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Sunday Summary: Six and Ten

4 years ago

6 years ago

If you want to know how this week has gone for me, just take into account that I’m starting this post at 3:30 Saturday afternoon. And that’s because I have everything else up to this point on my to-do lists done. Also, we’re planning to take the kids to Waldameer/Water World tomorrow(really just the water world part, because the kids enjoy it more than the few rides they’d go on and once they’re in the water, it takes a force of nature to get them back out). So, it’ll be easier if I get a head start on this.

We went and got groceries last night(made it out of Wal-mart for under $100. how did that happen?). This morning, my husband decided to start burning all the brush from tree that came down in our yard last month. So I went out and was busy cutting the rest of the branches up and hauling them out to the fire pit. That took about two hours. Then, we went to the local ice cream place for lunch. the kids split a pizza, and husband and I both got chicken tenders & fries(chicken was good, fries not so much). His mom picked the kids up from there to take them swimming at her sister’s.

We were on our way home when a call came in for mutual aid from our fire department for the state police to look for two six-year old boys who were lost in the woods. So, as soon as we got home, I helped clear the way for husband to get the 4-wheeler out of the garage and loaded in the truck. And he went out to help search. Thus, is life being married to a volunteer firefighter. UPDATE: They found the boys, who apparently didn’t even know they were lost. They had just gone for a walk and were playing down the road.

You won’t be reading this until today is over, but today is a bittersweet day. Three different ‘anniversaries’ happen today. It’s the day 11 years ago that I met my husband in person(we’d been talking online for a week weeks). And the same day I met his father. The day I was instantly accepted into their family, simply because the man’s son liked me. It’s the same day one year after that, we had to say good-bye to that same man. We hadn’t even known he was sick for that long. They first said the word ‘lymphoma’ the day before he passed(and I remember, we were at my mom’s making meatballs for our wedding reception). For the next four years, it was a really rough day. And then, we said hello to our son, who brings some sweetness back to the day.

IMG_0203 wp-1472665375261.jpg

My brother-in-law came over and we all had a Miller High Life(or more than one is some cases. I could barely choke down one. Not my choice of drinks, but it was my father-in-law’s). Later we had some friends over for a fire and it ended up being a good end to the day with a  lot of laughter. My father-in-law would have been happy about that.

This is just my progress since Wednesday, since what I posted last Sunday were only for the rest of the month.

  • Write 6000 words – not quite. I wrote 4850 words Thursday & Friday. I wrote 8125 total for the week. Out of the total 9k I’d wanted to write. The first 3 days, though, my focus was still on editing. Hoping to do better now that it’s more on drafting again.
    • Closing Time – 1115 words – “Screw the brownie,” Cam said, shoving the box toward the center of the table.”Damn,” Gio said, “and I was really hoping you wanted to screw me.” *and sweet Gio surprises me with a dirty mouth 😉
    • Break on Me – 1660 words – “Rescuing me. I was losing it, but I couldn’t find a way out of the spiral. You helped.” – Oh, poor sweet Gabriel. It was so good to get back to him after several weeks, even if I did put him through a near panic attack.
    • In the Moonlight – 1760 words – I couldn’t deny it anymore. I wanted my hands on her. Desperately wanted her hands on me. And at the moment I was beyond caring that it might be wrong. I needed this. “Yes,” I said and reached for her.
    • Defending the Heart – 315 words – No, that wasn’t quite true. He did want to be here. He considered both Casey and Emelyn his friends. He’d known Casey for fifteen years now. he’d only known Emelyn about half a year, but it was long enough to see how important she was to Casey, and that’s all that mattered to him. It was even better that she was a good person.And she’d never once judged Xavier.
  • Stained by Ashes – finish polishing – I finished polishing this and started reading through one last time to make sure I catch any typos and misplaced punctuation. Hoping to have it ready to go by Friday.
  • Toby & Denise – finish brainstorming, start back stories – got the brainstorming done and the GMC chart, but didn’t actually start back stories.
  • Side Projects – add 600 words – added 757 words, 2741 for the week. Either way, I surpassed my goal for the week.
    • Patrick & Sarah – She seemed startled by his response and stared at him as he backed away. But, he could not force his help on her. Or at least he wouldn’t.
    • Tavin & Haiwee – That eyebrow was raised again. Like she didn’t believe him. Well, he couldn’t really blame her. He wasn’t so sure he believed himself.
    • Roman – “Tereza,” she said. “Please call me Tereza. That’s not even my real last name. I’ve never had one.”
  • Read: Writing Active Hooks: Book 1 – 20% – I got to this point.
  • Listen: The Rogue Not Taken(Sarah MacLean) & Lord John and the Private Matter(Diana Gabaldon) – I finished The Rogue Not Taken(LOVED IT!!), & I’m not quite halfway through Lord John & The Private Matter. I actually tried to read this one years ago(probably when it first came out) and couldn’t get into it(probably one of only books I’ve returned to the library unfinished). Not sure if it’s the time that’s passed(probably close to 12 years) or the fact I’m listening instead of reading, but I’m enjoying it.
  • Read: Finish Summit of Seduction(Elena Aitken), The Night We Said Yes(Lauren Gibaldi), Service with a Smolder(Eliza Madison), & Winter Court(SM Reine) – Finished Summit of Seduction(enjoyed), The Night We Said Yes(liked), & Service with a Smolder(really enjoyed). I’m about 25% through Winter Court and enjoying it. Will update my progress before I post this in the morning. Now, up to 58% and still enjoying it.
  • Didn’t add this Wednesday, but I’m also participating in Story a Day this month, and I have 3 stories so far(working on #4 as of adding this Sunday morning)

