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June is over, and it was quite the writing month for me. Over 96,000 words over 10 different projects. I finished drafting 3 of those and made good progress on the others. Now, it’s July, and I’m looking forward to hopefully finishing 2 more projects. For now, I’m sharing the next chapter of Into the Sun:

A week passed after my altercation with Henry. Chores were dumped on me so hard and heavy, that even though Icarus hadn’t actually said I was being punished for the risks I’d taken, it was pretty obvious. I didn’t even have a chance to get away with Birdie. This morning, Barbie sent her off to town on a grocery run. So, I didn’t even have her here to keep me company.

That shouldn’t make me feel like losing my mind. I’d been used to spending time by myself before I came here. But, I’d also gotten used to having her there with me, even if it was just her talking about random stuff.

I sat back on my heels after I finished polishing the back wheel of Hawk’s bike. I still had three more bikes to finish. Then, I’d go see what else they had for me to do. Hopefully my punishment was almost over with.

Birdie should be back by now. Where was she?

I let out a sigh and moved to the next bike but stopped when I heard my name shouted from near the clubhouse. Still crouched, I spun and nearly fell on my ass. I scowled at the approaching figure then realized it was Icarus. I tried to think of what I could have done that would have brought him out like that, but I’d been here. I couldn’t get into any trouble with all the work they’d had me doing.

Maybe there was some resentment about that, even if I deserved it. I could have gotten Birdie hurt. If Henry would have taken me in, what would he have done to her? Now he knew we had Mom, so he wouldn’t ever stop until he got her back. How far would he go?

As Icarus got closer, I could see he wasn’t angry. He gripped his phone in one hand, and even with his face drawn into tight lines, I could see the fear. I pushed instantly to my feet. “What is it?” I asked. “Mom?”

She’d been spending some time with the other women. I’d even seen her and Icarus talking a few times, though those conversations ended rather quickly.

He shook his head. “Have you seen Birdie? Did she come back yet?”

I would have thought he’d punched me right in the gut, the way it suddenly hurt. “No,” I croaked out. Hadn’t I just been thinking she should be back by now? “Did something happen?”

“It looks that way.” His voice tight, it had my own throat tightening.

“What?” I forced myself to ask.

He shoved the phone into my hands but didn’t say another word. I took it even as Mom hurried over to us. I glanced down at the message screen he still had keyed up. There was a number across the top, so he obviously didn’t have it saved in his phone. I recognized it, though.

You took what’s mine. Now I have what’s yours.

What’s going to happen next? Well, you can read the rest of Chapter 10 over at Wattpad. Let me know what you think if you do read it.

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