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Stained Snow released on Friday, so no more teasers on that one! But you can buy it on Kindle or borrow if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. So now I’ll start teasing for the next book, Stained by Ashes. For anyone who has already read Stained Snow, you’ll recognize this character.

Adam’s jaw clenched, and his hands tightened on the reins briefly. It was his most common reaction when the other man’s name was mentioned. He liked William, really he did. They had even formed a sort of friendship while working together in Colorado.

Still, every time he heard that name, he had that irrational spurt of jealousy. It made no sense.

Maggie had never been his.

He shoved away those thoughts. “Who’s leading this charge?”

Now, Patrick’s face tightened. “Lucas Kline. He has the biggest holdings and the most to lose. And he’s the devil’s own spawn.”

Adam hadn’t had much to do with the old man. He’d had a few run-ins with his son, Louis, though. Another son, Barrett, had kept those run-ins from getting too violent. Adam had heard something about a daughter as well, but he’d never seen her in town.

“What’s your position?” Adam decided to let the comment on the cattle baron pass. He couldn’t disagree, and that conversation wouldn’t go anywhere.

“They’re not hurting anyone, and these barons have land to spare. Like you said, these farmers are trying to make a life for themselves here.” They rode in silence for a few minutes before Patrick added, “I’d like to stay out of it, but I feel a war coming. I’d like to stop that if I can.”

Adam kept his own thoughts to himself even as they ran the same path as Patrick’s. He wasn’t so sure anything they did could stop a war if enough men, with more power than them, were intent on starting it.

I’m hoping to have this one ready to publish early this summer. Now, I just have to finish getting it polished and sent to beta readers.

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