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It’s been a bit of an odd, unfocused week. Haven’t written as much as I would have liked. But, I do have the next chapter of Come Back Down up on Wattpad now. So, here’s the start of it:

I walked around the grounds for I don’t even know how long. I probably could have walked them in the dark, I knew them that well. I was sure if I stayed out much longer, Icarus would worry. Sometimes I thought he worried if I was out of sight, and out of contact, for more than five minutes. He didn’t always let it show, but it was still there.

Besides, my stomach grumbled. I hadn’t had anything to eat since our early lunch, and it was now well past the time we’d usually eat dinner. I should get back and see if Cookie would throw something together for me. He usually did honor any requests, especially for me. If he’d already left the kitchen, I could always mix something up for myself.

I headed for the stairs before going to the kitchen. I hadn’t stuck to the paths on my walk. Pushing through the brush had felt good, but it left burrs sticking to my jeans, and who knows what made it down into my boots. I was going to change before I did anything else.

When I reached my room, Trace sat on the floor, braced against the wall right beside the door. I closed my eyes a minute then started forward again. I hoped to avoid this, and figured he’d want to avoid me, too. That would be preferable to the pity I was sure I’d see in his eyes. The pity was always the worst.

I walked past him and opened my door, but before I closed it again, he was there. I turned toward him, watching as he eased the door open with the foot he’d stuck in there and took a step into the room. He didn’t come any farther or even close the door. He waited.

What happens next? You can find out here. Appreciate any feedback.

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