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This could probably be my post title for the rest of the summer(don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t be). Friday when my husband got home from work, we went and got dinner then groceries. Saturday, we met my mother-in-law early for breakfast and left the kids with her. Then, we came home, got on the motorcycle and went up to Erie for the First Responders Appreciation Parade. It was a controlled ride around Presque Isle, led by a fire truck. $10 per rider(first responders got to ride for free though) and free food and drink when you got back. It’s part of the BikeFest(hosted by Harley Davidson of Erie), which is running right alongside the Roar on the Shore. It’s the cheapest ride we’ve been on, and the proceeds go toward a monument honoring first responders.

Today we’re going to church(haven’t been in over a month)(back now) and then we have another graduation party to go to this afternoon. At this rate, I may be instituting Mellow Monday(thanks Shan for that title) and not doing much besides reading tomorrow so I can reset.

Even though I had a slow start last Monday, I managed to make good progress during the week. I got over 19000 words between all my projects. And was even finished early enough on Friday I was able to read for a good bit of the day. Even started on Saturday’s goals(in fact, I got through almost all of them before Saturday).

  • Write 14500 words between 5 projects – 16975/14500 words. My method of working on a project for 1 hour a day(30 minutes each for side projects) seems to be working. And once I pass my goal for the week, I take it off the list(unless I’m really inspired to write more for that one). And I work on them in a random order each day, so I don’t fall into a rut there either.
    • Protecting the Heart – 3372 words – His eyes flashed hot. “Then, I’ll kill him.” *Being evil and not giving any context to this one
    • Closing Time – 3482 words -Cam took a step closer to the desk. “Look, I’m sorry,” he said. “I was…I know I was wrong. I was hurting, I was scared, and I let that make me run my mouth. It was wrong, and I’m so sorry for it. But, it was Nolan I hurt, and he’s forgiven me. So, why can’t you? Why can’t you even look at me?” *Honestly, I feel a bit sorry for both these guys.
    • Shed Some Light – 4155 words – “No. It’s not that. It’s…it’s Brent, Carlos. You really need to get down there.” *Oh, poor Carlos. I’m about to destroy him a bit.
    • Break on Me – 3444 words – “He’s fine,” his dad said, his voice rough now. “And he knows we’ll help him however he needs.””And he’s standing right here,” Gabriel said. As hot as he thought it was that she’d pick up the battle ax for him, he didn’t need to be talked about like he wasn’t even there.
    • In the Moonlight – 2502 words – “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said, turning back to the picture frame I’d been dusting for at least five minutes. “I’m cleaning.”

      “Sure. that’s a handy excuse to keep you at the wall bordering where Yasmin is speaking to our surprise guest.” **hehe. You’ve been busted, Nola.

  • Stained by Ashes – compile beta notes for chapters 9 &10(more if I get them back during the week) – finished both of these and Chapter 11. Have Chapter 12 waiting for me to get to this week.
  • Dance with the Devil – write 935 words – 1303 words – “Yes,” Jumper said. “Tonight, Devil. For one thing, Medusa will want to look you over, make sure you’re not damaged.” By the slight twitch of his lips, I imagined there was more he left off of that, like more in the head than we thought.
  • Snow White Twist – write 995 words – 1029 words – “I just might be safer with them. I still do not know why you are doing this. You shot an arrow at your own brother after all.”
  • Come Back Down – continue read through(currently through ch 6) – finished reading through all of this story
  • RoW80 Sponsor Post – Submit – got this done
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – get to 55% – got past this point
  • Listen: Fool for Love(Marie Force) – finished this(liked it, going to give next book a chance. Finished The End of Feeling(and enjoyed it for most part.
  • Read: Finish Cress, The Girl From Everywhere(Heidi Heilig), Hearts of Evil(Lauralynn Elliot), Inked(Eric Smith), Love Tussles and Takedowns(Violet Duke), His Trouble in Tallulah(Cathryn Fox), Taking Chances(S.J. Maylee), & Tough Love(Lori Foster) – Enjoyed Ink. Liked Love Tussles and Takedowns, though I had a bit of an issue with the ending(felt a little too “miracle cure” for me. Had similar issue with His Trouble in Tallulah(though it was more the “I probably can’t get pregnant” “oops, I forgot a condom” “Hey, I’m pregnant”). Taking chances was okay, but didn’t really feel connected to the characters. I’m only on page 50 of Tough Love. I’m hoping to get through at least most of it today.

