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Welcome back to another meeting of the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who loves to write. I’m still sharing from Come Back Down, which I think I’m coming close to the end of the first draft. Hopefully by the end of the month. For now, here’s another 10 sentences, picking up almost right after last week’s snippet(I just left out a few of Birdie’s thoughts).

“I’m not a victim,” I snapped out. “It’s not-”

Trace finally took a step further into the room. “No one ever said you were, Birdie, and even if that was the case, it wouldn’t change anything.”

“Everyone looked at me like I was. Just like back when it happened.”

“No one looked at you like it.” He took another step into the room and blew some of his hair away from his face. “I am a victim. Does it make me less in your eyes?”

If you’ve read Into the Sun, you’ll know what Trace is talking about. If you haven’t, well, why not? 😉 You could still pick up a copy of World Unknown Review, which its in. Or…well, you’ll jut have to wait and see, but I have plans. Next week, I’ll have Birdie’s reaction to this.

Comments on: "WeWriWa: “Make Me Less”" (6)

  1. Almost everyone’s a victim in one way or another. I wonder what the significance of victimhoood is?

  2. Stepping away from the Victim is a very interesting process. Until then we label ourselves and think that is all everyone else sees. Your processes are very real in this story, Fallon, nicely done.

  3. Great snippet filled with a lot of emotion. Well done.

  4. […] Welcome back to another meeting of the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m coming back with another snippet from Come Back Down. I almost have this one finished, at least the first draft. Today I have 10 sentences from the end of their conversation from last week’s snippet. […]

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