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It’s Friday again, which means time to share more from Into the Sun. I now have Chapter 4 up on Wattpad, but here’s the beginning of it.

I didn’t bother turning at the light, tentative knock on my door. “You can come in, Birdie,” I said as I finished putting the few clothes I’d taken out back into my saddlebags.

The door opened, but she didn’t say anything at first. I couldn’t even look at her, so I stared at the bags. God, I didn’t want to go, but could I really stay?

I didn’t know if I could stand him knowing the truth. All of them knowing. For the last nearly half hour, I’d been sitting on my bed, trying to decide what to do. Now that I had, I couldn’t let my plans change.

“Dad asked you to leave?” she finally asked, her voice barely more than a squeak. I hadn’t heard her sound like that before. Where had all her fire gone? “I told him we didn’t do anything. I’ll tell him-”

“He didn’t have to ask,” I told her. “It’s the best thing.”

“Why?” she demanded. “Why would it be best?”

I finally turned toward her, and she took a step back at whatever she saw in my eyes. “Because, if he’s really your dad,” I said, jerking my thumb toward the hallway, “I’m your brother. With the way you make me feel, that’s just wrong. And I don’t know how he can look at me knowing the woman who shattered his heart is my mother.”

“Cassandra,” she breathed. “That’s why he started searching for her again.” She stepped forward and put her hand on my arm. “You’re not my brother, Trace. There’s no blood between us.”

“How do you-”

She stopped my question by putting a finger over my lips. “I don’t know who my father is, but it’s not Icarus. He knows it, too. He just doesn’t like to admit it.” Her finger stroked down my face then she set it on my shoulder. “Our blood types don’t match up, Trace. We’re not related.”

“Then, why-”

“I could only hope to have fathered someone like her,” Icarus said as he stepped into the doorway. “Although, I’m seeing now, maybe I have. Even if I had nothing to do with the raising of him.”

He looked straight at me now. “I can still look at you, Trace. I had my suspicions from the start. It doesn’t change anything for me. I still want you here. Whether or not you stay is up to you. It’s always been up to you.”

“Why didn’t you ever try to find us?”

His eyes looked pained now. “I never knew about you, Trace. I did try to find her. Apparently the old man, whose name was not Grady by the way, hid her away before he kicked the bucket. If Hawk wasn’t so good at sniffing people out, I may not have found her now.”

“What do you mean his name wasn’t Grady?” I asked. “Mom said-”

“My name is Grady,” Icarus interrupted me. “So was my father, so technically she didn’t lie. Grady Evan Hartson. She named you after me.”

Now, go ahead and read the rest of Chapter 4(or the previous ones if you need to catch up). Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think as well.


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