Almost everything is blue! Love when that happens. Now, for next week:

  • Write 14165 words between 5 projects
  • Stained by Ashes – Compile Beta notes from Chapter 12(and any more I get back during the week)
  • Dance with the Devil – 920 words
  • Snow White Twist – 995 words
  • Come Back Down – Revisions
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – 80%
  • Listen: George(Alex Gino) & Wrong Number, Right Guy(Elle Casey)
  • Read: Finish Tough Love(Lori Foster), Officer Off Limits(Tessa Bailey), Always on My Mind(Jill Shalvis), Thorn Fall(Lindsay Buroker), Into Elurien(Kate Sparkes), Caged in Bone(S.M. Reine), The Everlasting Circle(Juliana Haygert), & Wish Come True(various)

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Another Social Weekend" (9)

  1. After that much done during the week and a busy weekend, Mellow Monday is definitely in order!

  2. Huzzah for all blue! Way to go! You definitely deserve a rest after everything.

  3. I love all the snips from your projects! Are they the last lines, or favorite ones?

    The kids and I will be heading to Plymouth, MA on Thursday for Unschoolers Rock the Campground. Since I haven’t done much in the way of packing or prepping yet, that will be high on my priority list, along with writing, the seemingly endless but slowly being chipped away at mountain of homeschooling paperwork, and working on that beta reading project, because every time I read it in your updates, I feel compelled to get you more to do.

    So happy Mellow Monday is taking the pressure off! I’ve often found that just letting go of that “Have-To” mentality frees up the creativity and desire to do things.

    And as a devoted fan of blue, this update was an added treat for me! =)

    • Thanks! Some are last lines, but others were just ones I really liked.
      Hope you have a good trip!
      I did still get some writing done yesterday, but I was taking it easy. Only wrote about 1500 words, whereas I’ve been getting between 4-5000, but I’ve already got 3000 today & 2 more main projects to work on. The working on each one for an hour seems to be helping, too.

      • So much of progress is just finding the things that work, and being willing and able to adapt as needed. You’re great at that!

        Today is pretty aggressively about getting packed and ready. Lise and I just got back from returning some bottles and cans that had been kicking around in the back of the car. It’s pretty clean, since I dropped off some donations last night on my way home from our write-in. Needs a quick sweep, and then we can start loading it. Hopefully, by the time it’s full dark, we’ll have all but the last minute type stuff done.

        Overall, things are progressing better, and a lot more calmly, than they probably would have if Jim was working – lat night, while I was gone, he and Miah set up both tents, cleaned them out, and repackaged them so the poles are all sorted, plus inflated and tested all of the air mattresses, so we know we won’t have any duds going in (AND we have a backup, just in case). Normally, I want to get to those things, but never do, and we’ve had times when we forgot one of the tent poles, or the hub for the tent that needs that, or lugged an air mattress of to another state only to find it wouldn’t hold air…

        I don’t expect to get a lot of writing done, but I am downloading a few things to read, and I will have your two chapters for this week, because I do find it easier to beta while away. I won’t have constant internet access, but the lodge has free wi-fi, and the kids have been mentioning they might like to hang there at least part of the time. Another cool thing is that this year, they’re both officially old enough, by campground rules, to be independent, so, unless I’m the “responsible adult” at the lake, I’ll have a lot more time to do my own things (something many of us parents do, informally, is to make sure there’s always an adult kids in the water know they can come to, and who will keep an eye on kids there sans parents.)

        I’m looking forward to the trip, and to getting home again, too!

        I may have to adopt your lines idea, if you don’t mind. =)

      • So much of what works seems to change from day to day, but I’m working at being more flexible and not quite so hard on myself if I don’t get to everything.
        Hope you get everything done and the trip goes smoothly.
        I don’t mind at all. I figure I have so many projects and only share from 1 on Wednesdays, I wanted to share at least a line or 2 from the others.

      • Things are moving along….Lise is showering now, and I’m having coffee, getting ready to do my journaling, and tending to the last of the packing and detail stuff (like setting Hamilton up on my Kindle, for mutually agreeable road music – the kids didn’t sleep much, and likely will in the car, in which case, music is my companion….)

        I may start sharing lines in the next week or so, even if I don’t generally have as many going as you. I guess I could also share lines from the kids reports. What they DO is interesting enough, but putting it in schoolspeak makes it pretty dull!

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