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He thought he should get to share some of my snack of Ritz crackers.

He thought he should get to share some of my snack of Ritz crackers.

Okay, probably not all of them. But, let’s just say November is off to a good start, at least as far as the writing is going. I’ve started a sort of different routine. I’m focusing on my writing/editing/plotting goals through the morning. I use myWriteClub writing sprints, which run for the first 25 minutes of each half hour. During the break, I do other stuff, usually reading blog posts(and writing my own), checking email, pinterest, goodreads. Wherever I’m at, I stop at lunchtime, and after eating, start doing chores(dishes, laundry, and whatever else is on my list for the day), finishing any social media stuff and prepping dinner(if I can get anything ready early). Then, if I still have any writing goals, I go back to those. If I get that done before dinner, I’ll work on my crafting goals, and after dinner is for reading. Even if I don’t finish my writing goals before dinner, I set them aside until the next day(which has been my plotting so far this week). Needless to say, so far this week I haven’t even gotten to my knitting and my reading goals have fallen slightly behind. That may change once I get the outline for Stay a Little Longer finished.

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Monday night we took the kids in to town to do some trick-or-treating. Only walked around for about an hour. In that time I managed to turn my ankles 3 times(right twice, left once). One of those was in a flat parking lot. It’s not an unusual thing for me but still. And by the end my knees were aching. Even pretty much all of yesterday they were still hurting. I’m going to be 32 on Saturday, and sometimes I feel about twice that.

All right, enough whining from me. Like I said, the words are going pretty well. So, now I’ll share a few of them. I just finished today’s words on Crash and Burn. This actually takes place during the same time period as Closing Time. Brann is Gio’s older brother, but we’re in Jaya’s POV today. Today I have 13(11+2) paragraphs that I wrote yesterday.

Jaya groaned when she heard the quick beeping beside her bed. Not her alarm clock, that was on the other side. And that wasn’t the ringtone for anyone on her phone. Ugh. Why had she had all that wine at the wedding reception? And let them convince her to stay all the way to the end. She’d had a rare thirty-six hours off, and a third of it she’d spent celebrating a wedding that wasn’t hers.
Not that she was bitter about that. She was twenty-nine years old, almost thirty. It’s not like she had a ‘Best if Used by’ date stamped on her left ring finger. No matter what her aunts tried to tell her mother.
But, she really should have left sooner. Or gone to find Brann again. Maybe he could have taken the edge off if she’d really had to be around all those people, a lot of them she didn’t even know.
She didn’t have to go into work until seven tonight and it was already…she squinted at the clock. A little after nine. Jaya let out a gasp and rolled to the other side. Nine. how long had Stefan been trying to skype with her? He wouldn’t have much time left by now.
She hit the button on her laptop to answer the call. “Sorry,” she said, not able to stop the yawn that came out. “I slept in.”
“You?” her brother’s voice came through a little staticky. It didn’t look like they’d have a great connection today. “When was the last time that happened?”
She threw up her middle finger at him as she rubbed the last of the sleepiness from her eyes. He just laughed. “Mark and Caitie’s wedding was last night. I stayed and drank longer than I’d planned to.”
“Right,” he said, and some of the amusement fled from his voice. “Balin told me about that on our call yesterday. He’s one of those firefighters, right? Or was it her?”
She shook her head then focused on the screen. Her heart swelled a little at seeing her brother. It almost hurt. She just wished they were truly face-to-face. A couple more weeks. Unless something changed with his orders, it should only be a couple more weeks. “Mark’s with the fire department. Caitie’s a cop.” She laughed. “You should see them. Nothing about them should match right, and yet they fit together perfectly.”
“I still don’t know how I feel about you working with all those men. What if they-”
“It’s a good thing it’s not up to you, then. Come on, Stef. I’m not a little girl who you need to protect from all the guys with nefarious intentions anymore.” Not that she’d really ever been that girl. She’d always been able to take care of herself.
Stefan scowled for another moment then broke into a laugh. “Maybe I should be asking after them. Broke any hearts lately, Jaya?”
She snorted. “As if.” But, she couldn’t help thinking about Brann. And the way he’d looked when she’d pulled away after their dance. Not exactly heartbroken. Definitely confused, and maybe a little hurt.

Wonder if this story will actually remain a novella, unlike Closing Time(which came in just short of 60k).

As for my goals for the week:


  • Write 12000 words – 9290/12000 words. Needless to say, I’ve been surpassing my daily goals. And I’ve been working on each project in a different order so it’s not always the same thing.
    • Defending the Heart – 1671 words – A shudder went through Piers, but he kept his eyes glued to the screen. Just don’t look at him. Don’t be a soft-hearted fool, and you’ll be fine.
    • Crash and Burn – 1980 words – She never had found him for another dance Saturday night. And he’d broken his own rule about no more than three drinks in a night. At least Cormac and Luisa had still been there to drive his drunk ass home.
    • Not Meant to Be – 1888 words – Her hands shook, but she managed to get the key in the lock for the front door. She climbed the stairs to her apartment on the second floor, her knees nearly going out on her twice, ignoring the voice calling out to see if she was all right. She was fine. She would be fine. It was a lie she told herself all the time.
    • Stay a Little Longer – 2038 words(some of these were actually from an earlier Stream of Consciousness Saturday post but I reworked them) – I’m trying. God, she was trying. It just never seemed to be enough.
    • In the Moonlight – 1713 words – I didn’t think I could sell. I knew Dad would be upset about that, but when was the last time I’d really worried about pleasing him? I wasn’t even sure of that answer, it had been so long.
  • Guarding the Heart โ€“ Polish – I got through 5/50 of my search & destroy list on Monday. Then, I got notes back from beta reader on Healing the Heart. So, I’m setting this aside until I get through those.
  • Stay a Little Longer โ€“ Outline – Still working on this. Have it more than half finished. Hopefully will be done today.
  • Side Projects โ€“ Write 1500 words – nothing yet
  • Listen: Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet(Charlie Holmberg), The Sapphire Heist(Lauren Blakely) – I finished listening to Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet yesterday. Enjoyed it. Haven’t started The Sapphire Heist yet but probably will shortly.
  • Read: Finish Out on Good Behavior(Dahlia Adler), Walking by Faith(A.M. Leibowitz), The Rule Book(Jennifer Blackwood), The Best Kind of Trouble(Lauren Dane), Into the Storm(Suzanne Brockman), Seduce Me at Sunrise(Lisa Kleypas), Devoted in Death(J.D. Robb), & Tall, Dark, and Deadly(Suzanne Brockman) – Finished Out on Good Behavior(loved) and Walking by Faith(LOVED! Now to translate all my feels into a review to be shared here on Friday). I’m 39% through The Rule Book and really enjoying it.
  • Knit: Tricorder Hat – haven’t even started
  • Crochet: Tiny Jellyfish – nada

Would certainly like to see less red. Hopefully by Sunday’s check-in


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: All the Words" (4)

  1. Great snippet. The best by line made me laugh, and I love the dialogue between Jaya and her brother.

    If this comment shows up twice, I apologize – my computer is being a little weird.

  2. Hahaha! Oh, man. I honestly love how often the women in these stories “educate” the men who clearly care about them but equally clearly are kind of clueless. These two remind me a bit of how my kids interact, except it’s usually the exact opposite.

    • Haha, yeah, she has two older brothers who like to be overprotective. It’s one reason she stepped away from Brann, because she thought he might be the same and she figured she has enough alpha men in her life. I think Brann will surprise her, though ๐Ÿ˜‰
      It probably doesn’t help for Stefan that’s he’s half a world away and wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway.

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