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When I first started writing Closing Time, I was sure I only had enough story for a novella, and probably a short one at that. Figured I’d be lucky to hit 30k with it. Then, I keep writing and writing and hit 30 k, and I’m barely at the halfway point. So, obviously it’s not going to be done at 40k, either. Then, I keep thinking, almost done. This should be done soon. Thought I’d have it finished by the end of September. Then, the end of last week comes and these two still aren’t back together. *sigh* I don’t want to say I’ll have it done this week, because then I likely won’t. But, I’ve just got them back together, so there’s really just a few things to tie up and it will be done. So just maybe…*crosses fingers*

For now, I’m dialing back from where I’m currently at to bring more of Gio and Cam’s story for WiPPet Wednesday. I have 15 sentences(10+5) a little past what I shared last week.

He could barely breathe through his wanting of this man. Then, Gio reached out and tugged on his tie. Cam went willingly, his own lips curving up into a smile. Gio’s mouth pressed to his in a light kiss. Cam wanted to take it deeper, to just drown in him for a while. But, Gio pulled away all too soon.

“Maybe you should wear one of these to work. No, wait,” Gio said, a laugh in his voice, “that would distract me too much. Never mind. Better leave them at home.”

That only made him want to start wearing a tie to work. He’d been distracted every night Gio worked beside him. Maybe it was time to start dishing some of it back out. Gio’s cheeks started to flush as Cam continued to look at him.

“What?” Gio asked.

Just what is Cam thinking? Should it be reason for Gio to blush?(um, yes, Gio already seems to be picking up the signs of when Cam has dirty thoughts on his mind πŸ˜‰ )

Walking in our Homecoming parade

Walking in our Homecoming parade

On Monday, when I posted my RoW80 goals, I mentioned Wednesdays would be more of a general update, instead of my detailed check-ins like I’ve been doing. I’ll break it up into sections for now and see how that goes.


I finished the outline for Toby & Denise’s story. And I did the brainstorming for Jess & Terrall’s. I’m going to start using the Story Toolkit now though. And I’m moving the outline for Defending the Heart from One Note over to Scrivener.


I’ve written 7229 words so far between Closing Time, Break on Me, and In the Moonlight. I’ve met my goal for Break on Me for the week. And a few snippets:

  • Closing Time“Why the hell would I? My brother can be an asshole, too. I haven’t spoken to him since he came by the other day and admitted what he’d done. I’m not quite ready to forgive him yet. But, you don’t hold his actions against me, do you?”
  • Break on Me – He could feel the tightening in his chest again. Lora had chased it away earlier, but it was coming back with a vengeance now. He should have known the monster wouldn’t stay vanquished. It never did, no matter how many times he beat it back. Gabriel pushed off the bed, grabbing a pair of sweats that had been tossed over a chair. Thankfully Lora had been too into him to notice the mess his room had become.
  • In the Moonlight – “Why do you have so many clothes on?” she asked. “Weren’t you naked the last time I saw you?”


I’ve made it through 2/3 tasks in fixing time line issues. Added 71 words. I’m still looking for beta readers for Healing the Heart. Check out my post yesterday and let me know if you’re willing to read and give feedback.

Side Projects:

Nothing here yet.


Finished listening to Wrong Question, Right Answer. Started re-listening to Six of Crows(Leigh Bardugo) before I start reading Crooked Kingdom. I finished reading Right of First Refusal(Dahlia Adler) and started The Blade’s Memory(Lindsay Buroker)


I started knitting the Unleashed Hat. Nearly have the band finished. wp-1475680064378.jpg

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Almost There" (8)

  1. Oh, that tie tug… mmm.

  2. Between tie-tugging, demons in the chest, and too many clothes – whew! What a week. And your son looks adorable in the parade, too! =)

    • Haha. yeah, there has been a lot of steam in my writing this week. πŸ˜‰
      Thanks! He was so happy to walk with Daddy, both of them in their fire gear.

      • I have a picture of my Gigantiboy when he was little enough to push his bubble mower alongside Daddy mowing the lawn. Boys and their Daddies. Priceless.

  3. Between the wanting, the tie pull, and the wanting to drown, that was one steamy scene. *fans self*

  4. The tie thing. Ohhhhh Very yummy. What is it about men in ties?

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