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The kids have been back in school for just over a week, and I’m settling into a routine. Writing for 3 hours(starting before they wake up), then wash dishes and some sort of exercise(want to start going for walks, but have been busy moving the tree that fell into the yard and husband has cut up to the wood pile in the back yard), then edit for an hour and finish the other chores. Plot for another hour before writing/reading blog posts(today’s is late because I can’t stop wavering over what snippet to post) and other social media stuff then everything else on my list. Not quite ahead yet but staying on track. I probably could be ahead but Roni Loren’s newest, Loving You Easy came out yesterday, and I decided to slip it in and spent from 3-11pm reading it yesterday. It was a wonderful use of my time, though.

Today is Wednesday, though, so it’s time for a WiPPet snippet. I started out the day working on Shed Some Light, but met my goal on that so moved on to Closing Time. So, that’s what I’ll be sharing from that for today. I have 7 paragraphs from the first chapter. I was going to share something later, but decided to start here.

Gio leaned against the table and grinned at his older sister. “Not much longer to go, huh, big sis? You ready to attach your ball and chain to this guy?” He jerked his thumb toward the tall, heavily muscled man sitting beside Caitie. He didn’t think the man had stopped smiling all night.

“Only if I can detach his from the fire truck.”

Mark laughed and leaned over to whisper something in her ear. Gio didn’t hear what it was, but it had her flushing pink. Now, that was new. Usually nothing caused that reaction in her. But, he’d noticed Nolan flinch on the other side of the table at Caitie’s comment. Mark apparently had too since he looked straight at the man. “Heard the Chief cut right through yours. You still on the ‘no extra shifts’ order?”

“Yep,” Nolan said, lifting his second bottle of Rolling Rock to his lips. “He extended it through the end of the month. My own fault,” he muttered. “I went a little overboard.”

The woman beside him, his wife, Maura, squeezed his hand but didn’t say anything. Still he slipped his arm around her shoulders. Gio felt something slide through him at the sight of them. Jealousy? No, that wasn’t right. He wasn’t jealous of Nolan…or Maura. He didn’t want either of them. He wanted…

Gio glanced over his shoulder back at the bar. And the bartender who was leaning against it, his eyes focused on this table. He let out a sigh. Yeah, him. But, he didn’t seem to want him back.

Didn’t that always seem to be the way?

Ah, Gio. Never fret. he might just like you a lot more than you think. Or does he? 😉

As for my progress this week:

  • Write 15000 words – 4767 words so far. Behind on this. May not meet it.
    • Shed Some Light – 4437 words -“If you can see past the guilt he’s carrying, why can’t you see past your own?”
    • Closing Time – 330 words -“What do you want?” Cam asked, finally lifting his head. “You have to tell me. I won’t take more than you’re willing to give.”
  • Story a Day – write 7 stories – 3/7 stories so far. On track.
    • A Few Rational Words – scene from Carlos’ youngest sister’s POV – haven’t quite got to this point in the story, but I’ll probably rewrite at least part of this for the WiP.
    • Going In – scene from Toby’s POV
    • Past the Guilt – scene of dialogue between Carlos & Roman. And yes, the above snippet did come from this.
  • Stained by Ashes – Finish proofreading, get cover, & format – this is taking longer than I thought, but I’m almost halfway through the proofread.
  • Toby & Denise – Write Toby’s back story, start Denise’s back story – Making progress on Toby’s back story. it’s going to be another long one, I think. Though I’ve likely gotten through the most interesting parts.
  • Side Projects – 2000 words – 863 words, all on Dance with the Devil – “Just relax,” Hawk told me. “No one cares. Particularly right now. Hold on to me a little longer.”
  • Read: Writing Active Hooks: Book 1get to 65% – up to 43% on this. A little behind but could catch up quick enough.
  • Listen: Lord John & The Private Matter(Diana Gabaldon) & Empire of Storms(Sarah J. Maas)* don’t actually have this yet, but it comes out on Tuesday – I finished Lord John & The Private Matter(liked for the most part). I started Empire of Storms yesterday. Not quite 3 hours(out of 25+) into it yet.
  • Read: Finish Summer Court(SM Reine), Dirty Deeds(Megan Erickson), Fire Inside(Kristen Ashley), Fall Deep(Zoe York), Always on My Mind(Bella Andre), Hot Property(Carly Phillips), A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder(Julie Anne Lindsey) – Finished Summer Court(really enjoyed), Dirty Deeds(Loved), then read Loving You Easy(LOVED!!!!!!!! NOT ENOUGH EXCLAMATION POINTS FOR HOW MUCH I LOVED IT). Started Fire Inside this morning but not too far into it yet.


Some blue and a good bit of green. Not too bad overall.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Settling In" (14)

  1. I’m also glad the kids are in school, but with hubby’s schedule I’ve been spending way too much time playing chauffeur! That should change next week, then hopefully I’ll have more time.

  2. Moving cut up wood seems like a great work out – though a walk would probably be nicer!

    Poor Gio! Hopefully he can find his match soon. I am curious about what Mark whispered in Caitie’s ear though.

  3. Walking sounds like more fun than moving a tree. I’m looking forward to the weather cooling off so I can go for longer walks with my dog.

    Ah, poor Gio. I’m sure he’ll find someone who does want him back (whether it’s the bartender or someone else).

  4. I feel weird now… I actually like moving wood (probably because I don’t need to do it very often, only during camping or for one of our outside camp-fires… not that we’ve been allowed to burn anything with the lack of in lately!). Still, a nice walk in the park is hard to beat… I hope you get some to for those too soon.

    Gio… Sometimes you have to go for what you want even when you think you’re going to fail.

    • It probably wouldn’t be too bad if it didn’t feel like I’ve been moving it a little bit at a time for weeks. And if the kids’ wagon hadn’t lost its wheel, so I had to start carrying it by hand.

      He’ll realize that, soon enough. 🙂

  5. I love moving firewood! I do it a bit at a time, to get my blood pumping and ideas moving. A huge pile that needs to go elsewhere is a challenge just can’t reffuse. My Accomplice uses the wheelbarrow, but I just use my arms.

    I hear Cupid’s arrow singing out over the bar….thunk! =D

    • You want to come and move the rest of it for me? ;p Kidding. I only have another 1-2 loads of what he has split. Then, he’s getting a log splitter from a friend to do the rest instead of using his chain saw. Still, I’ll have some time before I’ll have to move all of that.
      yes, it definitely is. I have some bits that will come toward the end of the story that I wrote for Days 8 & 9 of Story a Day this month.

  6. […] a word, but I’m gonna keep using it anyway ;p). This is actually from the scene just before last week’s, but they’re happening at about the same […]

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