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After it being rainy most of the week, it turned beautiful yesterday. Which was perfect for the first motorcycle ride of the season for us. It started in my hometown and went throughout the county and raised money for the Special Olympics. We cut off from the rest of the group early because we had to pick the kids up from my MIL(and stop to get the truck from home first, obviously) since she had plans for the night. Still we were on the bike for about 7 hours, so it was good.

He seems to think she's his pillow

He seems to think she’s his pillow

Probably not doing much today. We talked about going out for breakfast or lunch, but I imagine everyone else will be doing the same, so I’d almost rather just stay home.

Boy's mother's day thing for me

Boy’s mother’s day thing for me

It was a pretty decent week for me. Words did slow down in the second half, though. Still I got some words down, so I’ll count it as progress.

  • Write/edit 20 hours – 17 hours, 40 minutes. Not quite to my target goal, but not too bad.
    • Break on Me – 3206 words
    • In the Moonlight – 2657 words
    • Protecting the Heart – 2907 words
    • Ready When You Are – 1535 words
    • Paint Me a Picture – 1623 words
    • Guarding the Heart – finished filling in details. Added over 110 words. Don’t have an exact number b/c I forgot to check on Friday before I closed Scrivener.
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 1250 words – 1268 words. Also did a Story a Day that will likely occur later in this story.
  • Goin’ Down – get to 1000 words – 1057 words
  • Snow White Twist – get to 750 words – 956 words
  • Read: Storyworld First – 25% – got to this point
  • Read: Liberty(Lindsay Buroker), Level Up(Cathy Yardley), Sunset Park(Santino Hassell), This Song is Not for You(Laura Nowlin), Stolen Songbird(Danielle L Jensen), Wreck of the Nebula Dream(Veronica Scott), & The Abyss Surrounds Us(Emily Skrutskie) – Loved Liberty, really enjoyed Level Up, Sunset Park and This Song is Not for You. Enjoyed Stolen Songbird and Wreck of the Nebula Dream. And really loved The Abyss Surrounds Us. I also started Summer Days(Susan Mallery).
  • Knit: Entwined Fingerless Gloves – I got the first of these finished, and the second started.
  • Story a Day – Write 7 stories – I’ve finished 6, and have the 7th started.
    • Every Sunday  – From Break on Me. Conversation between Gabriel and Erik
    • Selling – From in the Moonlight – 100 word story
    • Do Something – From Protecting the Heart – Eva determined to help herself
    • Face It – From Ready When You Are – Kelan has conversation with his young step-niece
    • Stay Away – From Paint Me a Picture – Rylan has confrontation with Kirsten’s ex.
    • It’s Apparent – will come later in Dance with the Devil – conversation between Hawk & Devil. Also some hints to what’s between them.
    • Midas’ Daughter – currently in progress & doesn’t involve any previous characters/stories.

All green and blue for the week! Woohoo!!! Now, goals for next week:

  • Work 20 hours on writing/editing
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 1500 words
  • Goin’ Down – get to 1250 words
  • Snow White Twist – get to 1000 words
  • Read: Storyworld First – get to 50%
  • Read: Summer Days(Susan Mallery), Trace of Fever(Lori Foster), Flowers on Main(Sheryll Woods), The Distance from A-Z(Natalie Blitt), Dead Wrong(Stacy Green), & Lower Education(A.M. Leibowitz)
  • Knit: Entwined Fingerless Mitts
  • Story a Day – Finish 8 stories


Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Rolling Along" (4)

  1. Wow, lots of progress there! Congrats!

    I think it’s cool that you’re using your WIPs for your SAD stories. A good way to participate and make progress on them!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m really enjoying writing them. Yesterday’s was really fun. Today’s was more of back story instead of something I can use in the WiP, but it still helps me get more in the character’s head.

  2. Good for you. What great progress. Here’s to next week being as productive!

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