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It’s been another good week for me. I didn’t have all my projects finished by Friday. But, I only had one left to get to. I did part of that yesterday as part of my weekly SOCS post. And I finished the rest of it this morning. So, I still managed to get through all my goals. Almost the end of the month, and I’ve met most of my goals for that as well(I think. Haven’t gone through to check all the boxes off, but I’m sure most of them will be. Usually I’d wait until the last day to make the next month’s list, but then I wouldn’t be able to figure out next week’s to-do list for this post. So, I wrote out my listens and reads for the next week. The others, I pretty much have figured out just haven’t written them down. I’ll probably have my monthly goal post up on Wednesday.

I mentioned in my post on Friday, that I changed my plan for NaNoWriMo. I was going to just work on Stay a Little Longer. But, I decided to split my time between all my projects instead. That will be 500 a day on each of the projects. It will end up giving me 55000 words for the month instead of only 50k. And I’m sure I’ll get well over 500 on some of them some days. But, that’s at least a minimum.

For now, here’s how things went for this week:

  • Write: 14000 words – 13176 words. Not quite my goal, but I did finish the first draft of Break on Me, so I’m counting this as finished
    • Break on Me – 8989 words – Lora came back to him and put a hand on his chest. His heart gave a few more hard leaps, but it started to slow. He grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips. “My wildcat,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to her palm. “Always leaping to my defense.”
    • In the Moonlight – 1061 words – She let out a short laugh and rested her head on top of mine. “Think you know me so well, don’t you?”I pressed her up against the wall and let my hand slide under the shirt. And found nothing but skin. “Yeah, I think I do.”
    • Defending the Heart – 1021 words – “I can handle it, Boss,” Xavier said and grinned, cocking out one hip. “I can handle anything you want to dish out.”
      Alex and Declan both grinned. Piers wondered if he was the only one who noticed that grin didn’t quite match the look in his eyes. He hadn’t seen Xavier in over three years, but he still knew how to read him. And he knew Xavier turned on the flirt when you got too close to the heart of an issue with him. He didn’t want Alex to worry about him, so he turned it all into a joke.
    • Not Meant to Be(formerly referred to as Toby & Denise) – 1025 words – “Maybe you’re too busy looking at her and thinking you don’t measure up. Which is just stupid, Toby. You’re a better person than you give yourself credit for.” *even Toby’s 16-year-old brother can see it.
    • Crash and Burn(formerly referred to as Brann & Jaya) – 1080 words – Jaya felt something warm go through her at the words, even if they weren’t aimed at her. They weren’t grudging, in fact he sounded rather proud of how his sister was. That she could appreciate. She wasn’t sure she’d ever heard that pride in her brothers’ voices when they spoke of her. They were too busy making sure no one came near her.
  • Edit: Guarding the Heart – Work through revisions – I finished these. Added 267 words.
  • Plot: Stay a Little Longer – Finish Story Toolkit, start plot summary if I have time – All this is done. I just have to outline it in Scrivener now. I should be ready to start writing on Tuesday.
  • Side Projects – write 1500 words between them – 1756/1500 words. Most of this was on Thursday.
    • Dance with the Devil – 517 words – I’d tried to tell myself I’d left all that behind. But it was just another lie. I needed to be done lying to myself and everyone else. Especially Hawk.
    • Snow White Twist – 513 words – He met her eyes straight-on, something he’d never been able to do before. “You, Tarian. It always should have been you. I’m too weak, and Father’s too cruel.”
    • Patrick & Sarah – 144 words – Nothing, she told herself once again. There was nothing wrong with wanting to do right by her sons. She’d depended on a man once to see to that for her and them. And he had gone and died on them. She wasn’t sure she could bear that happened again. So, she’d find a way to do it on her own, no matter what the good people of this town thought of her for it.
    • Tavin & Haiwee- 169 words – Eydyami stepped between her and [xx] and held out his hands. He always had been able to tell when the fire inside her started to rise up. Eydyami had been forged to be a peacemaker, even if the elders didn’t see it in him yet.
    • Roman – 172 words – Only one word. He shouldn’t have gotten anything out of that. It certainly shouldn’t have made him want to reach out and smooth down this boy’s hair. He was a criminal, Roman reminded himself. Even if he hadn’t killed anybody this time, he still spent his life breaking the law. And if Roman’s suspicions were correct, taking advantage of a vulnerable girl. That bothered him more than anything else Carlos might be guilty of.
    • Dougal & Shae – 241 words – “And at least one person in that fight is armed, according to dispatch. You really want to just punch out with that going on? Thought you were a cop, not a pencil pusher.” *Oh, Shae, yeah I might see where your daughter(Caitie) ends up getting it from.
  • Listen: The Obsession(Nora Roberts) & A Torch Against the Night(Sabaa Tahir) – listened & loved both
  • Read: Finish The Invisible Entente(Krista Walsh), Landing the Air Marshal(Jennifer Blackwood), Turn My World Around(Kait Nolan), Superior(Jessica Lack), Shadowshaper(Daniel Jose Older), Jerkbait(Mia Siegert), Chase Me(Tessa Bailey), & Keeping Her Secret(Sarah Nicolas) – I finished The Invisible Entente(really enjoyed), Landing the Air Marshal(loved this one), Turn My World Around(loved!), Surperior(this was great and short!), Ended up setting Shadowshaper aside. Nothing “wrong” with it, just wasn’t being pulled in and no motivation to pick it back up, so I moved on. Really enjoyed Jerkbait, and Chase Me. Loved Keeping Her Secret. I’m about 1/4 through Out on Good Behavior(Dahlia Adler) and will probably finish it today. Then, reading Walking by Faith(A.M. Leibowitz) which I’ll have a post for on here next Friday.
  • Forgot to include this last week, but I’ve still been crocheting dish cloths this week. I’ve finished 3 different one. The Brick a Brack clothwp-1477495218351.jpg, Grit Stitch Dish clothwp-1477830284351.jpg, & Chrysanthemum Dish clothwp-1477830290420.jpg

Basically all blue, other than that one book I set aside. Like I said, a pretty good week. Now, as for next week:

  • Write 12000 words
  • Guarding the Heart – Polish
  • Stay a Little Longer – Outline
  • Side Projects – Write 1500 words
  • Listen: Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet(Charlie Holmberg), The Sapphire Heist(Lauren Blakely)
  • Read: Finish Out on Good Behavior(Dahlia Adler), Walking by Faith(A.M. Leibowitz), The Rule Book(Jennifer Blackwood), The Best Kind of Trouble(Lauren Dane), Into the Storm(Suzanne Brockman), Seduce Me at Sunrise(Lisa Kleypas), Devoted in Death(J.D. Robb), & Tall, Dark, and Deadly(Suzanne Brockman)
  • Knit: Tricorder Hat
  • Crochet: Tiny Jellyfish


Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Keeping the Pace" (5)

  1. YEAH! Good job on all those goals. I have no idea how you do it!

  2. Please post pictures of the Tricorder Hat!

    Awesome week, Fallon! All kinds of awesome! =) Yay, you!

    • I certainly will. I actually thought of you when I found the pattern, b/c it is apparently based on a hat Spock wore in an episode of Star Trek.
      It was a pretty good week!! Hope this one will be as well!

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