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Writing Wednesday: New Routine

I keep adjusting my routine, hoping eventually I’ll land on one that works just right for me. It’s not too different from what I was doing before really. But, so far this week, it seems to be working. I’m starting by writing 2000 words on my main project(Closing Time at the moment). Depending on what time I get up and get started on that, I’m usually close to being done by the time the kids have to get on the bus. So after some breakfast, I finish that up. Then, I do chores and go for a walk(if the weather and my joints are cooperating- seriously, I’m not quite 32. Shouldn’t have trouble with them, and yet…). Once the chores are done, I come back and work on editing & plotting. Then, whatever else is on my list. I have my other projects listed out at the end of my to-do list, so if I get everything else done, I’ll bounce between those and my reading goals. yesterday I was able to get 2(actually have 3 checked off, b/c I wrote a lot of Snow White Twist on Monday) out of the 9 items on the secondary list done. Whatever doesn’t get done from there, I just add on to for the next day. Monday I wanted to write 200 words on each of my secondary projects. Didn’t write on any, so yesterday it was 400 words. Today’s goal is 200 on Break on Me, but 600 on the others.

So, since it’s Wednesday again, it’s time for another snippet for WiPPet Wednesday. I’m still sharing from Closing Time as it’s my main project now, since I finished Shed Some Light on Friday. Today I have 10 paragraphs(9+21+16=46=4+6=10) from Chapter 4. Cam & Gio are working at a wedding, but Cam hadn’t realized whose wedding it was, or who else would be there. Mainly someone he has some history with. This references something from Flames of Restoration. Gio knew what happened, just not that Cam had a part in it.

“Funny seeing you here.”

His hand jerked, and he almost spilled the drink he’d been mixing together. He set everything down before lifting his gaze. “Nolan.” He still looked good, some of that dark brown hair slipping over his forehead. And he looked happy. Something he hadn’t always been when they were together. If you could call their mostly casual relationship as being together.

“I didn’t know,” Cam said in a rush, feeling it was important Nolan knew and didn’t think Cam was stalking him. Again. “I only knew we’d be working a wedding. I didn’t realize whose it was.”

Nolan was still smiling at him, though. “It’s fine, Cam. Really. I was just surprised to see you.”

Gio stood right beside him, opening a couple bottles and sliding them over to the couple across the bar. But, he could feel his boss’s eyes on them. “I said I’d stay away from you, though. I don’t want you to think-”

Nolan leaned a little closer, and the smile fell away. “I said it’s fine, okay. It’s over. I thought we were fine now. I’ve come into the pub a few times when you’ve been working, and you didn’t freak out.”

“On the outside,” he said with a huff of a laugh. “Still, I never should have-”

“It’s ancient history,” Nolan said. “Just drop it.”

That had Cam’s lips quirking up a bit. “Ancient? It was only like six months ago.” He heard Gio’s drawn in breath at that and nearly winced. He’d probably put it all together now.

“Like I said, ancient history.” Nolan smiled again. “A lot can change in six months.”

Needless to say, Cam hasn’t always made the best decisions. Nolan has apparently forgiven him. Will Gio?(even though Cam didn’t actually do anything to him, Gio still feels betrayed by it) *looks back at last few scenes written and grins* I know the answer to that. 😀

This round of RoW80 ends tomorrow, but I’m still going to do a quick evaluation of my progress so far this week. I’ll have my round wrap-up post tomorrow, though.

  • Write – 13000 words(10000 towards Closing Time) – I’ve written 6633 words toward this goal so far.
    • Closing Time – 6205 words – “Stop right there,” Gio said, dropping any hint of lightness from his voice. “I don’t tolerate that kind of hate being lobbed at me or anyone I care about. And anyway, your brother wouldn’t be the first guy I’ve brought home. It doesn’t change the way my family cares about me. Because they actually do love me, unlike whatever your family has twisted love into. Now, get out of my place before I do have to call the cops.”
    • Break on Me – 428 words – “I’ve watched you, Gabe,” she murmured against his lips. “with your family, with Erik, with everyone in this town. There is nothing weak or messed up about you. And I want to be here with you. So stop questioning it.”
    • Story a Day – I skipped a few days last week & over the weekend. But picked it back up on Monday
      • One Touch – part of my Snow White Twist story
      • Looking for Allies – a bit of fan fiction from the Throne of Glass(Sarah J Maas) world. May not want to read if you aren’t t least through Queen of Shadows. Inspired by theories a friend and I have thrown around throughout the series.
  • Edit – Polish Healing the Heart(if anyone’s interested in beta reading this, let me know) – About 2/5 through my polish-up list. Still looking for beta readers
  • Plot – Toby & Denise: Write Denise’s back story – I think I’m almost through Denise’s back story. These two. *shakes head* If only they’d realized they were both in love with the other sooner. *rubs hands together* This is going to be fun.
  • Side Projects – Add 2500 words between projects – I’ve written 1060 and that’s all on Snow White Twist – Eira’s stepmother had always used the things she loved against her.
  • Read: Writing Active Hooks: Book 250% – I’m at 26% right now. On track.
  • Listen: Empire of Storms & Obsessed(T.R. Ragan) – I finished Empire of Storms yesterday(LOVED, but that ending. This is the problem with devouring as soon as it comes out. Now I have to wait for the next book. *wails*). Have Obsessed downloaded but haven’t started listening yet. Will once I start chores.
  • Read: Finish Blightlore(Krista Walsh), The Darkest Hour(Maya Banks), Grave Touched(Erin Zarro), The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie(Jennifer Ashley), More Happy Than Not(Adam Silvera), Cut Both Ways(Carrie Mesrobian), Start Me Up(Victoria Dahl), An Ember in the Ashes(Sabaa Tahir), The Chief(Monica McCarty), & Still the One(Jill Shalvis) – I finished Blightlore Sunday night(loved even if my heart is shattered right now), The Darkest Hour(enjoyed), and I’m about 60% through Grave Touched. Really enjoying it.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: New Routine" (5)

  1. Nice new routine. I’m kind of off routines at all at the moment, as I adjust to a more social life for my girl, and what that means for me. But the fan fiction words are coming, and the house looks pretty good (not at all a given when we’re out and about), and I even had a workout date with my Accomplice.

    Your snippets are quite the tease. As for joints – my knees started to bother me when I was 11. Age isn’t so much a factor, sometimes. May yours be cooperative.

    • It seems to be working pretty well for me so far. We’ll see how long that lasts. 😉
      And yeah, I’ve had issues with my knees since I was about 14/15. I think running cross country was a big part of that. I actually had an issue with my hips when I was a baby, but I don’t remember them bothering me until I started running. I’ve had issues with them since then. I’d love to be able to run again, but when I try, I feel like I can barely walk for at least a day afterward.

  2. My joints, my knees especially, have been all over the place lately. I blame a lot of it on the weather. The way I sometimes sit when I’m studying probably doesn’t help matters either.

    Poor Cam. I can relate to being haunted by poor decisions. I really look forward to reading this story when it’s done.

    • I think a lot of mine goes back to my running day. I ran cross country for two years in high school, and that second year I messed up my knees, which seemed to affect my hips as well.
      In the last story he was in, I didn’t think I’d feel too sorry for him, but the more I write, the more I do exactly that. And he feels really bad for what he did. So, that helps.

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