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Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is “concentration”. Haha, this is funny. I can’t even concentrate enough to get through this intro. ;p Maybe once I get started on the fiction, it will come better. The thing with Gabe, Lora, & Erik that’s referenced here hasn’t actually happened in Break on Me(and may not, we’ll see), but this would take place sometime after that story and before Erik’s own story. The first line popped into my head, but I wasn’t even sure who said it until I started writing.


“You’re so totally messing with my concentration.” Gabriel ducked his head as the pencil his brother had been tapping against the desk came flying toward his head. “Was that really necessary, Chris?”

“You’re just being a grump ’cause Lora’s out of town.”

“You’re nuts.” Except he wasn’t. Lora had been out of town, tying things up at her old job and packing her stuff up before she moved up here, for three days. Two more days, and she’d be back. But, he was getting antsier the more days that went by without seeing her.

“If you just need to get laid, I’m sure Erik-”

“Enough,” Gabriel growled. “That was a one time thing. Lora and I are in a committed one-on-one relationship. Erik’s the one who took that step back, so just-”

“Easy,” Chris said, holding his hands up. “I was just joking.”

Gabriel ran his hand over his face. He usually would have known that. Maybe more than Lora being out of town had him antsy. Considering they were still living under the same roof, Erik was doing a damn good job of avoiding him. It was awkward now, but there was no way Gabriel would ever ask him to leave. Not unless he knew Erik had a place, and he’d be okay on his own.

And that had been part of the problem. Erik didn’t want someone taking care of him. Didn’t want to share, either, which Gabriel couldn’t blame him for. He’d known that wouldn’t be a long-term arrangement.

“What about you?” he asked, needing to get his mind off this. “You seen Reagen again?”

“Every damn day,” Chris muttered. “This town isn’t big enough. And she’s still with her girlfriend, so you can let it drop.”

“Fine,” Gabriel said, doing just that. He could sense his brother was more upset about the situation than he’d admit. So, he’d let it go. He was getting better at doing that.

He turned back to his desk and tried to get back to work, but his concentration was completely shot by now. “Come on,” he said, standing up and grabbing his keys. “Let’s cut out early and grab some lunch. We don’t have much going on, so I doubt Dad will mind.”

“Not like he’d fire us if he did. Just give us that disappointed look.”

Gabriel laughed, for what felt like the first time in days, and headed for the door. “Sometimes I think that’s worse.”

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