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Busy, busy weekend. Friday night when my husband got home from work, we headed up to the city. First up: hair cuts for the kids and me. The girl only got a little trimmed off. The boy got his mostly buzzed off. wp-1472392931822.jpg


before & after...as you can see, quite a difference

before & after…as you can see, quite a difference

It feels so good to have it short again. It’s been more than ten years since it’s been this short. Then, we got dinner, and groceries, last minute birthday stuff for the boy’s party, and new shoes for school.

Yesterday we had niece’s 8th birthday party. Sister-in-law held it at a pond near their house. The kids spent almost the whole time swimming in the pond. I even asked the girl if she wanted to get out to eat, but she firmly told me “no”. She finally did, ate some food(mostly veggies and fruit), and after her cousin opened presents, went right back into the water. She may be part fish. 😉

After we got home, I baked cupcakes and once the kids went to bed, wrapped the boy’s presents. This morning, I’ve submitted a short story to the World Unknown Review, frosted cupcakes, cleaned up all the surfaces that become catch-alls in this house, and blown up a few balloons. Less than 3 hours until the boy’s party starts, and there’s just a few more things I need to get done first, so decided to take a break to work on this post.


  • Write 5000 words on any of 4 projects – 5016 words on 2 projects
    • Shed Some Light – 3224 words – “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I heard he died from a fight in prison. I couldn’t have had anything to do with that. I’m not the one who got myself locked up.”
    • Closing Time – 1792 words – Gio’s lips moved then, forming some words. Cam might have thought they were ‘Thank you, God,’ but that could have just been wishful thinking.
  • Stained by Ashes – finish beta edits – finished these – added 2909 words to this.
  • Healing the Heart – Polish – made progress on this.
  • Guarding the Heart – layer in world building details – didn’t do any of this yet. Maybe next month.
  • Defending the Heart – write Spenser’s back story, start plot summaries – finished the back stories, plot summaries and have the first act outlined.
  • Side projects – add 2000 words – 2356 words between all 5 projects
    • Dance with the Devil – 934 words – “We didn’t have anything to do with that,” I said. “If you just let me get through, we can all forget any of this happened.” Not that I would. I’d be reporting it to Icarus and Bull the first chance I got.
    • Snow White Twist – 1026 words – All she could think about was the way she’d reacted to Tarian’s touch. And the way Tarian had reacted in return. Had there been something there, or had she just imagined it?No. She’d never had quite that good of an imagination.
    • Patrick & Sarah – 106 words – Her face was still drawn in hard lines, but he thought her eyes had softened with…confusion, maybe. Just how had people been treating her in the years since her husband had died? Patrick had fought in the war, too, and had seen plenty of men fall. Men who had left widows and possibly even orphans. He’d never worried about helping any of them before. But, something about these two pulled at him. He couldn’t explain it.
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 137 words – Tavin’s face flushed hot at her question. He didn’t need her seeing him being a lumbering oaf. Some of the men said he seemed like he was part mountain goat at times. Right now, he felt more like a bear.
    • Roman – 153 words – His boss studied him carefully then finally nodded. “All right. But you tell me if it gets to be too much, Ro. Don’t drown yourself with it.”He lied with a straight face. “I won’t, [xx].”
  • Submit Midas’ Daughter – just did that this morning. Now to wait. Won’t know anything until November. So, moving on to the next I plan to submit.
  • Read: Writing Vivid Characters – 90% – got to 93%
  • Read: The Broken Hearts’ Society of Suite 17C(LeighAnn Kopans), Hope Smolders(Jaci Burton), Far Too Tempting(Lauren Blakely), Daring Miss Danvers(Vivienne Lorret), Grimm Consequences(Kate Serine), Snake Heart(Lindsay Buroker), & Radio Silence(Alyssa Cole) – Finished Broken Hearts’ Society(loved), Hope Smolders(enjoyed), Far Too Tempting(had some issues which I discussed on Wednesday), Daring Miss Danvers(really enjoyed), Grimm Consequences(loved), Snake Heart(really enjoyed. Love the interaction between Dak and Yanko). Only about 16% into Radio Silence.

Pretty good week overall. Hoping next week will be as well. I have the goals figured for the rest of this month. I’ll have different goals for the second half of the week on Wednesday once I figure out next month’s goals.

