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Almost finished posting Into the Sun over on Wattpad. I have one more chapter to go after this one. Then, I will start posting Come Back Down at some point. For now, here is the beginning of Chapter 11:

We pulled into the same turn around we’d used when we rescued Mom and turned our bikes off. I slipped off my helmet and swung my leg over the bike. My legs felt shakier than usual, even more so than when we’d come after Mom. What if he’d hurt Birdie after he sent those messages? If he figured we were on our way, he wouldn’t need her anymore. Not if this was a trap.

No, no. I could not think like that. It had the panic pressing in on me, and I knew if it gained any control, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I forced my hands to calm, forced my gaze back to Icarus, forced away the buzzing in my head so I could hear what he said.

“Hawk, get to your position to keep watch. Pick your second to watch the other direction.” He turned to Bull. ” You, Smoke, Devil, Trace, you’re with me. Jumper, Irons, and Bear, stop anyone who approaches. Make sure they don’t come to the house. Any sign of the cops, and the rest of you get out of here.” His eyes met mine. “If he’s going to take me down, I’m not going to take the rest of you with me.”

“We’re not gonna let that happen, Cap’n,” Bull said. “We’ll get your little bird out of there, then we’re all going home.”

Icarus nodded, but the lines around his eyes didn’t ease. He wasn’t even sure this would work. That didn’t make me feel much better. But, we couldn’t stand around and let Henry hurt Birdie.

“I’m ready,” I said, but even my voice wavered. I cleared my throat and straightened my shoulders. “Let’s do it.”

Icarus’ lips twitched, but I caught a full-out smile from Bull. “Damn, Grady,” he muttered, “he is your son.”

“He’s right,” Icarus said. “We need to go.” He glanced to Hawk. “We’ll give you time to get into position then head in.”

I stood beside Icarus while we waited. I didn’t know how long this would take. I just wanted to get it done. Wanted to get Birdie out of there and get all of us back safe. Henry wouldn’t make that easy.

Finally, Icarus nodded at us, and we started through the trees until we were standing across the street from the house I’d grown up in. Again. My hands trembled slightly, and I pressed them hard against my thighs. I could feel the weight of the gun in the inside pocket of my vest. I jut wasn’t sure if it was comforting, or if it only added to my nerves.

The house was quiet and dark inside. Henry usually had all the lights blazing, but now each of the curtains were drawn, so we couldn’t see anything inside. Henry’s cruiser sat in the driveway, so he was there. He likely had Birdie in there with him.

“We need to get her.”

Are they going to get her out? What is going to happen to Trace. To henry? You can read the rest of this chapter over on Wattpad, or even catch up on the rest if you’ve missed an installment.


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