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Usually for Teaser Tuesday I share a snippet from whatever WiP I’m editing. Today I’m doing things a little different. I’ve finished revising Healing the Heart, the second in my Gilbert, Co series, after getting it back from my critique partner. So, now I’m looking for a couple beta readers. I currently have one lined up. But, I’d like at least 1 or 2 more.

As I said, Healing the Heart is the second book in this series. There are some references to Duty to Protect, the first book, but it’s not totally necessary to have read it first(Not that I’ll mind if you want to go pick it up and read it though 😉 ). If you have read it, you’ll know Melanie is Garren’s ex-fiancée. Well, there is another man from her past, too, and he’s back now.

Melanie Griffin, a well-respected surgeon at the city’s best hospital volunteers her time at an inner city clinic. There she runs into another doctor, Jared McDermott, who she has a history with. Between bickering with him, she realizes not all her feelings for him have been buried. And that’s not all the trouble she faces.

Jared McDermott swore he’d gotten over Melanie Griffin since the last time he walked away from her. They could never seem to stay away from each other, even if he knew nothing good could come of it. Especially when he had to focus on raising his younger sister. But, he pulled both of them out of the pit of their childhood and was ready to help others as well. So, he knows he’s staring disaster in the face when Melanie starts volunteering at his clinic. But, he can’t turn away from it or her.

After treating the victim of a brutal assault, an obviously troubled boy, Melanie realizes intervening may have brought her into deeper trouble than she can handle. In the meantime, things get more serious with Jared, and she isn’t sure what’s more dangerous to her well-being; the threats against her or what Jared could do to her heart. Jared wants to do everything to keep her safe and with him, but he just might be holding on too tight. Will they be able to come to terms with each other before it’s too late?

If anyone’s interested in reading and giving some feedback let me know.

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