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This week didn’t start out too great. Woke up Monday morning with a splitting headache over my left eye. Headaches aren’t really a rare thing for me, but this one made me not even want to look at the computer. I still wanted to get my words done, though. And thankfully the first things up on my list for the day were plotting. Which I do in my notebooks. Also, I kept myself to only half an hour(or even less) on each project. I had everything pretty much done by lunch time then. Although my word count was low. Then, I spent most of the afternoon just reading. I was able to finish one book and start another. So, I’ve actually been ahead on my reading this week.

Tuesday was a lot better. No headache and about 4.5x as many words. And once again, I was done with my words by lunch time, so I got a lot of reading in. Today’s word count seems to be falling between the two. And that’s okay. I’m still making progress on all my projects.

And since it’s Wednesday, time for another snippet. Sharing a little more from Carlos & Tereza’s story. I have 4 paragraphs today(1+3). Carlos is trying to figure out the kind of trouble his brother’s in, and his brother isn’t exactly grateful for the offer of help(even though he asked for it).

He turned and started away, but his brother’s voice stopped him. “You can try to cover it up all you want, Car, with your fancy shirts and nice language. But, you aren’t any better than me. We came from the same place, and we’ll both be going to the same place when we die.”

Carlos kept his shoulders straight as he started walking again. “Never tried to deny any of that,” he murmured.

Toby followed behind him, and Carlos had to rub his hands on his pants. “Sorry for the things he said about you,” he told the detective. “I know you’re not still-”

“Forget it,” Toby said, making a quick slashing motion with is hand. “His words aren’t yours, and it doesn’t matter. He’s in trouble, Carlos. He doesn’t seem to realize how much.”

Yeah, he’s definitely in some trouble. But, is Carlos going to be able to get him out of it?

Now for the progress I’ve made so far this week:

  • Plot, write, edit 25 hours – 7/25 hours. A little less than I’d like. But, still making forward progress.
    • Break on Me – 535 words, finishing up back stories
    • In the Moonlight – 496 words of back story
    • Paint Me a Picture – 1154 words
    • Ready When You Are – 1655 words
    • Protecting the Heart -932 words
    • Carlos & Tereza – 2103 words
    • Healing the Heart – 13 words(waiting on email from CP to get back to this)
  • Come Back Down – Read Through
  • Goin’ Down(short story) – write 1/2 hour(may not get to this as we have Fire Department awards banquet Saturday night & will be recovering Sunday).
  • Read: Conflict & Suspense – get to 55% – 40% through this
  • Read: It Had to be You(Jill Shalvis), The Chocolate Rose(Laura Florand), Passing on Faith(A.M. Leibowitz), King(T.M. Frazier), Any Given Christmas(Candis Terry), & Rocks and Gravel(Catie Rhodes) – Finished It Had to be You(really enjoyed) and The Chocolate Rose(loved this…seriously who knew making desserts would be open to so many sexual innuendos. lol). 25% through Passing on Faith and loving it.
  • Knit: Entwined – still haven’t touched this. Don’t have the right size needles(well, I do but I need a set of 4 double-point needles, and I can only find 3 of them).
  • A-Z Challenge – Draft & Revise O,P,Q,R,S,T – O,P, & Q are drafted. R is at least half drafted(and already over 900 words. This might be a long one). I want to get all of these drafted & at least O revised before the weekend, since I won’t have much time to work on them then). And since I forgot to list them Sunday, here’s the second half of last week’s post:
  • And this week’s so far:

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Rough Start" (11)

  1. Even your rough starts are great, Fallon! Hope you are headache free for the rest of the week (I get the behind the eye ones too, and they are NO FUN!) and that your weekend is wonderful! =)

    Liking Carlos more and more. And Toby seems pretty wise, too.

    Boldly Going Through the Alphabet!
    Part-Time Minion for Holton’s Heroes
    shanjeniah’s Lovely Chaos

  2. Sounds like not only trouble but as though they have some things between them they need to deal with.

  3. Oh, the lovely paradoxes of people who want help but then refuse to take what you offer. 😛 (Noooot that I can say much, myself. In my defense, I try to be specific about the kind of help I want.)

    I’m sorry about your headache. :-/ I’m also amazed you got as much done as you did. If I’m hurting too much to look at a screen, it usually means I’m out for the day.

    • Yeah, and it’s not the first time Carlos has tried to help and Brent hasn’t been grateful about it.
      Thanks. There were some projects I only put in ~10 minutes on. But, I seem to be incapable of taking a break even when it would be better if I did.

  4. I like to plot and brainstorm in hard copy too — seems so much freer somehow!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better, and congrats on all your progress. Intriguing snippet!

  5. Hope the headache has gone. I don’t get them too often, but they plague other of my family members. Migraines, especially.

    Wow, lots of emotion in this line “We came from the same place, and we’ll both be going to the same place when we die.”” Nice.

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