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Okay, technically less than a week. Kids go back to school next Tuesday. Nope, not doing a little dance of anticipation AT ALL. Also, I’m a terrible liar. 😉 This year, both kids will be in school all day. people keep asking me, “What are you going to do with yourself. Won’t you be bored?” And I just have to look at them and go, “do you know me at all?” I crave the silence of an empty house. We have the boy’s Kindergarten orientation on Thursday, two birthday parties this weekend(one of them being the boy’s instead of doing it over Labor Day weekend), then back to school on Tuesday.

Goals have been going pretty well this week, but I’ll get to that in a little bit. First, it’s Wednesday! Which means it’s WiPPet time! Sharing from Shed Some Light this week, since it’s what I’m working on(just met my weekly goal on it, so tomorrow I’ll be moving on to Closing Time – I’ve missed Gio and Cam. Maybe next week we’ll get some of them). For today, I have 7 paragraphs(8+2+4-1-6). In case you don’t remember, Tereza and Toby have just recently learned they’re half-siblings, but they’ve known each other longer than that.

He scowled for a moment then nodded. “All right, I understand. But, you really should get out of here. It’s not a safe place.”

That rankled. It was fine for him to be here, but not her. Of course. She was a woman so she couldn’t take care of herself. Like she hadn’t practically grown up on the streets. “I can-”

“Take care of yourself. Yes, I know. You told me that plenty when we were kids, too. But, this is different. Just trust me. It isn’t safe for you here right now.”

She heard something else under his words now. “What’s that supposed to mean? Was I threatened?”

“Just go, Tereza. Please. I want you to have a chance to sit down and talk to Mom.”

He may not have technically answered her question, but she had an answer anyway. “Who? Toby, who is threatening me?”

He shook his head. “Just something I heard down through the line. Please go home, Tereza. I have an appointment to keep right now, but I’ll see you later.”

Just what has Toby heard? Is Tereza in some kind of trouble? Where’s Carlos? I *might* answer some of that if I share more snippets from this. Getting close to the end, though, so we’ll see.

As for how my week’s going so far:

  • Write 5000 words on any of 4 projects – 3224 words so far this week. And only on Shed Some Light. But, I’m just about at the climax, so I should be getting to the end soon. – “Oh, right. Like I believe you actually walk the straight and narrow these days. How boring would that be?”
  • Stained by Ashes – finish beta edits – getting there. Added 2 new scenes(well, more like 1.5 since 1 was just adding to what was there). And adding 1 more to the resolution. I’ve added 2530 words to this so far. – “You called me Adam,” he finally said. He couldn’t remember that name ever crossing his uncle’s lips before.
  • Healing the Heart – Polish – nothing yet here. Will get to it when I finish these edits on SbA.
  • Guarding the Heart – layer in world building details – Nope, nope, nope
  • Defending the Heart – write Spenser’s back story, start plot summaries – Done & Done. Spenser’s story was shorter than the others. Entitled little so & so. And I started working on the Character Arc outlines. May finish plotting this week. – Years ago, Xavier broke Piers’ heart, and he swore he’d never be anyone’s secret again, but when Xavier is threatened, he realizes the one who broke it may be the only one who can put his heart back together again. *you may have seen me mention my run-on sentence summary on twitter yesterday. This is it.
  • Side projects – add 2000 words – 1262 words so far this week. Met my goal for Dance with the Devil and got about 1/3 of the way there for Snow White Twist.
    • Dance with the Devil – 934 words – How had he known I’d be out here already? Oh, right. He knew my tendency to run away.
    • Snow White Twist – 328 words – Safe. She had to think about keeping all of them safe. Even if what she wanted to do was find a spell that would rip that witch’s heart right out.
  • Submit Midas’ Daughter – not yet
  • Read: Writing Vivid Characters – 90% – I’m at 83% right now
  • Read: The Broken Hearts’ Society of Suite 17C(LeighAnn Kopans), Hope Smolders(Jaci Burton), Far Too Tempting(Lauren Blakely), Daring Miss Danvers(Vivienne Lorret), Grimm Consequences(Kate Serine), Snake Heart(Lindsay Buroker), & Radio Silence(Alyssa Cole) – I finished The Broken Hearts’ Society(LOVED), Hope Smolders(enjoyed), and Far Too Tempting(Mixed. I enjoyed the romance, but the female lead’s husband left her for another man, and it was all “oh, he’s gay now” or “he lied all this time” not one character was like “well, maybe he’s bi” and I’m shouting “bisexual isn’t a dirty word” at the book. So, yeah. That really bothered me). Will be starting Daring Miss Danvers sometime today.

