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I’m actually writing this up on Saturday night as we have a busy Sunday planned. So, I figured I’d get ahead on things. It’s been a pretty good week. Actually pretty excellent. Particularly where the writing’s concerned. I fell behind on the crafting and reading goals, though. But, I’m starting to catch up on both of those.

Since I forgot to share my new journal and pens earlier in the week...here they are!

Since I forgot to share my new journal and pens earlier in the week…here they are!

Inside of the journal

Inside of the journal

Yesterday, we went up and got my husband’s new truck. He gets a monthly stipend for his vehicle payment, since he uses it for work. But, they hold it back over the winter when he’s laid off then gets all that at once when he starts back. So, we used that and some other to put down on the new truck. The other one he had wasn’t quite cut out for everything he needs to do. Anyway, we got that, and I wrote 630 words on Love Who You Love on my phone on the way there. Then, we all(except the husband) got hair cuts. I went pretty short, for me. It still feels a little weird(but good) to have all that hair off my neck. It had been down past my shoulders.


Now, as for my progress this week. It wasn’t quite what I’d planned on. Thursday I was going t work my hour on Love Who You Love then move on to something else. But, Susan and Kendall kind of took over my brain. And I ended up working over 4 hours on them. So, I came up with a new plan for working on projects. I’m starting with the one closest to being finished(right now that would be Love Who You Love) and working on it until the words stop, then move on to the next one, up to 4 hours. Then, I’ll switch to edits. This could mean one day I only work on one story one day, but4 or all 5 another day. Once I finish one of the stories, the next in that story gets added to the list, but at the bottom.

But, as for how I actually did this week:

  • Work 20 hours on writing projects – 19 hours, 20 minutes. Probably would have hit this if we hadn’t done so much running around yesterday. But, still, I got pretty close.
    • Protecting the Heart – 3545 words
    • Ready When You Are – 2783 words
    • Paint Me a Picture – 4106 words
    • Love Who You Love – 8489 words(told you they took over on Thursday)
    • By the Gun – 627 words(I’m once again considering shelving this one)
  • Edit 5 hours – Only got 2 hours in on this. I’m up 6 words currently(Cut out 46 one day & added 40 the next) on Healing the Heart.
  • Come Back Down – 1 hour – 45 minutes as of Saturday night. 15 minutes Sunday morning. Added 656 words so far.
  • Read: Description & Setting – Still have about 10% to go. I’ll probably have it finished fairly quickly.
  • Read: Finish 99 Days(Katie Cotugno), Festive in Death(J.D. Robb), The Vixen and the Vet(Katy Regnery), Frisco’s Kid(Suzanne Brockman), Once Upon a Setup(Kait Nolan), My Last(Melanie Shawn), Protect and Serve(various), & Lies We Live(Brenda St John Brown) – I finally finished reading Festive in Death last night(not even close to my favorite of the series. I hope I like the next one better). And I started reading The Vixen and the Vet Saturday morning. About 40% through, but feels like it’s missing something.
  • Crochet: Half and Half Slouch Hat – I made a lot of progress on this Saturday. Almost caught up to where I wanted to be.
  • A-Z Challenge – draft posts as I have time – I have through (G) drafted. I got some of (H) done last night. I have to go back and look at a certain scene in Guarding the Heart(this one is one of the events in that but from a different character’s POV). And  have that on my other computer. Once I finish that, I’m going to get the Week 1 posts(A & B) revised and scheduled. I think once I get the Week 3 posts done, I’ll come back and revise the Week 2 posts.

Not too much blue this week, but not bad considering the kids were home for most of it so my routine was a little off. Plus trying to figure out the best routine/schedule for me. Now, RoW80 is on break next week, but I don’t really believe in taking breaks from my writing(I might take a day off, or most of a day, but I get really cranky if I don’t write for too long). Plus, writing down weekly goals here really helps with keeping me on track.

  • Work 20 hours on writing projects
  • Edit 5 hours
  • Come Back Down – work 1 hour
  • Row80 Sponsor Post – Brainstorm & draft
  • Read: Description & Setting
  • Read: The Vixen and the Vet(Katy Regnery), Frisco’s Kid(Suzanne Brockman), Once Upon a Setup(Kait Nolan), My Last(Melanie Shawn), Protect and Serve(various), Lies We Live(Brenda St John Brown), Nowhere But Here(Katie McGarry), Scandalous(R.G. Alexander), Legal Heat(Sarah Castille), Love on the Ledge(Zoraida Cordova), & Kiss Kill Vanish(Jessica Martinez): may not get to all of these(probably won’t), but that’s what’s left for the month.
  • Crochet: Half and Half Slouch Hat
  • A-Z Challenge – Draft & Revise posts as I have time

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