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Alex stepped out of the truck, pushing the hat back on his head. He’d been hoping to get back to the ranch sometime, but this hadn’t quite been the circumstances he’d wanted. “Man, I’m sorry-”

Alex held his hand up to stop the man who had picked him up from the airport. “You’ve already said it, Bryan. None of it is your fault, either. You don’t have to say it again.”

“I’m still sorry, whether you feel I need to be or not.”

Alex nodded his acknowledgment of that. “I was surprised to see you at the airport. You on leave still?”

Bryan sent him a sideways glance as they headed for the porch. “I’m out. I thought your…someone would have told you.”

Pain lanced through his chest at Bryan’s quick correction. “It’s okay, you can say it. You don’t need to walk on eggshells around me.” He was a damn Marine. If he couldn’t even handle someone mentioning his parents’ deaths, he certainly shouldn’t be trusted to carry out his duties. “And what do you mean you’re out? I thought you were going career.”

He gave a little shrug. “Mom and Sarah needed me here more than the Rangers did. I chose not to re-enlist after Dad died. It’s only been a few months, and your dad…” This time he could sense Bryan’s own grief in the way he trailed off. “He offered me a job here again. He let Mom and Sarah stay in the cabin even after Dad’s funeral, so I figured it was as good a place as any.”

“I didn’t realize. I mean, I knew about your father. I sent my condolences. But, no one told me you got out.”

“You’ve been a bit busy the last few months,” Bryan said wryly. “I imagine your folks had more important things to discuss when they could actually get through to you than their newest ranch hand.”

That didn’t feel right. “You’re more than that. You’ve been here since I was twelve. I thought of you as a big brother, or at least my friend.”

Bryan just gave a little shrug as if he wasn’t quite comfortable with that sentiment. “What about you? You going to stay in after this?”

“I just started my second term. I can’t just leave. And my sister’s been on her own for years. She doesn’t need me to take care of her. I can leave the ranch in the hands of the ranch’s foreman. I can’t just leave my brothers, though, not for longer than it takes to get things settled here.”

The door swung open before Bryan could respond to that. “I was wondering if you boys were ever going to get in here.”

Alex’s breath caught at the woman who stood in the doorway. Her brown hair  fell in a straight line, and there was a brightness in her green eyes that he found it hard to look away from. This couldn’t be–

“Sarah,” Bryan said. “Now’s not the time to be a brat. Alex just got home, and he has some decisions to make.”

She turned her smile on Alex. “Come on inside. I’ve been talking to your sister. We’ll do whatever we can to help.”

God. He’d come home to bury his parents, and he was lusting after Bryan’s baby sister. This was not good. Not good at all.


Alex is a side character from my BC Security series. He’s he business partner of Casey Brannigan, the main character in the first book. They also served together in the Marine Corps. By the time that story happens, they’re both out of the Corps, have started their business, and Alex and Sarah are married with a daughter. But, this is how they met.


Comments on: "A-Z Challenge: A is for Alex Connelly" (10)

  1. I really enjoyed reading this first part of your story. Is this story already a book? I’d love to read it.
    Great start.
    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

    • Thanks. This is just a small snapshot of this character’s back story. He’s a rather large side character in my BC Security series. I have the first book drafted but not revised yet. You’ll see him again in my ‘C’ post, though

  2. Neat approach to the challenge. I like the idea of a short backstory of an established character. Great idea!

    Cheers – Ellen | http://thecynicalsailor.blogspot.com/2016/04/a-is-for-anchor-nancy-drew-investigates.html

  3. That is an interesting way to do the challenge, and it started out really well. I’ll be waiting to see more.

  4. Nice start! And I like the idea of writing a serial story for this challenge. Be interested to see how it (the story and the challenge) progress.

    • Thanks. It’s not really a serial, though. Each one will be a different character(only X & U are the same one) from 4 different series. You will see Alex again in at least 1 other one. But, these are just 1(or 2) moments from their back story. Though, the serial idea is something to consider for next time.

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