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This has been quite a week. It started with me on jury duty. Thankfully, I ended up being excused on the first day and didn’t have to go back in. And the week is ending with my 10 year wedding anniversary and publishing my 5th book, Stained by Ashes. All in all, not a terrible week.

Now, for the real reason most of you are probably here. I have Chapter 6 of Come Back Down up on Wattpad now.

I slid my hands over Trace’s hips and down his thighs, loving the way his muscles vibrated. My chest pressed to his back, and I felt his moan against me.

“Going to make me crash,” he said over his shoulder. “Icarus won’t ever let us go out on our own again.”

I leaned back a little and let out a laugh. It felt so good to be on the road again. It had been more than a week since I’d been on the bike with him. Since we’d first run into Brad. We were supposed to text Icarus every time we stopped and come right back if we saw any of the Crows out. So far it had been fine.

Even the scattered patrols Icarus sent out hadn’t brought much in the way of news. Everything in town seemed to be quiet. Hawk said there weren’t even any whispers of trouble. Out of all of them, he’d be the first one to hear something.

Maybe we were being careful for no reason.

Probably too early to think that. Icarus wanted to be cautious for a little longer. All well and good, until another job came their way. Would he turn one down if it did?

No, I wasn’t going to think or worry about any of it right now. I was going to enjoy my day with Trace. That’s all that mattered for now.

He turned into a parking lot and stopped the bike once he’d pulled into a parking space. “Ready for some lunch?” he asked after pulling his helmet off.

For the first time, I realized the bike wasn’t the only thing rumbling. “Yes.” I slipped my own helmet off. “I certainly am.”

I slid off the bike and waited for him to put the kickstand down and join me. He slipped an arm around my waist, then we headed into the little diner together. A bell rang on the door when we stepped inside, and a moment later, a young woman stepped forward.

“Just the two of you?” she asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Trace squeezed his arm around my waist.

The girl smiled at us again, a little longer at him than I was comfortable with. When I nipped at his ear, she cleared her throat and grabbed two menus before leading us down the line of tables.

You can head over and read the rest here, or start from the beginning.

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