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If you’re reading along, I’ve just added chapter 2 of Come Back Down up on Wattpad. Here’s the first part of it:

He’d changed a good bit in the last year. He used to look so soft and sweet. Like a teddy bear you won at one of those fairs that ran every summer in the rural areas around here. His blond hair had always been a little long and curled up at the ends, especially where it hit his collar. There had never been any hint of anything but kindness in his pale green eyes. Until that last day.

Now, he might be even a couple inches taller, and he’d been tall before. There didn’t look to be anything soft about him, either. His face was planes and angles. I glanced down his body, and it was trim, too. Not skinny, like he hadn’t had enough to eat since Icarus told him never to set foot near me or the clubhouse again. But, more like he’d sculpted his body.

The sides of his hair had been buzzed right down, with some designs made in it. The top was a little longer. It all made him look harder, especially with anger in his eyes.

You can read the rest of the chapter here.

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