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I usually get to this later in the day, but we’re having quite a thunderstorm this morning and have already lost power once. Hoping to get this done before it goes out again(though I think the storm is passing now). Or at least get it started now, so I can keep working on it and post when we have power/internet.

Nine years ago, I was having quite a bit of trouble sleeping. it was hard to get comfortable, and I couldn’t stop thinking. And I was having cramps that I didn’t realize at the time were contractions. At 39 weeks, I had a scheduled induction. We live a good half hour+ from the hospital, and at the time, my husband was still driving over the road, so we were never sure when he’d be home. About this time, we were both getting up and getting ready to head into the hospital. I’ll spare you the whole birth story(though, really, it’s not long). The nurses were all surprised, though, because I smiled through contractions(that I barely felt), until after they broke my water. Then, it went pretty quick. Which also surprised them. They couldn’t believe this was my first baby since it was a rather fast labor.

9 years ago(1 week old)

Almost 9 years ago(1 week old)


It’s been a fast and long nine years all at the same time. And each day she seems to become more and more like me. Sometimes, it can be a little scary. But, she has a huge imagination and is my little bookworm. Those things I don’t mind passing on. The tendency to implode when upset, get frustrated easily, and trouble handling social situations not so much(seriously, if it’s possible to clone a personality, she got mine).

9 year old. How is that possible?

9 years old. How is that possible?

I’m cheating a little for this week’s WiPPet Wednesday and bringing you not 1 but 3 snippets. A 3×3 WiPPet for my daughter’s 9th birthday. These all come from the side projects I started in the last week. We’ve got Patrick & Sarah(from Stained series), Tavin & Haiwee(from Stained by Ashes), and Roman(from Shed Some Light).

First, the beginning of Patrick & Sarah’s story. Didn’t realize it was William who first brought them together. And if you’ve read Stained Snow, you’ll understand the significance of what William says(he’s about 3 at this point). 3 paragraphs

The boy looked up at him, eyes wide in his small face. His mouth fell open, but no words came out as he kept staring up at Patrick. “Were you hurt?” The boy shook his head, but he still didn’t say a word.

“William!” a woman screeched, and Patrick turned his head that way.

The boy hunched his shoulders, drawing Patrick’s attention back to him. “I wasn’t s’posed to leave,” he said quietly. “But, Tommy was mean.”

And from Tavin and Haiwee’s story. Also, if you’ve read Stained Snow, you may remember Adam(or if you’ve read any of the snippets from Stained by Ashes I’ve shared for my Teaser Tuesday posts). These are his parents. 3 lines(at least in the Word document)

He brought his rifle up to his shoulder and took aim. But, the large brown eyes looking back at him didn’t belong to a doe. He kept his rifle where it was. In fact, he didn’t think a single part of him moved, even his lungs couldn’t seem to bring in or let out any air.

And from Roman’s. This is the one that’s really taken off on me. I already have over 600 words on it, not bad for what’s supposed to be a “side” project. That’s almost what the other two are combined. 3 paragraphs. This is from shortly before he’ll meet Tereza.

“You look awful, Pella. You need to go home early?”

Roman glanced up at his boss and shook his head. “Out of personal days. And I’m not sick. I can get through. You got something for me?”

He didn’t like being short with his boss, who had been very sympathetic and accommodating with everything he and Cristine had been going through. But, he didn’t want to talk about it. Not right now when the reality was weighing him down so much.

This was only 180 words into the story, and I was already feeling bad for him. I’m so mean sometimes. 😉

So, those are some of the projects I’ve been playing around with(as well as my main projects and editing of course). As for the rest of my progress this week:

