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This has been a pretty good week. A lot of writing, a good amount of reading, and even finished another knitting project.

Also, I got a new planner and pens yesterday. That always makes for a good week. 🙂

Can’t think of a whole lot else to report on for this week, so we’ll get right into the goals.

  • Work 20 hours on drafting – 19 hours, 20 minutes/20 hours. Came really close to this one, but Friday I felt drained and only got in 3 hours. I did write 18,600 words during the week, though.
    • Protecting the Heart – 4026
    • Paint Me a Picture – 4746
    • Love Who You Love – 4155
    • Ready When You Are – 3030
    • By the Gun – 2643
  • Work 5 hours on editing – close to 6 hours. Finished polishing up Stained by Ashes. Now just to get it out to betas.
  • Come Back Down – work 1 hour over weekend – got about 1.25 hours in. Added 1104 words. Should have this finished soon, by the end of the month, I hope.
  • Read: Description & setting – 70% – got this far into it. There was one part that really bothered me. When talking about what readers of different genres expect with descriptions. Apparently romance readers are all about clothing/jewelry/fashion-type stuff description. Um, yeah, not so much. I skim anything more than a sentence or 2 that’s description of clothing, particularly f it includes name brands. Maybe I’m in the minority, but it was written like it’s a given all romance readers want that. And the examples he gave were all from older romances. Maybe I’m wrong, but when I’m reading romances(and writing them), I’m a lot more interested in the emotions than anything else.
  • Read: The Scorpion Rules(Erin Bow), Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda(Becky Albertalli), Defiance(C.J. Redwine), Chance of Rain(Amber Lin), Slow Heat(Jill Shalvis), Winter’s Burn(Elena Aitken), 99 Days(Katie Cotugno), & Festive in Death(J.D. Robb) – Finished Defiance(enjoyed), set aside Chance of Rain, just couldn’t get into it, read Slow Heat(enjoyed but not as much as most of her other books), and Winter’s Burn(liked). I started 99 Days last night, but didn’t get too far into it. Got up to 48% while riding around in the truck.  I’m hoping to at least finish that today but don’t know if I’ll get to Festive in Death.
  • Knit: Mug Hug – finished this & got yarn for my next projectwp-1458472651866.jpg
  • A-Z Challenge – draft posts as I have time – finished (C) post & started (D) post. Hoping to work through more of them this week.

As for next week’s goals:

  • Work 20 hours on writing projects
  • Edit 5 hours
  • Come Back Down – 1 hour
  • Read: Description & Setting
  • Read: Finish 99 Days(Katie Cotugno), Festive in Death(J.D. Robb), The Vixen and the Vet(Katy Regnery), Frisco’s Kid(Suzanne Brockman), Once Upon a Setup(Kait Nolan), My Last(Melanie Shawn), Protect and Serve(various), & Lies We Live(Brenda St John Brown)
  • Crochet: Half and Half Slouch Hat
  • A-Z Challenge – draft posts as I have time

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: A Good Week" (6)

  1. You did very well this week!

    My mom has knitted those mug hug things. Very cool.

    I have to agree with you on the clothing descriptions in any kind of book, not just romance. I don’t as a rule even mention clothing unless it’s related to what’s in the scene (a character spilled something on her blouse, or a sex scene, etc.). I think emotions and action are more important than description of clothing.

    • Thanks!
      I’ve made different versions of it. This one was pretty simple.
      I’m glad to see others agree with me. I might describe clothes, if it’s something the character doesn’t usually wear or if it does pertain to what’s going on. But, otherwise I don’t usually worry about it. And even then the description is usually minimal.

  2. Kat Morrisey said:

    OMG, I keep forgetting about the A-Z Challenge. OMGOMGOMG. I need a theeeeeeemmmmeeeee! *panics*

    Okay, had to get that out of the way. And today I need to find some time to think on what my theme will be!

    That would annoy me if I read how romance readers like that stuff. I want tension and emotion, like you said. Even if it’s a smexy scene I tend to skim through if there aren’t any real feelings there. I want the emotion to punch me in the face, ya know? Who cares what they’re wearing?! 😀 (But then I like to torture myself too, with super angsty books, so this totally makes sense, I guess. LOL)

    You did great this week on goals. What kind of planner did you get? I love planners. And pens. 😀

    • You still have some time. 🙂
      I’m with you. Give me all the emotions! I like having my heart wrung out. I really don’t care about what people are wearing. But, then again, I don’t usually care too much about what I’m wearing either.
      Thanks! It’s a project planner. I figured it would work better for me than a daily/weekly/monthly one. Especially with all my different projects. And got Bic Atlantis pens. I’ll try to remember to show pictures on Wednesday.

  3. So jealous that you got a new planner and pens! I always think that if I just have enough organization tools, I will get organized. My office is about to explode with office supplies and that organization thing? Not happening!

    Here’s to a great upcoming week and getting my act together!

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