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I almost have Stained by Ashes ready to go live. Just have to finish formatting and making everything look good, and it will be ready to go. I’m not sharing from that this week, though. Instead I’m going to share from the one I’ll be working on cleaning up for beta readers, Healing the Heart.

An image had popped into her head, but she had shaken it out just as quickly. It couldn’t be him. Last she knew, he worked at a clinic in the city. She prayed it wasn’t this one. She had no idea what this Doctor J even looked like. The Jared she’d known had never been the head of anything.

It didn’t matter. She would work with him no matter his appearance, or how devoted anyone said he was. Melanie unlocked her door and climbed into the car. She checked her phone and waited for the car to warm up and saw three missed calls and two text messages were waiting for her. “What I get for not looking at it all day,” she muttered.

Not that she would have had time even if she’d had it on her. It had been pretty much a nonstop day. She hadn’t even taken a few minutes to eat lunch, which her stomach growling reminded her of. The messages could wait until she had some food in her system.

She drove home, keeping herself awake by reviewing what she had done during the day. She had taken notes on each of the patients she had seen. She would have to take some time with a clearer mind to go through them and get a better picture in case any of them came in again.

She almost drove right past her apartment building. Once she found a parking place, she gathered her things again and climbed out of the car. She had just reached the building before she remembered she hadn’t locked the car. “There,” she muttered, once she’d hit the button and a beep signaled the car was locked, “that’s better.” God, she was tired if she was talking to herself.

Then, she walked into the building. Almost literally. How could she be so tired after a fairly short shift? She’d get something to eat and some sleep before she had to be at the hospital.

She got into her apartment and took off her coat then walked to the bedroom instead of the kitchen. A little rest then she’d eat. She flopped down on the bed with her clothes and shoes still on and fell asleep almost instantly.

So is she right about who Doctor J is? You’re going to have to wait and find out, I guess(yeah, I’m mean like that).

I’ll be looking for beta readers for this soon, if anyone is interested. It might help if you’ve read Duty to Protect, but while there are some references to events in it, I don’t think it’s really necessary in order to read this one.


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