  • Write 5000 words between 5 projects – 2381 words so far. I’ve been picking a project at random and working on it until the end of a mywritclub.com sprint(25 minutes each) then picking another one(though sometimes my random number generator picks the same one 2x in a row) until 6 in the morning(I usually start between 4-5). Then, chores before I move on to editing. I’ll probably continue this when school starts, too. (I’ve decided to share last/favorite lines on Wednesdays, too – these ones are actually all last lines.)
    • Protecting the Heart – 285 words – “I do. I just don’t want to see you die in their place.”
    • Closing Time – 886 words – Gio knew he shouldn’t feel any sympathy for Cam. Not after what he’d just admitted.
    • Break on Me – 648 words – His leg started to bounce, and Lora set her hand on it again. That took his thoughts well away from the meeting. And what they could be doing if they were alone together.
    • In the Moonlight – 562 words – Well, that wasn’t much help to me.
  • Stained by Ashes – finish revising through Chapter 16 – I got this finished yesterday. I’ve added 232 words to this since I started these revisions.
  • Healing the Heart – Start rewrites – I’ll be starting this today and working on it until it’s done or I get more chapters of SbA back.
  • Guarding the Heart – layer in world building details – nothing yet
  • Defending the Heart – finish Xavier’s back story, start Piers’ if I have time. – making progress on Xavier’s story. Finally got him out of the Marines(at Sunday’s check-in, he was still in high school, so I got through 13+ years faster than the first 17). I should have his finished before the end of the week, though.
  • Side Projects – add 2000 words – 2713 words. I started something similar with these as I’m doing with my main projects. only I have all of these open and write at least a paragraph before jumping to the next. And working on these from when I finish everything else(except maybe my reading) until dinner time. I wrote over 1800 words between them yesterday doing that. I’ll be posting last lines for these, too.
    • Dance with the Devil – 1236 words – “Gavin.” He pressed me back against the wall, his mouth going to my throat then sliding down to my collarbone.  *yeah, things are getting hot between these two. Not sure how far it will go for now, though.
    • Snow White Twist(really need to come up w/ an actual title for this one) – 409 words – Well, maybe a little because she’d shot an arrow at Ewan. But, could she really blame the girl? Her relationship with her brother was all kinds of messed up.
    • Patrick & Sarah – 301 words – The woman reached them, and her gaze took in Patrick quickly, and he saw her swallow hard, her hands trembling slightly as she grabbed the boy’s arm. “Come here, William,” she said sharply. “I told you not to leave the house.”
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 176 words – Her deerskin dress was what he’d mistaken for the animal he’d been tracking. Now that he saw it more clearly, he couldn’t believe he’d made that error. 
    • Roman – 489 words – “Fifteen. She’s terrified Roman. And I think you’re the best one to speak to her. You always have a gentle touch with those who need it.”
  • Read: Writing Vivid Characters – 50% – I’m at about 35% now.
  • Listen: A Court of Mist and Fury(Sarah J Maas) & Wrong Place, Right Time(Elle Casey) – I finished A Court of Mist and Fury Monday and LOVED it, but that ending…Gah! I need more! I’m more than halfway through Wrong Place, Right Time. Not liking it as much as the first, but still enjoying it.
  • Read: Savor the Danger(Lori Foster), Something Sparked(Mari Carr), My Kind of Wonderful(Jill Shalvis), Bay of Sighs(Nora Roberts), The Old Creek Bridge(Sarah Kettles), & Virtually Yours(various) – finished Savor the Danger and Something Sparked yesterday. Liked both of them. Just started My Kind of Wonderful this morning.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Nine Years" (16)

  1. All three snippets are great! I’m left wondering who Tommy is and how he was mean; what’s going to happen between the people in the second snippet; and what’s going on with poor Roman.

    I decided to try your method of working on multiple projects a little each day, and I can’t believe I’ve never done this before! Everything seems so much less daunting this way. 🙂

    • Thanks! Glad you liked them.
      And glad it’s working for you. Breaking things into smaller chunks does seem to work better. At least for me.

  2. I like your WIPpet math for today. 🙂 (I love birth stories, by the way.)

    So now I have to wonder what kind of eyes he’s looking into. A woman’s? Or a bears? Both could have that effect on him.

    Your word counts are looking good. I like how you give us a line from each of your projects. That’s a nifty way to illustrate your progress.

    • Thanks.
      Definitely a woman’s. The next paragraph would have made that clearer 😉
      Thanks. I wasn’t sure about including the lines from all the projects, but I’m enjoying sharing them.

  3. I think your thunderstorms are heading this way. It’s looking ominous in my neck of the woods.

    Congrats on your daughter turning nine. Parenting is such a wonderful journey.

    Some interesting stories you’re working on. I hope the rest of the week is productive for you.

  4. A great week so far, and I love those little peeks into Patrick and Sarah, and Tavin and Haiwee.

    Hopefully, I’ll have Chapter Seventeen ready for you by the time you get up tomorrow. I’m a bit more than halfway, but got a little sidetracked by my website….oops. It’s next on my agenda after I finish my visits, since I plan on watching the Olympics, and it’s a good fit for that. =)

    • It has been pretty good. Glad you liked them. Didn’t work anymore on them yesterday(was trying to meet my weekly goal for Snow White Twist) but might today if I get everything else done. I made it through most of Chapter 17’s edits during this morning’s editing time. And I have more left for tomorrow 🙂

      • Good. I’m aiming to have Chapter 19 done by the time you get up tomorrow. Then I’ll be caught up with what I planned to do last week. =)

  5. I can’t believe I forgot to add the birthday well-wishes! It can be sobering, seeing the things that we find troubling in ourselves in our offspring. On the plus side, she could hardly have a better advocate in dealing with those social situations and difficulty with frustration than a mother who loves her and understands. Sometimes, parents want to change things about their children that are base characteristics, simply because they’re very different people.

    And that picture? It was taken on my younger brother’s birthday!

    • Thanks! It’s funny because I was talking to my dad yesterday, and he said something and I couldn’t help but think, “So that’s where I get it from” and it wasn’t a positive trait(though I can’t remember exactly what it was now).

  6. A charming buffet of stories here… delish!

    Interesting scene you set there with Tavin and Haiwee… glad to see he didn’t shoot now.

    And though I don’t know who Tommy is… I do know I’ve got some uncomfortable feelings there.

  7. I liked being nine years old. Maybe because my ninth birthday party was one of my favourites. Happy birthday to your daughter!

    Three great snippets here, though I am especially concerned for William. “Mean” can mean all sorts of things from a three-year-old.

    • Thanks. I think she had a good day.
      And yeah, Thomas caused quite a bit of trouble for William over the years, and not just the typical older brother kind of trouble.

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