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This is turning out to be a pretty good week for the writing. And reading. I started two new WiPs so far and both are off to a good start. I didn’t realize until I was getting ready to start the second that it was going to be written in first person. The last time I attempted this(East of Abilene) it didn’t turn out too well. But, this is the first time I’ll be attempting a dual POV in 1st person. I do that all the time in 3rd, so I’m hoping the switch to 1st won’t be too difficult. I’ve only written the first chapter, which s all from Yasmin’s POV. I’ll be switching to Nola’s when I pick this back up again next week. But, so far I’m really enjoying it. And I should be working on it next Wednesday, which means you’ll get to see a snippet of it then.

Speaking of, it’s time to share a snippet of what I’m working on for WiPPet Wednesday!! WOOHOO!!! And today that would be Protecting the Heart. This is book 2 in my BC Security series, Declan’s story. I actually wrote this as part of today’s Story a Day entry(I’ll include the link to that below so you can read the whole thing if you want), but it was in 1st person(today’s prompt), so I rewrote it to fit in with the rest of the story. 9 paragraphs(5+4) for today.

She heard footsteps on the stairs and took a deep breath, hoping it would help steady her. Or at least let her look like she was steadied. Declan had seen her at her weakest, and she didn’t need him to think of her like that right now. Not if she was going to do this. She turned from the counter and saw him standing in the doorway, studying her.

“Your friend left?” she asked.

“Yeah. What did you need to talk to me about, Eva?”

He took a couple steps toward her with the question, and she felt her nerves dance just under my skin. It had been like that every time he looked at her ever since the other night. What was wrong with her? This attraction had to be all one-sided. There was no way he thought about her like that. But, she wasn’t afraid of him. That wasn’t what these nerves were about.

“I want to do something,” she told him.

“Okay. What? You need to go somewhere? I can take you.”

She shook her head. “That’s not what I meant. I want to do something about Doug, to stop him.”

His whole stance changed at those words. “You don’t need to do that. I told you I’d take care of you. That I would keep you safe.”

“But, I can’t just sit around knowing he’s still out there. I have to do something, Declan. I don’t want to be this damsel in distress. Not again.”

Their story is starting to come together for me now. Hopefully that will continue.

As for my progress for this week:

  • Write/edit 20 hours – 9 hours, 50 minutes. 8824 words so far this week.
    • Break on Me – 3206 words
    • In the Moonlight – 2657 words
    • Protecting the Heart – 2907 words
    • Guarding the Heart – Filled in details through Chapter 16. Added 54 words.
  • Dance with the Devil get to 1250 words – got to 1268 words on Monday.
  • Goin’ Down – get to 1000 words – Got to 957 words yesterday. Should be able to meet this goal today if I get everything else done.
  • Snow White Twist – get to 750 words – haven’t gotten to this one yet this week.
  • Read: Storyworld First – 25% – at 10%. On track for this one.
  • Read: Liberty(Lindsay Buroker), Level Up(Cathy Yardley), Sunset Park(Santino Hassell), This Song is Not for You(Laura Nowlin), Stolen Songbird(Danielle L Jensen), Wreck of the Nebula Dream(Veronica Scott), & The Abyss Surrounds Us(Emily Skrutskie) – Finished Liberty(loved this), Level Up(this was a really fun one), Sunset Park(loved it), and This Song is Not for You(really enjoyed this one too). Just started Stolen Songbird this morning. Have only read the first chapter so far.
  • Knit: Entwined Fingerless Gloves – Got the first of these started. Making good progress on it.
  • Story a Day – Write 7 stories – 3/7 stories
    • Broken Promise – This was Sunday’s but including with this week’s because I noticed on Monday that the comment box wasn’t showing up.
    • Every Sunday – this ended up being the beginning of Break on Me
    • Selling – This comes close to the beginning of In the Moonlight
    • Do Something – This became part of Chapter 9 of Protecting the Heart

A lot of blue and green so far this week. Hoping more of the red turn to green and green to blue by the end of the week.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: On a Roll" (15)

  1. Who does like being the damsel in distress!! I’m with Eva, do something lol

    I love the way you write, Fallon. it’s always beautiful.

  2. I like that she wants to take care of herself. I hope he wants to help her take care of herself. 🙂

    • Thanks. And yes, he definitely wants to help. In fact, the next line is him telling her she got herself out of the situation the last time, he only helped her put more distance between it.

  3. Good progress… Mostly green-light all systems go there!

    I’m With AJ–who wants to be the damsel in distress? There is something life-affirming about being in control of one’s own fate.

    And… not to be a nit-picker because you’d probably notice it in edits, but you made a minor POV error here:

    He took a couple steps toward her with the question, and she felt her nerves dance just under my skin.

    • Thanks. It was a pretty good start to the week, though it did slow down a bit yesterday.
      And thanks for pointing out the error. The problem with trying to rewrite 1st into 3rd, I don’t always catch those. I’ll have to go back in and fix that.

      • No problem. I miss some of the most obvious errors when I look at my own work too. Having a second set of eyes really helps.

  4. Cheers for you for all the progress; hear, hear for the red to green and green to blueing!

    Looking forward to getting around to read your A-Z AND #STaD entries!

  5. This snippet has given me a connect to your story. I saw her struggles with her own growing feelings toward Declan and her fear of Doug.
    Wishing you luck in writing in the first person as well as on your dual POV.
    Shalom Aleichem,

  6. good progress there – with you on both the damsel in distress bit – and changing POV having started my WIP in 3rd then changing 70,000 words to 1st this round of edits am still finding the trip ups – ’tis hard to find them all:)

  7. I’m with the others—no one wants to be the damsel in distress. Sounds like she’s pretty capable, though.

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