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Yeah, yeah. I seem to do this every few weeks or months. But, Monday, when I was supposed to be working on By the Gun, I was really struggling. The words just weren’t coming. And instead, I really wanted to be working on Love Who You Love. And Ready When You Are. And Protecting the Heart. And Paint Me a Picture. Noticing a trend there? So, I decided I’d work on each for an hour a day. But, then, among doing chores and everything else, I didn’t have time to get to my editing. So, yesterday, I decided I’d pick 4 out of the 5 to work on then an hour of editing. That worked a lot better yesterday, though there were still a few things I didn’t get to. Still working on figuring out the best routine.

Then, today starts the kids’ Easter vacation. So, that may throw a wrench in my new routine. But, I’m working on being flexible(mentally. That’s never going to happen physically). As long as they don’t start back up with last night’s fights(playing together then suddenly “Get out of my room! I don’t want you in here!” and “I don’t like you anymore!” And 2 minutes later, “Come into my room!”) It will be a long 6 days if they keep this up.

I’ve been using my husband’s old Microsoft Surface for a couple weeks now. For the most part, I like it. Except for the fact I can’t get Scrivener on it. So, I’ve been using Word and OneNote(for the two that hadn’t already been outlined. I found I like it’s set-up, though not as much as I like Scrivener). I tried another program, but I didn’t really care for it too much(especially the fact it didn’t keep any of my formatting). Also the keyboard. It has the little keyboard cover, but the keys are only slightly raised. And I’m constantly missing letters and spaces. So, I decided to try plugging in the adapter for the wireless keyboard we have. And it works so much better. I’ll still use the other one when I take it somewhere, and probably even when I’m on the couch with it. But, when I’m at the desk, this works a lot better.

I know last week I said I’d be sharing from Protecting the Heart today. But, then I switched things around. And I’m still working on today’s words for Love Who You Love, so guess what you get some more of today. 🙂  I have 8 paragraphs(3+2+3). This is the day after last week’s snippet.

Susan groaned as her phone started playing one of the most annoying tunes she could come up with. Kendall rolled over with a little growl. “What in all that’s holy is that sound?”

Susan let out a little laugh at the irony in that statement. “My alarm to get up for church.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me,” Kendall said with another groan, dropping her head back onto the pillow.

“You know I go most Sundays with my family.”

“I didn’t know you’d be going today. What? Do you think you have to confess our sins?”

Susan thought Kendall was joking, or at least she hoped she was. Still, she shoved her shoulder and started to climb from the bed. “Just so you know,” she said, glancing back at Kendall, “I don’t consider anything we’ve done these last few days a sin. You shouldn’t either.”

Kendall snagged her wrist before she could fully get off the bed. “I don’t,” she said, her gaze catching on Susan’s, holding it. “I’m sorry for that. I just have a hard time with it. I have since Mom died.”

Susan sighed, letting herself sink back onto the bed. She knew that. And that Kendall’s dad hadn’t pushed them to church after that. Before it had been her mom taking them. Susan imagined it had been hard for all of them. “Which is why I’ve never asked you to go with me. You could if you wanted to, though. Or meet me at Mom and Dad’s after like you usually do.”

Dealing with some messy emotional/relationship stuff in today’s writing. Hoping to have that smoother soon, though they’ll still face some issues from outside forces before the end.

Now, for more detailed report of how things have been going so far this week:

  • Work 20 hours on writing projects – 10 hours, 20 minutes/20 hours. Still have 2 more to work on drafting today, so that will be higher. Have written 10,214 words so far this week.
    • Protecting the Heart – 3363 words
    • Ready When You Are – 1995 words
    • Paint Me a Picture – 1668 words
    • Love Who You Love – 2684 words
    • By the Gun – 504 words
  • Edit 5 hours – 1 hour so far. Worked through 7/34 chapters of CP’s comments on Healing the Heart.
  • Come Back Down – 1 hour
  • Read: Description & Setting – About 80% through this.
  • Read: Finish 99 Days(Katie Cotugno), Festive in Death(J.D. Robb), The Vixen and the Vet(Katy Regnery), Frisco’s Kid(Suzanne Brockman), Once Upon a Setup(Kait Nolan), My Last(Melanie Shawn), Protect and Serve(various), & Lies We Live(Brenda St John Brown) – I finished 99 Days(which I really enjoyed), but am only less than 100 pages into Festive in Death. Part of that is because I got caught up in doing my A-Z posts last night and it cut into my reading time.
  • Crochet: Half and Half Slouch Hat – Making progress on this.
  • A-Z Challenge – draft posts as I have time – Yesterday I finished (D) and wrote all of (E)…which is the one that sucked me in and cut into my reading time. I also posted my theme reveal so you can check that out if you want to see what I’m doing next month.

The week is going pretty well, especially now that I’ve changed up my routine again. Also beta-reading a short story in there. Going to wrap this up so I can get everything else done and get to that.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Changing Routine" (9)

  1. I adore these two. This is such a great bit of tension between them, with lots of complicated emotions. (Obviously I’m glad you decided to share from this one today!) Also, now I wonder what exactly Susan’s ringtone was. LOL!

  2. […] 1 of RoW80 today. Which means it’s time to look back at how I did for the round. I had my mid-week check-in yesterday, so you can read that if you want to see how I did for the first half of this week. I’ll […]

  3. Go you!!

  4. I really enjoy the dynamic between these two, and the complicated emotions they’re trying to work through.

  5. I love the dialogue here. And I must confess I have the most annoying ringtone for an alarm too.

    I’ve often thought about how to manage all the projects I have. I really like your idea, do you mind if I borrow it?

    • Thanks. My husband used to have the PASS alarm(for when firefighters go down) as his waking up alarm. Now, that’s an annoying sound.
      I don’t mind at all. I’m always shifting and adjusting the way I do things.

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