Mixed bag of progress. Still, hoping to be closer to all done by Sunday’s check-in.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: One More Week" (9)

  1. Looks like you’re making decent progress. I can totally relate to craving the silence of an empty house.

  2. Great progress this week!

    Here’s a strange thing – there was a time when it felt like my house would never be quiet, and I’d be jotting frustrated half-sentences in notebooks using various colored inks for all eternity….

    The last year or two, I’ve had so much writing time, and lots of quiet (which used to mean trouble on the horizon, but now doesn’t). When it first started happening, I thought I must be a horrible mother, and really didn’t quite know what to do with myself!

    I figured it out. =D

    I hope you take Wedneday-Friday to recharge after those parties, since I know they’ll be stressful for you with all the people.

    Very curious about Tereza’s situation, and hope she and Carlos are all right- or going to be.

    What you wrote about the “oh, so he’s gay now” character and yelling at the book – that made me laugh out loud. I thought I was the only one who did things like that! I’ll have to offer you the chance to beta my Kifo book Transitions once it’s ready – I think I handle a related situation better in that one, without applying labels. More of a love who you love thing….

    OK, last thing. That SbA line – it made me tear up a little. I don’t know if Nayati needed that, but I certainly did! ❤

    • I’m lucky that my kids have always been pretty independent. In fact, there was a time I’d get down on the floor and try to play with my daughter(she was about 2-3), and she’d go and play with something else entirely. But, when they get to playing loud or fighting, it can be hard to concentrate.
      I’ll probably do something to recharge, especially as the following weekend is the 10-year anniversary of my FIL’s death. Also the boy’s 6th birthday, so it’s a bittersweet day.
      Yeahhhhh. 😀 Can’t say too much, but let’s just say Toby’s warning may be a little too late.
      I was getting so frustrated with that book. They were married for 7 years and had a son together. Obviously he was attracted at some point. Just because he’s also attracted to men and with one now doesn’t erase that. If it wasn’t an author I’ve always liked before, I likely would have just quit reading. And I’d LOVE to beta for you.
      I thought you’d like that line. I really do think he needed to hear it. 🙂

      • Mine are the independent type, too.When Lise was about three, she’d be talking while she played, and I’d ask her what she said.

        “I wasn’t talking to you, Mommy. I’m playing.”

        She’s narrated her play for a long time; I eventually got used to it. I’m still not really used to the way they can both be in their rooms closed for hours, and it’s so quiet I don’t know if they’re asleep or awake, because they’re both reading….

        It’s very different having big kids. My Boyo will be 15 a week from tomorrow – seriously, how the heck did THAT happen?!

        Yeah, seven years and a son speak to at least a passing interest. Lise was telling me about a character she’d made up who was non-binary. I love that that’s a part of her reality, and that she doesn’t just see “either/or.” Both, neither, and lots of points in between exist. I like stories thar show that.

        As for Transitions, it’s next in my Kifo cycle after Sea Changes, which is making its way through my crit group now. There may be a bit of a fanfic or short story break between, to give me a breather, but, with any luck, I’ll be ready to beta it by early in 2018…maybe a little sooner, since I’m gradually getting better at this whole revision thing! =D

        May the return to school and the bittersweet day bring more pleasure than anything else.

        And I think you’re right. Nothing like a little confirmation of growth from someone whose opinion you deeply value. Even better when it’s earned!

  3. I can relate to wanting a quiet house. Mine go back in just under 2 weeks. This year will be great–they’re on the same schedule at last! Since their school is grades 6-12, this will last until the older one graduates. It’s sooooo nice.

    Ugh, I feel for Tereza here. I’m not thrilled that Toby won’t just tell her. I think she has the right to know if someone is threatening her. But maybe he has reasons, I suppose.

    • He has reasons, not necessarily good ones, but he thinks they are. And it would have been better for her if she hadn’t been there.

  4. If I had a quiet house I’d probably catch up on sleep first, and then I’d catch up on writing. But I have a few more years before that’ll happen.

    agree with AM. Toby should just tell Tereza. It is her life after all. I look forward to reading more (if you’re able to share it) and seeing where this goes.

    • I’ve never been too good at sleeping in the middle of the day. Even when I’m exhausted. But, definitely looking forward to having some uninterrupted writing time.

      He’s used to being protective, he was of her even before they realized they’re half-siblings. But, she’ll find out the reason pretty soon.

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