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It’s time for another Stream of Consciousness Saturday. It’s also Day 7 of Story a Day, so I decided to combine them. Today’s prompt for SOCS was “apparent/a parent” and the prompt for Story a Day was to write a dialogue-only story. This takes place between Devil and Hawk somewhere in the future of Dance with the Devil.

“It’s apparent you don’t know how to listen.”

“I just-”

“You just did the exact opposite of what you were told. You’ve been making a habit of that lately, Devil.”

“Shove it, Hawk. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Get back here. And I do know. I’ve known you a long time. Longer than any of them. Better than any of them.”

“Don’t. Just don’t, Hawk.”

“I didn’t anything. I was just sayin'”

“Well, stop saying. Those days are over. I thought you were supposed to be out here lecturing me.”

“I am, but maybe it’s not what I want to be doing.”

“I told you-”

“Yeah, I know. You don’t do that anymore. And it’s not what I meant. Just saying I don’t completely disagree with you. But, we were told to keep our distance. Which means you don’t go up and confront one of them. You keep walking right on the edge, and you’re going to end up falling over one of these days.”

“Thought you said you’d always catch me.”

“I’d do just that if you weren’t always running from me.”

“I…you know what? It doesn’t matter. They kicking me?”

“No. You keep pushing, and that’s what will happen, though. Just…let up a bit, will you?”

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.”

“Guess that has to be good enough. Come on, let’s go inside.”

So, just what is between these two? And what brought this argument about? Will they resolve it?

You can find my other Story a Day pieces here. And if you come back to the blog later today, there’ll be another snippet from Devil’s story.

Comments on: "SOCS/Story a Day: Day 7 – “It’s Apparent”" (4)

  1. […] yes, Devil has some colorful sayings. Which is why I’m enjoying writing him so much. I wrote another piece earlier today, that will take place sometime later in this story. Also, if you want to read the […]

  2. […] It’s Apparent – will come later in Dance with the Devil – conversation between Hawk & Devil. Also some hints to what’s between them. […]

  3. Nicely done, Fallon. 🙂

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