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I got thrown off my routine the beginning of this week. Monday morning had to take both kids to the doctor to get official diagnosis of strep throat. They have to be on antibiotics for 24 hours before they go back to school and by the time we got home and they took the first dose, it was already noon. Which meant they had to stay home Tuesday as well. Of course, by then, they were feeling well enough to be fighting over the littlest things. *sigh*. They both went back to school today, though, so it’s back to the regular schedule. Of course, that’s only for 3 more weeks(+1 day), then they’ll be home for the summer. My routine will likely change then, though I’m still hoping to get my writing in before we head outside each day(and if not, I can at least get some writing done while we’re outside).

Anyway, it’s Wednesday again! Which means it’s time for another WiPPet Wednesday. As I promised last week, I have a snippet of In the Moonlight, which happens to be my NA ghost story. Writing it in 1st person, which doesn’t always come naturally to me. I started Nola’s 1st scene today and hoping her voice is different enough from Yasmin’s. Today’s snippet is from Chapter 1, Yasmin’s PoV. 16 sentences(5+11).

“I can’t believe it,” Dad said, not for the first time. “I can’t believe she didn’t leave anything to me. Why did we even have to be here if she didn’t leave us anything?”

They hadn’t had to be there. She hadn’t left them anything. She’d left it to me.

“I’m the oldest of the next generation,” he continued. “I should have at least gotten the house. I just don’t understand why she’d do this.”

Because she knew he’d never cared for the house. They’d had a driver drop me off and pick me back up each summer. I didn’t even know the last time he’d actually spoken to his aunt. Dad had always said it should just be sold. Even though it had been in the family for nearly two hundred years. Aunt Adriane had known that was the first thing he’d do.

But, now it belonged to me.

Within 1 scene, I really hated her father. Don’t care much for her mother, either. They are rather stuck up.

Now, on to my progress for the week so far:

  • Work 20 hours on writing/editing – 9 hours, 25 minutes
    • Carlos & Tereza – 650 words(+1427 for my story a day piece that was back story for this)
    • Break on Me – 122 words(+2070 for my story a day piece. Events that happened during, & mostly off the page, Love Who You Love)
    • In the Moonlight – 1579 words(+1046 for my story a day piece, some of which ended up in the WiP, but switched from Yasmin’s POV to Nola’s)
    • Guarding the Heart – reorganized chapters & started Scene Map
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 1500 words – nothing new
  • Goin’ Down – get to 1250 words – nothing new
  • Snow White Twist – get to 1000 words – nothing new
  • Read: Storyworld First – get to 50% – Up to 35%. Should get to 40% today, which will keep me on track.
  • Read: Summer Days(Susan Mallery), Trace of Fever(Lori Foster), Flowers on Main(Sheryll Woods), The Distance from A-Z(Natalie Blitt), Dead Wrong(Stacy Green), & Lower Education(A.M. Leibowitz) – I finished Summer Days(was ok), and Trace of Fever(enjoyed this one), and am 175 pages into Flowers on Main(liking it).
  • Knit: Entwined Fingerless Mitts – About halfway through the second mitt. Hoping to finish another pattern repeat(which is 8 rows) today.
  • Story a Day – Finish 8 stories – I’ve finished 4 of these, counting Sunday’s(which I am since I didn’t finish it until after my RoW80 check-in
    • Midas’ Daughter – this one has all new characters & is the longest one I’ve written for this(about 3750 words). Think of going over it later & submitting
    • New Start – some of Carlos’ back story
    • To Forget –  what happens after Gabriel invites Erik to move in with him. This may add more conflict & tension to Break on Me
    • Welcome Home – Yasmin getting to her great-aunt’s, now her, house.

Still a good bit of green going on there. Hopefully even less red by Sunday.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Off Routine" (6)

  1. We’ve been lucky enough to avoid strep throat (knocks wood). The worst issues we’ve had with our living kids have been pinkeye that was misdiagnosed badly enough to send us to the emergency room when Jeremiah was 2, and learning that Annalise is allergic to the pertussis vaccine when she was 6 months old.

    Other than that, scarcely even a fever. I’d like to think that we got all our medical emergencies, tragedies, et cetera, during the 12 days Elijah lived – but I’m also smart enough to know that it doesn’t really work that way…

    I hope the rest of the school year, and the transition to a summer schedule, go smoothly for you. On the plus side, the kids are a year older than they were last summer.

    With mine getting ready for their 12th and 15th birthdays this year (Waitwaitwait – HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!!???!!!), there are sometimes hours and hours where they don’t need me for anything. On Mother’s Day, I never saw Miah at all; we were on opposite schedules. I’m sure I had more writing time in fact before I had kids, but I certainly appreciate it more after all their younger and more consuming years.

    You managed a good deal of progress even with the unexpected sickness. Well done!

    • We’ve been fairly lucky. This is I think the 3rd time the girl’s had strep in 8 years. The boy’s second. The last time he had it, we didn’t even know until we took him in for a regular check-up, the doctor saw his tonsils were enlarged and did the test. And the girl’s had several ear infections, though nothing for the last few years. And she seems to have finally outgrown the croup. But, we went the whole winter with barely more than a cold.
      Thankfully the kids are pretty independent, they’ve really always been good at playing alone. Although, the girl seems to think her brother always has to be doing exactly what she wants, which leads to a lot of fights when he doesn’t want to. But, I can usually get a good bit done between breaking up those fights.

      • It can be hard for some kids to really grasp that other people are separate from them, that they have their own ideas, and that different ideas aren’t necessarily wrong.

        Our kids have friends like that; older sister with definite ideas on how her younger brother (or anyone else, really) should play, and a younger brother with his own ideas. It causes a lot of friction.

        My son used to do similar things to my daughter when they were both a few years younger than they are now. I spent a lot of time reminding him that she’d never been his age, and she wasn’t a boy, and, most importantly, she wasn’t him, or a toy for him to play with – she was herself, with her own interests, own preferences, and own personality.

        It took some time, but he pretty much gets it, at this point, and they have a much less stressful relationship now, except when she tries to direct his life…

        Having rooms of their own is a huge help in that regard.

        All I can say is hang in there, keep reminding her that he’s his own, and not hers, and, eventually, she’ll mature to the point where she can see it…which is harder, I think, when you’re the oldest, and no one’s ever done that to you so you get a taste of how it feels.

  2. Totally forgot to say that I quite enjoyed the snippet. I’ll be back to check out your #STaD offerings, at some point….

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m liking these two, even though I haven’t gotten too far yet and writing in 1st person isn’t quite natural for me.

      • I had a similar problem the first few times I tried first-person. It is good for some things, though…

        You handled it well, here. =)

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