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I finished putting Into the Sun up on Wattpad a couple weeks ago. I’ve been finishing up editing and polishing the next book, Come Back Down, over the last couple weekends. And now, it’s ready to start going up.

This one continues Trace and Birdie’s story, but is from Birdie’s POV. And it introduces a new problem for the couple.

I walked down the street, lifting my hand in greeting to the people who waved to me. There were a lot more on both sides of the street, and right in the middle even, than I was used to seeing. No one out here called me Birdie, which probably felt odder for me than it should.

Sometimes I forgot it wasn’t the name I was born with. It had become so much a part of who I was.

I got past the food carts to where tables and tents set up with various crafts people were selling. The Winter Aid fair hadn’t been like this at first. Chief and Icarus set this up as a way to give back to the community that took us in and watched out for us. Now, it transformed into something else.

I wasn’t so sure I liked it. Even though Icarus assured me it was the natural way of things.

I turned down one of the side streets to take me to the other side of the area sectioned off for this little festival. Now, I saw what I was really looking for. Not food, not crafts, but these men I’d spent so many years loving giving back.

And the one I’d just started loving. He smiled now– something he still didn’t seem used to–at a little girl maybe five years old, as he handed her mother one of the baskets of food I’d helped pack up and another small bundle containing clothes. My heart swelled to see it.

Trace turned his head slightly, and his smile morphed to a grin when he saw me. His hair had started to grow out now, and some of the haunted look had gone out of his eyes. Bull set a hand on his shoulder, and he didn’t even flinch. That was definite progress.

I made my way to the table, watching as those piercing green eyes warmed then heated. His tongue flicked out quickly to wet his lips, but that was the only sign he gave. Since Icarus, the man I’d always thought of as my father, stood right beside him, I wasn’t surprised. Trace wouldn’t do anything to disrespect him, especially since they’d both learned Icarus was his father.

We’d gotten some strange looks the few times we’d gone into town together. Trace looked so much like his father, it’s obvious. But, there’s nothing wrong with what we’re doing with each other. There’s no blood between us, and while, legally, Grady Hartson Jr, Icarus’ real name, is my father, he’s not even listed on Trace’s birth certificate.

It sounds way more complicated than it is. I’m used to people judging me, so I try not to let it bother me. Trace stepped away from the table as I approached. His arm slid around me, but his hand stayed in a perfectly decent area of my back. Too bad. I wouldn’t complain if it didn’t. But, he was always respectful.

“I was starting to think you wouldn’t make it.”

You can continue reading Chapter 1 if you’d like. I’ll have Chapter 2 up next week.

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