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Sunday Summary: Warming Up

Last weekend we had snow. This weekend we have mostly mud. There’s still a few patches of snow out in the yard but not much. We’re supposed to have temperatures in the high 50s at the beginning of this week then possibly more snow by next weekend.

The Baron pup isn't so much a puppy anymore. One year old now.

The Baron pup isn’t so much a puppy anymore. One year old now.

Even with the holiday, this week has gone pretty well. I got some words written Thursday morning but not as much reading as I’d hoped. But, I “won” NaNo on Friday.  My new method of working on one story a day until a certain time seems to be going better than trying to work a little bit on each every day. So, I’m going to continue with that.

Neither of the stories I submitted for this year’s World Unknown Review were accepted(*sad face*) but I’m going to rewrite one of them, Midas’ Daughter, and flesh it out some more, then…do something with it. I wrote a scene from another character’s POV yesterday for my Stream of Consciousness post. And the other story, Goin’ Down, I’m posting scene by scene as part of my Fiction Friday posts. I don’t know if I’ll do anything else with it. But, we’ll see.

I don’t really have much else to say, so on with this week’s progress:

  • Write – 10000 words(cutting it back because of the holiday) – 12512/10000 words – I’d say I definitely met this goal
    • Defending the Heart – 1257 words – It was probably a mistake, but he stood up anyway. Declan wouldn’t let it go until he did something. He just hoped this wasn’t like purposefully heading into the enemy’s camp.
    • Crash and Burn – 3955 words – But, there had to be something he could do. He could at least warn her of the possible danger. They could take it from there. If she wanted to put distance between them, he’d step back. If she didn’t, he’d be grateful to stand by her side.
    • Not Meant to Be – 3880 words – Toby turned to look at her. “You didn’t tell him? What is wrong with you? That’s twice now this guy has come after you. Why won’t you ask for help?”
      “I did,” she hissed back. “I asked you.”
    • Stay a Little Longer – 2332 words – “Down, girl,” she muttered. She’d made a promise to herself when Colby had shown his true colors. He wouldn’t change, not ever. And no matter how much she wanted a good man to share her life with, she couldn’t put her kids at risk like that again.
    • In the Moonlight – 1088 words – My stomach clenched at that, and I heard Yasmin practically growl behind me. A part of me wanted to deny it, deny anything more than friendship between us. But, even when I opened my mouth, the words wouldn’t come. How could I do that to her? She didn’t deserve it.
  • Guarding the Heart – Polish – got through 35/50 words to search for. Which was about 10 more than I had planned to. Another instance of a time goal(or range) seems to be working better.
  • Side Projects – Write 1500 words – 1779/1500 words. I’ve been setting a timer for 5 minutes to work on each of these(figure if I don’t get anything written in that time, it’s just not coming right then).
    • Dance with the Devil – 517 words – I shoveled two more bites into my mouth, which felt like they lodged right in my throat, before I just gave up. There was no way I could finish eating. Hawk’s hand on my leg during dinner had been the last straw. This had been coming for too long now. And yeah, I knew it was my fault it had taken so long. But, I couldn’t wait any longer. I really hoped Icarus wouldn’t want any of us to stick around down here after dinner. 
    • Snow White Twist – 512 words – “To find the queen and hopefully reverse whatever spell she’s cast.”
    • Patrick & Sarah – 213 words – But, from the way she’d kept looking at the nosy townsfolk gathering at the end of the aisle, he thought it was more than that. And he’d remembered what that old crone the week before had insinuated about her. He didn’t buy it. Not any of it.
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 214 words – She smiled at Tavin but didn’t say anything before turning and bounding into the trees in front of her brother. He should know better than to expect her to follow along like one of his tamed dogs. And she was pretty sure that booming laugh that sounded behind her was Tavin’s.
    • Roman – 148 words – “I’m not a damn snitch,” he said.
    • Dougal & Shae – 177 words – “Here, Dev,” she said, “at least make yourself useful since you’re here.”“Aw, come on, big sis, don’t be like that.”
  • Listen: Now That It’s You(Tawna Fenske) – I finished Now That It’s You yesterday. Really enjoyed this one. Decided not to pick Furious back up, but returned the Kindle Unlimited ones I’d listened to and borrowed more. So, I started Summer in Napa(Marina Adair) and really enjoyed it. I also listened to It Had to Be Fate(Tamra Baumann) and really enjoyed that one, too. I started She Can Tell(Melinda Leigh) yesterday.
  • Read: Finish Lead Me On(Victoria Dahl), If I Didn’t Care(Kait Nolan), Fly With Me(Chanel Cleeton), Rise of the Storm(Christina Ochs), To One Hundred(Melissa Blue), Fatal Secrets(Allison Brennan), Right Wrong Guy(Lia Riley), Anxious Love(Sydney Aaliyah Michelle), His to Protect(Elena Aitken), Bladelore(Krista Walsh), Raptor(Lindsay Buroker), & Perfect Fit(Carly Phillips) –  I finished Lead Me On(really enjoyed) and If I Didn’t Care(loved). I loved Fly with Me, even though I sobbed from about 75%-probably 85% because of one of the side characters even though I’d kind of seen it coming. I finished Rise of the Storm yesterday and enjoyed it, though it seemed a lot of it might be set up for the rest of the series(which I got the second book for free by signing up for her newsletter. downloaded the link from my phone & can’t figure out how to get it to my kindle, so I may be reading it slowly as I have time on my phone). I also finished To One Hundred last night and really enjoyed it. I started Fatal Secrets but haven’t gotten too far into it yet.
  • Knit: Finish Polly Wolly Doodle Hat – Finished this yesterday. wp-1480249846252.jpg

Not so bad, though I wouldn’t mind less red in the reading. Sometimes that’s just the way it goes.

  • Write: 12500 words(sticking with this until I see how my time range goal works out)
  • Guarding the Heart – finish polishing
  • Side Projects – Write 2000 words(since this will now include fleshing out Midas’ Daughter)
  • Listen: She Can Tell(Melinda Leigh) & Soldier(Julie Kagawa)
  • Read: Finish Fatal Secrets(Allison Brennan), Right Wrong Guy(Lia Riley), Anxious Love(Sydney Aaliyah Michelle), His to Protect(Elena Aitken), Bladelore(Krista Walsh), Raptor(Lindsay Buroker), Perfect Fit(Carly Phillips), Against the Tide(Kat Martin), Honor’s Flight(Lindsay Buroker), Dare to Touch(Carly Phillips)
  • A-Z Challenge – yes I know I have several months before this happens, but I’m planning now. Already have 15/26 post titles figured out. Need to finish this and start planning the posts. This one is going to be a serial in my Riders of Justice series.

No more knitting/crochet goals until next month.

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Warming Up" (6)

  1. Your dog is so cute, both a year ago and now! And great work on those goals – keep it up!

  2. Pups grow up so fast! So do kids.

    Looks like a good week, all in all…I especially want to know what’s next in Dance. Do they get some time alone, or do they have to wait even longer?

    I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do with my rejected WUR story, either. I’m going to give it at least until 2017 – one of the problems I had with it is that I finished it so late, I didn’t have the time I usually take before giving it a last look. I’m hoping letting it rest will mean my fresh eyes can see the way to resolve some of the issues.

    After that….well, we’ll see….

    • They do! I could hold him in my hand when we first got him. Now, he lays on my lap and puts my legs to sleep.
      It was a pretty good week. I’m certainly hoping they get that time alone. This is one of those ones I’m playing by ear, so I’ll find out as I go. I’m getting close to the end of this one, though

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