A good bit of blue there and only one red, which I wasn’t sure I’d get to anyway. So pretty good overall.

  • Write 15000 words
  • Story a Day – write 7 stories
  • Stained by Ashes – Finish proofreading, get cover, & format
  • Toby & Denise – Write Toby’s back story, start Denise’s back story
  • Side Projects – 2000 words
  • Read: Writing Active Hooks: Book 1 – get o 65%
  • Listen: Lord John & The Private Matter(Diana Gabaldon) & Empire of Storms(Sarah J. Maas)* don’t actually have this yet, but it comes out on Tuesday
  • Read: Finish Summer Court(SM Reine), Dirty Deeds(Megan Erickson), Fire Inside(Kristen Ashley), Fall Deep(Zoe York), Always on My Mind(Bella Andre), Hot Property(Carly Phillips), A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder(Julie Anne Lindsey)

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Six and Ten" (9)

  1. Awesome progress!

    Hugs on the bittersweetness (is that a word?) and I’m sorry for your loss. Looks like you had a nice day which is good.

    Winter Court and Summer Court are awesome. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on getting out of Walmart on less than $100. That’s quite a challenge for me as well.

    In laws can be very special. I miss my husband’s folks so much sometimes. So sorry you have to go through a similar loss. Major hugs.

    Congratulations on your son’s birthday. Gotta love kids. They bring you right into the present. I hope he had a wonderful day and his parents too.

    Wow, you sure are productive. Thanks for setting such a good example.

  3. That’s some major progress. I thought about your son often on Friday, while I was celebrating my newly-minted FIFTEEN year old! Sorry, didn’t mean to shout – just having a hard time believing it’s been fifteen years since he finally made his appearance a mere 20 DAYS after his due date. I mean, he’s a head taller than me, and clearly more a man than a kid in lots of ways, but – wow, so, so fast.

    I’m glad you have good memories, from your son, and of your father-in-law. Your remembrance sounds lovely.

    I didn’t think to link to my stories – I’ll try to remember to do that in Wednesday’s post, since I’ve got an index page for them on my snazzy new website. Because Trip (and his jealous woman!)

    • Thanks! I’m pretty happy with it.
      Oh, wow! Both my kids were about a week ahead of their due date. But, it was planned that way(which I ended up being glad for, since I had pretty quick labors).
      it did end up being a good day, and so did the day at the water park(despite me getting sunburned. And I even put sun screen on).
      I’ll have to go check yours out. 🙂

  4. The connection we share with people we meet with in our lives (in-laws, friends, mentors…) is a deep and rich thing that lasts well beyond years and losses. And it sounds like you had a wonderful day of celebrating this experience.

    I’ve found what you talking about with that time between books thing too. It’s interesting how our perspectives change over time.

    And, despite posting late (for you), you showed you are on top of things when it comes to your goals. Great progress, Fallon.

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