  • Write 3000 words
  • Stained by Ashes – Polish
  • Defending the Heart – finish outlining
  • Side projects – add 1200 words
  • Read: Writing Vivid Characters – finish
  • Listen: Rough Justice(Sarah Castille)
  • Read: Radio Silence(Alyssa Cole), Summer Nights(Susan Mallery), Summit of Seduction(Elena Aitken)

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Birthday Weekend" (9)

  1. Love the haircuts! and the cupcakes too. They remind me of the cookies my sister and I used to make, we would put little smiley faces on them all!

    Best wishes with the goals come the new month.

  2. Love your new haircut. I toyed with the idea of going that short, but I’ve always had long hair. I went for a shoulder-length cut the last time I got mine done.

    Awesome progress. I like the brief excerpts you’re sharing with each update. 🙂

    • I haven’t had it this short since college, but I feel more like me. I tried going for a bob last time, but it was still too long.

  3. I need enough hair to twirl. It’s a lifelong habit, when I’m thinking. Life would be much more stressful without.

    But yours looks good and low-fuss – perfect for the beginning of the school year.

    Both of my kids are fish, too…of course, both or their parents are certified scuba divers, so…

    Great progress this week, even with all the busyness. I’m was way behind on my WUR for this year – until I realized that I have a story I submitted elsewhere earlier in the year, and that one might be just right. I’ll be looking that one over and polishing it in September.

    By the way, #STaD is a go for this year.Confirmed that the prompts will be the May ones, but I don’t know if it’s going to be the same order…

    I’ve been doing a bit of preliminary planning; I don’t do too much for this, but, since I’m adding some Hamilton fanfic this year, I’ve done quite a bit of research, and Lise and I will be visiting the General Schuyler House on Friday(he was Alexander Hamilton’s father-in-law, and his house is only a few miles from here; we’ve gone to events there but never taken the house tour).

    May the rest of August go well! I’m so excited to see how SbA turns out (it’s a little like babysitting someone through childhood).

    • I’ve found myself getting really irritated with it in my face and on my neck. And realizing I felt more like myself back when I had it short. As long as I have enough to tug on, especially when I’m anxious. The only problem is that since it’s so curly, it does whatever it wants if I don’t wash it and put some stuff in it in the morning.
      My husband’s a certified scuba diver, too. He’s one of the few on our town’s rescue dive team.
      Thanks. I have another short story I need to revise & submit. And I planned to submit my snow white twist novella, but not sure it will be ready in time.
      Yeah, I got the email yesterday(?). I’ll probably do the same as May, and use the prompts to get into whatever WiP I’m working on that day. That worked pretty well last time.
      Polishing SbA is going pretty quickly. I’ve worked out a lot of the crutch words through the past revisions. yet, still finding a good amount of them. *bangs head on desk* 😉

      • You do seem to have gotten past “though’ though – so that’s something!

        I sent you a PM before I saw you got the email. T’Pol says she’s waited long enough being pushed to the edges; she’s demanding most of my story time this month…

        But she and Trip will have to share with the new kids in town, because Lise wants a Hamilton shipfic/alternate history with Alexander Hamilton’s son Philip, and Aaron Burr’s daughter Theodosia, so four of my stories will be working out the basics of that plot. I’ve done a lot of research for that, because I want my timeline and details to “work” if the pivotal event that changes things happens.

        My hair’s more wavy than curly, but it’s very thick, and I have a LOT of it. So I know what you mean!

        We haven’t been diving since the kids were little. It’s cool that your husband is a rescue diver, although I’ll bet that can be nervous-making at times.

        I wanted to submit a sequel to Monday Morning Coffee, but that just hasn’t happened. I’d have to clear a lot of things out of my head for Rose and Jeremy to start talking to me again, I think.

        I do have two other stories that might work, and since “Beneath the Ice” was already submitted once, it’s in near ready-to-go condition, so it’ll be my first priority.

      • Ha! Yeah, ‘though’ is one of my worst ones. It still likes to pop up, but I’m getting better at hacking it out.
        I do like that it takes all of 30 seconds to comb through my hair now. 😉
        We don’t have too many water rescue calls(which is why there’s only a couple divers), but there are definitely the nerves when I know he’s responding to a fire. What I get for marrying a firefighter, though. 🙂

      • My father was a fireman when I was very small. I was terrified every time he went out on a call. I still remember.

        Hooray for easy-care hair!

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