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Last weekend it was snowing. This weekend it’s about 70 degrees(F). And in between that time, my sinuses have been seriously acting up. Last night we had the fire department’s awards banquet. It was good, especially since they had it catered this year, so my husband didn’t have to spend all day cooking and still not be able to enjoy the banquet because he had to worry about making sure there was food out. This time he was able to actually sit down and eat. And MIL kept the kids at her house last night, so we were able to sleep in. until 7! That is a major accomplishment in this house.

I’m getting back to focusing this week. Working on one plotting/drafting project for 3 hours a day then on editing for 1 hour. And I just had to put my Surface back in the house because it got overheated. Continuing on my little tablet. I’ll be working on a different project each day. I’m thinking this will work better. But we’ll see. And I had to come back inside because the tablet didn’t want to copy and paste my list correctly. Plus I don’t have any of my word counts on it.

  • Plot, write, edit 25 hours – wrote about 13/25 hours. A lot less than I’d planned.
    • Protecting the Heart – 2176 words
    • Ready When You Are – 1937 words
    • Paint Me a Picture  – 1154 words
    • Carlos & Tereza – 4349 words
    • Break on Me – finished back stories(about 500 words) and almost finished plot summary.
    • In the Moonlight – finished one back story(about 500 words)  just over a page written on the next one.
  • Come Back Down – Read Through – didn’t do. Think I’m going to set aside for a little bit(at least through this month and maybe next) and start drafting the next one in the series(titled: Dance with the Devil – since it’s Devil’s story).
  • Goin’ Down(short story) – write 1/2 – nope
  • Read: Conflict & Suspense – get to 55% – got to this point.
  • Read: It Had to be You(Jill Shalvis), The Chocolate Rose(Laura Florand), Passing on Faith(A.M. Leibowitz), King(T.M. Frazier), Any Given Christmas(Candis Terry), & Rocks and Gravel(Catie Rhodes) – Finished Passing on Faith(LOVED it), set aside King(when there’s too much of the f-word even for me, there’s a problem. I had other issues with it as well), finished Any Given Christmas(enjoyed, though I had some issues with it), and finished Rocks and Gravel(enjoyed). Yesterday I read about half of Just For This Moment(Kait Nolan) which I’m really enjoying. Hoping to finish it today.
  • Knit: Entwined – nope. Setting this aside until I get the needles I need(I did have them but can’t seem to locate)
  • A-Z Challenge – Draft & Revise O,P,Q,R,S,T – these are all scheduled to go up next week.

More red than I’d like, but I guess the blue evens it out.

  • Plot, draft, edit 20 hours
  • Dance with the Devil – 250 words
  • Goin’ Down – 500 words(it’s currently at 400)
  • Read: Conflict & Suspense – get to 80%
  • Read: Finish Just For this Moment(Kait Nolan), Obsession in Death(J.D. Robb), Slamdunked by Love(Jamie Wesley), Best Man for Hire(Tawna Fenske), Casting Shadows(Amanda DeWees), Anthem(A.M. Leibowitz), & Forbidden Witches(S.M. Reine)
  • Crochet: Twisty Cabled Beanie
  • A-Z Challenge – Draft & Revise U,V,W,X,Y,Z





Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Warm Again" (7)

  1. You did very well despite the red!

    I’ve read Forbidden Witches by SM Reine. It is awesome!

    • Thanks. I’m always good at telling others that any progress is good. Yet, I tend to be more critical when I look at my own.
      I’ve liked everything else I’ve read by her, so looking forward to it.

  2. Sometimes the red shows up because things just can’t happen at this specific time. I can tell I won’t be reading King either (dunno… the f-word doesn’t so much offend me, but it starts to feel… tired and meaningless; it’s the same reason when my husband was watch Deadwood years ago on HBO, I would leave the room… there had to something more interesting to listen to, like maybe static ;-), than the same word over-and-over-and…)

    Have you tried shop-vaccing out your Surface? Both my husband’s work Dell and my old Toshiba have overheating issues, and we’ve found that blasting the vents with a jet of air from a shop-vac works wonders. A very (very) quick blast… otherwise you can ruin your fan… no more than a second or two. But my laptop is 10 years old now, so it can help a lot.

    • Yeah, the word on its own doesn’t bother me, and if that was the only thing, I probably would have continued reading. But, I have too many books to read to spend too much time on ones I’m not enjoying, for whatever reason.
      This is the first time I’ve had problems with it. And I think it was because the sun was hitting right on it. We don’t really have any natural source of shade on the porch or yard. But, I did dig the porch umbrella out of our shed and got that set up. After that it worked fine outside.

      • Good to know the Surface is happy now; and you’re so right… life is too short to spend on books you aren’t enjoying. Best!

  3. All those writing projects are making great headway! What a lovely treat for you and your husband. All the best this week,

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