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It’s Tuesday, so time for a snippet from my upcoming release, Stained by Ashes. I have more than half of the chapters back from my second beta reader and should be getting more back soon. I’ve started working on the actual edits now, and am hoping to have it ready to publish before the official end of summer. For now, here’s a teaser from some of the just-edited material:

He shoved away those thoughts. “Who’s leading this charge?”

Now, Patrick’s face tightened. “Lucas Kline. He has the biggest holdings and the most to lose. And he’s the devil’s own spawn,” he said almost under his breath.

“What’s your position?” He ignored the last statement, sure Patrick hadn’t meant it for him.

“They’re not hurting anyone, and these ranchers have land to spare. Like you said, these farmers are trying to make a life for themselves here.”

Adam hadn’t had much to do with the eldest Kline, so he couldn’t say too much about him. He’d had a few run-ins with his son, Louis. Another son, Barrett, kept those run-ins from getting too violent. Adam had heard something about a daughter as well, but he’d never seen her in town. The other ranchers mostly ignored him when they weren’t turning their noses up at Patrick for even hiring someone like him.

They rode in silence for a few minutes before Patrick added, “I’d like to stay out of it, but I feel a war coming. I’d like to stop that if I can.”

Adam held onto his own thoughts even as they ran the same path as Patrick’s. He wasn’t so sure anything they did could stop a war if enough men, with more power than them, were intent on starting it.

Will the war come? will Patrick and Adam be able to stay out of it? Or will they be thrust right into it?

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