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Haha, yeah that title makes me laugh, too. But, the reason for it: On Monday, Kait Nolan posted on the RoW80 blog about Pacemaker. So, of course, I had to go check it out. Even though I should have been writing. It was also 90 degrees on Monday, and I was too hot to write anyway. But, back to the point. I put all my projects in, figured out about how many more words I needed to write for each and the due dates I’d come up with. And I set it to randomize my daily word counts. So, I adjusted all my to-do lists for this week with the new word count goals. Some days(like yesterday), this may mean writing really later. Other days(like probably today) I’ll be done sooner and can spend more time writing.

The rest of this month for Protecting the Heart

The rest of this month for Protecting the Heart

Right now, we’re still in between JuNoWriMo sprints, so I’m working on my blog post until the next one starts. I’ve been working on things in between sprints and it seems to be going well for getting all that other stuff done as well. Right now, it’s time to share a snippet for WiPPet Wednesday, though. I’m in between Protecting the Heart(met my goal for today during the last sprint) and Ready When You Are(next one I’m working on), so I just have to decide which one to share from. Okay, Protecting the Heart it is. This was written yesterday. Eva’s with Emelyn(may remember her from Guarding the Heart) and Sarah. 22 sentences for today:

“You can trust all of them to protect you and Dani,” Sarah told her. “Especially Declan. I’ve seen the way he looks at you.”

Eva shook her head. “No. You’re wrong. He doesn’t look at me any way.” But, she couldn’t quite brush off those kisses and felt her face start to flame.

Emelyn laughed. “That sounds familiar, doesn’t it, Sarah?”

“It certainly does. I think those exact words came out of your mouth once. Then, the two of you practically eye-fucked over my dinner table.”

“We did more than that later that night in the bedroom,” Emelyn said.

Eva’s face was flaming hot, but she couldn’t help laughing. Sarah patted her hand. “You’ll get used to it. And you’ll see. The first time he comes in and sticks his tongue down her throat-”

Emelyn threw a balled-up napkin at Sarah. “Like you and Alex are any better. He’s already got you knocked up, and he’s still all over you.”

Oh, I still love Emelyn. And her and Sarah aren’t wrong about Declan and Eva, considering the scene I just wrote this morning. *walks away whistling innocently.*

Now, on to my progress for this week:

  • Write 18000 words(raised my word count per project, but there’s 1 less project) – Well, since I’ve already written 14,318 words so far this week, I’d say I won’t have a problem meeting this goal. Yesterday I wrote over 9000 words, ending right around 8 p.m. I don’t plan to write any later than that since it still gives me time to take a shower and read for a bit before I go to bed.
    • Protecting the Heart – 4781 words. Right around the mid-point now.
    • Ready When You Are – 4847 words. Just got through the climax. Should finish this week
    • Shed Some Light – 1092 words. Getting close to the mid-point.
    • Break on Me – 867 words. Interesting having Lora and Erik run into each other after the awkward moment in Gabe’s kitchen the night before 😉
    • In the Moonlight – 830 words. That scene just flew out of me. Love writing these girls.
  • Finish back stories for Cam & Gio – these are done & plan to start writing the plot summary today. Wrote about 1900 words in plotting so far this week.
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 4500 words – no progress yet this week.
  • Snow White Twist – get to 2500 words – no progress yet this week.
  • Read: Description – get to 85% – at about 75% right now. On track/a little ahead
  • Read: Finish How We Began, Ruled by Steel(S.M. Reine), Beautiful Demons(Sarra Cannon), When a Scot Ties the Knot(Tessa Dare), Divide(Jessa Russo), A Most Scandalous Proposal(Ashlyn Macnamara), The Admiral’s Bride(Suzanne Brockman) & Identity: Unknown(Suzanne Brockman) – that will finish what I have of this series: I finished How We Began Sunday night. Loved all these stories. Finished Ruled by Steel Monday night and really enjoyed it. Read the first book in the Beautiful Demons set(has the first 3 books). Was ok, but just not really keeping my interest, so not sure I’ll read the rest.

More red than I’d like, but I still have half the week to go. And obviously my focus has been elsewhere. Mostly on the new words written.

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  2. Ahaha, oversharing for the win! 😀

    (Also, sorry I’m so terribly late this week!)

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