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WeWriWa: “Just Go”

Welcome back for another edition of Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. Today, I’m sharing something new. Like I mentioned last week, I just started writing the third book in my Riders of Justice series. I also have some news on the first book, which I’ll share after the snippet. For now, here’s the first 10 sentences of Dance with the Devil.

I rested both feet on the ground on each side of my bike while I waited for the light to change. I just wanted to go. But, of course, we still had to follow all the rules of the road. And I didn’t really want to be flattened, or have my bike that way, so I held back the urge to twist the throttle and let go.

It wasn’t easy, though.

There was so much going on lately, and my head was full of chaotic thoughts. I usually didn’t stop long enough to let any of them take root, but they were now. God, I needed to go. Just go, as fast and as far as I could. But, Icarus and Bull were expecting us back within the hour, so I couldn’t even do that.

Oh, Devil. Some of those chaotic thoughts will be coming out as we go along. I’ll probably share some of them with the next lines next week.

As for that news I mentioned above. I finally put together a cover and put Into the Sun up on Wattpad. The first chapter is available, and I’ll be putting a new one up each Friday. So, if you want to read from the beginning, you can check it out.

Comments on: "WeWriWa: “Just Go”" (15)

  1. Excellent snippet, Fallon. I could feel the push-pull like it was in my own body!

  2. Oh yeah, I’ve felt that way. With me, my in the wind is with the top down and the radio cranked. 🙂

    Wonder what those crazy thoughts are… Good snippet. 🙂

  3. “Just go” sounds like a good idea, sometimes it’s better that to do what other people expects. I wish I knew what he is thinking about to make him want to escape so much.

  4. The push to leave troubles behind and race away. You’ve caught it. Great snippet!

  5. You really made me feel this. Great snippet.

  6. I like this little moment of time for the character and the conflicting feelings they were grappling with. Excellent excerpt.

  7. I can just picture him gunning the motor and zipping away from the stop light like a bat out of Hades.

  8. Excellent snippet. I don’t ride at all but I did feel I was there. 🙂

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