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My mind seems to be going every which way this morning, so I’m writing this up while writing my words for the day. Yesterday, rain kept threatening. So, the kids mostly stayed inside. It never did end up actually raining, though. Woke up this morning to it coming down. And looking at the weather, it’s supposed to be an all day thing. So, probably going to be another inside day. At least this might maybe calm down the pollen.

The pup seems to have a thing for our shoes, but this is the first one he's actually destroyed

The pup seems to have a thing for our shoes, but this is the first one he’s actually destroyed

Writing has been going well so far this week. Not even counting the few hundred words I’ve written this morning, I’m over 8k for the week. My new routine seems to be working well for me. In two days, I met my weekly goal for 3/6 of my WiPs, not counting the side projects. Falling a little behind on my reading goal, but I’ll be able to catch up on that once all other goals are met for the week.

And since today is Wednesday, that means it’s time for more WIPPET FUN!! *throws confetti* Seriously, I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far this morning(though I’m about to go make the second). I’m working on Shed Some Light(Carlos & Tereza’s story) right now, so sharing 8 paragraphs from it. Things still aren’t looking up for Brent. In fact, they’re going to be getting even worse. The other guy in this scene, Roman, has a long history with both Carlos & Tereza. Of course, he’s also part of the reason Carlos once felt like Tereza betrayed/abandoned him.

“What can I do?”

“You’ve already done it, Carlos. You hired Tereza. She’ll fight for him,” he said, nodding at the woman who was approaching the bench now to argue their side of it. He doubted there was much she could do to counteract what Todd had said. Carlos almost believed his brother was guilty after listening to the other man. But, Tereza walked across the courtroom with her shoulders squared and her head high. Like she didn’t have a doubt in this world they’d win this case.

He almost believed that, too.

Carlos couldn’t take his eyes off her as she spoke. Damn, she was beautiful. Roman cleared his throat, and Carlos wondered if he’d said those words out loud. He cast a quick glance at Roman and saw him struggling to smother a smile. Yeah, he thought maybe he had. Shit. He’d have to be more careful about that.

“It’s not looking good,” Roman murmured as Tereza started to wind down.

He hadn’t needed Roman to tell him that. He might not have a lot of inside knowledge about the legal world, but even he could see the truth. “He’s gonna go away for a long time, isn’t he?”

“Not if Tereza has anything to say about it. Have faith in her.”

“I’ve always had faith in Reza, even when it felt like she’d betrayed me. But, even faith can only get us so far.”

Like I said, things aren’t looking too good for Brent right now. Is Tereza going to be able to prove Brent innocent? Will it matter?

Like I said, writing is going well so far this week. Well, until this morning. Joining in with some JuNoWriMo sprints and hoping that gets me back on track.

  • Write 15000 words between 6 projects – I’m through about 3.5 of these projects. Have written 9090 words so far. Should finish Shed Some Light’s goal today and be able to start on Break on Me.
    • Protecting the Heart – 2762 words
    • Ready When You Are – 2671 words
    • Paint Me a Picture – 2609 words
    • Shed Some Light – 1048 words so far.
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 3000 words – no progress yet
  • Goin’ Down – get to 2000 words – no progress yet
  • Snow White Twist – get to 1500 words – no progress yet
  • Read: Description – get to 40% – at about 26%
  • Read: Finish Brokedown Cowboy(Maisey Yates), The Countess Conspiracy(Courtney Milan), A Court of Thorns and Roses(Sarah J Maas), One Week Girlfriend(Monica Murphy), Things I Can’t Forget(Miranda Kenneally), Harvard’s Education(Suzanne Brockman) – finished Brokedown Cowboy(really enjoyed), and The Countess Conspiracy(So good), and am 33% through A Court of Thorns and Roses(enjoying so far).

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Rainy Ramblings" (7)

  1. I keep wondering if I shouldn’t suggest some reading pauses during my sprints… Sometimes they feel so mad-panic-filled, chaotic and directionless. Yeah, I know… the direction is to write, but somehow more seems to matter.

    Glad they are mostly helping others though… I am seeing a bunch of red there. Guess we’ll give that a few days to resolve itself

    Have to say, now I am worried about Brent’s situation. Sounds like he needs all the help in the world and more….

    • My problem would be if I started reading, I wouldn’t want to stop when it was time to write again. Which is why I try to save most of my reading for the end of the day.
      I’m on the last of my WiPs right now, so I should be able to reach my goal on that today then I can start on the side projects, and hopefully have most of tomorrow free to read.
      He definitely needs a lot of help.

      • I think reading at the end of the day is better anyway (at least for me). It gives the brain fodder for the next morning’s creativity. That said, if I’m really in a “must write story” mode, I tend to reread/edit/tweak my own stuff instead of other authors.

        May the freedom of reading come soon

  2. Sounds like things are really starting to heat up in your story. And awesome progress on your goals, Fallon!

  3. Well, this has me worried for Brent. I hope Tereza has something up her sleeve to help him out.

    • Yeah, things aren’t going well for him. And, well…can’t say too much without giving something away. *whistles innocently*

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