you can grab that if you want. We also went and got a new bed yesterday. Well, kind of. We’ve been talking about getting a bigger bed. My husband found one on a sale page on facebook, and they only live about 3 miles away from us. So, we picked that up and had to haul all the pieces into the house Friday night. Usually, when we get something like that, husband backs the truck up through the yard to the door. Well…he got stuck in the muddy yard. So, we actually had to carry it. Yeah, that was fun. Right now it’s all sitting in our living room, so we don’t have any space. Hopefully we’ll be getting it into our room later today then we just have to figure out what to do with the old bed.

I’ve gotten almost all the Christmas presents I’ve ordered so far. All the shopping is actually done. Friday I got all my kids’ gifts wrapped, and the box of dinosaurs that came in the mail for my younger nephew. 4 boxes came in all at once on Saturday, so I’ll have to get around to wrapping those this week. One of them is for my niece’s birthday this coming weekend. And I’ll have to save one out for my nephew’s birthday next month(I’ve found it easier to get their Christmas & birthday presents all at once). I think I only have 2 more packages waiting to come in now.

My progress was pretty good for the week, though Thursday and Friday I didn’t write nearly as much as I had been. I think I needed the break after NaNo, but I’ll hopefully be back on track next week. I also)even though it wasn’t on the list) started plotting a new standalone story. I actually got the spark of this idea a few years ago, and it’s been simmering since.

  • Write: 12500 words(sticking with this until I see how my time range goal works out) – Only managed 11910/12500 words.
    • Defending the Heart – 2572 words – He grabbed his niece and lifted her up to his hip. “Uncle Xavi,” she cried. “I missed you. I haven’t seen you in forever and ever.”
      He laughed and pressed his mouth to the top of her head. “You just saw me last weekend, Josie. At Casey’s wedding.”
    • Crash and Burn – 2069 words –  “I’m not a mind reader. If you want me to know something, you have to say it.”
      She was afraid she’d been too sharp, but he laughed and shook his head. “Sorry,” he said, pulling her closer so she was tucked against his chest. Oh, so he was a cuddler. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that, either. But, again, she’d let it go for now. “I was just trying to organize my thoughts before I got started.”
    • Not Meant to Be – 1226 words – But, she caught the slight curving of Jared’s lips as Toby stepped out of the way. What did he think about the way Toby had acted? hell, what did she think about it? She couldn’t right now. Maybe later it would make sense.
    • Stay a Little Longer – 3085 words – Jess had to bite her tongue not to retort. That wasn’t the way this was supposed to work. But, he liked to adjust the rules as he went. It was typical Frank.
    • In the Moonlight – 2958 words – It shocked me, more that she was the first one to say it than that she did at all. I hadn’t even figured out yet how to put my own feelings into words, so I just stood there as she pressed her lips to mine. I hoped she understood what it meant as I poured everything I felt into the kiss, holding her tight against me.
  • Guarding the Heart – finish polishing – I got this done. Cut at least 2244 words(there was one day I forgot to check word count before closing Scrivener, so didn’t get it for that day).
  • Side Projects – Write 2000 words(since this will now include fleshing out Midas’ Daughter) – 2377/2000 words
    • Midas’ Daughter – 524 words – “Have you seen Flip? When he’s working one of the horses. Those muscles…”
      She sighed and Calla laughed again, even though the heat burning through her didn’t come from amusement. Yeah, she’d seen him. And promptly turned away so she wouldn’t stare.
    • Dance with the Devil – 568 words – “I know.” His voice was hard, and I jerked back, needing more distance between us. His eyes closed, but not soon enough to keep me from seeing that same anguish that had been there that night. “My father was the same,” he said without opening his eyes again. But, I could almost feel the pain drip out with the words. “And I swore I would never become like him. It’s why I hold on so tight to my temper, Damon. It’s why I let almost everything roll off my back. I can’t become him.”
    • Snow White Twist – 624 words – “You naïve little child,” the queen taunted. “It’s all about power. Everything is about power.”“No. Tarian said, forcing her feet forward even though every step made her feel sick. “Some things are about love. And I won’t let you take one more thing I love from me.”
    • Patrick & Sarah – 185 words – But, there was something about her that made that so difficult to do. How could he just walk away? No, that was something he definitely was not going to do. Not yet.
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 141 words – Haiwee. He wanted to know what her name meant. He wanted to know a lot more about her, too. But, from the looks her brother and cousin had given him when he’d shown any interest, that wasn’t likely to happen.
    • Roman – 136 words – He was surprised to see the boy exert some effort at controlling himself. He certainly hadn’t expected him to be capable of that. But, he was glad to see it, too. “Now, are you ready to answer my questions?”
    • Dougal & Shae – 199 words – She grinned at him, and Dougal very nearly groaned. Her brother. Well, brothers. No wonder the other one had gotten miffed by his comment to her. If she had been one of his sisters, he’d probably have planted a fist in the man’s face. Not that he thought she was much like Carina, Letitia, or Annabella. She’d probably be the kind to put the fist in a face herself.
  • Listen: She Can Tell(Melinda Leigh) & Soldier(Julie Kagawa) – I finished both of these. Enjoyed She Can Tell and loved Soldier. The ending was killer and I have to wait until April until the next book comes out. I started listening to Soulless(Gail Carriger) and really enjoying it so far.
  • Read: Finish Fatal Secrets(Allison Brennan), Right Wrong Guy(Lia Riley), Anxious Love(Sydney Aaliyah Michelle), His to Protect(Elena Aitken), Bladelore(Krista Walsh), Raptor(Lindsay Buroker), Perfect Fit(Carly Phillips), Against the Tide(Kat Martin), Honor’s Flight(Lindsay Buroker), Dare to Touch(Carly Phillips) –  I finished Fatal Secrets(liked), Right Wrong Guy(really enjoyed), started Anxious Love but couldn’t get into it, finished His to Protect(liked). Then, my kindle battery nearly died, so I started Perfect Fit since it’s in paperback. I enjoyed that. I picked up Raptor, then saw there was a novella that came right before it so grabbed that(Under the Ice Blades) and read it before flying through Raptor. And I had to find out what happened next, so I grabbed the next book(Soulblade) and started it right away. I’m about 70% through that right now. I might get to Against the Tide today but not sure if I’ll finish it.
  • A-Z Challenge – yes I know I have several months before this happens, but I’m planning now. Already have 15/26 post titles figured out. Need to finish this and start planning the posts. This one is going to be a serial in my Riders of Justice series. – I got the rest of the post titles figures out and went through and created all 27 posts(including the theme reveal). Now, I just have to plan each out and actually write them.

A lot of blue there, though I’d like to see less red. Oh well. Maybe next week 🙂

  • Write: 12500 words
  • Edit: Let It Begin(Kurztown 2.5) – Pre-revision items(filling in all the [xx] I left through it, story map, timeline, etc…)
  • Plot: Loving the Devil – Back Stories
  • Side Projects: Write 2000 words
  • Listen: Soulless(Gail Carriger) & The Last MacKlenna(Katherine Lowry Logan)
  • Read: Finish Soulblade(Lindsay Buroker), Against the Tide(Kat Martin), Honor’s Flight(Lindsay Buroker), Dare to Touch(Carly Phillips), The Vanishing Throne(Elizabeth May), Romancing the Holidays(various), A More Complicated Fairytale(Emily Witt), & The Distance Between Us(Kasie West)
  • Crochet: Dashes Beanie

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: A New Release" (2)

  1. Hope that you’re feeling better and that the cold sx you’ve had turn out to be just a cold. Congrats on getting the shopping done. And wrapping too! Holy Cow
    Congrats on the word count too.
    Have a great and healthy week.

    • Thanks. I’m hoping it doesn’t hang around too long.
      We used to wait until the last minute for the shopping between dreading going out among all the shoppers/and low funds. The last couple years we’ve actually managed to be ahead when the holidays came around, though, and I started doing the shopping online.

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