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I got off track last week, but back on the rails this week. In fact I’m pulling ahead of my schedule(don’t worry, I’ll quit with the train references eventually). Not sure what it’s been this week. Maybe the increasing temperatures are stirring my motivation. It’s been beautiful the last couple days. This morning, I even took the pup for a walk. It wasn’t a very long one, though it felt like it with him stopping to sniff every leaf and clump of dirt. And the kids played outside for quite a while yesterday after school. We’re supposed t be getting some rain the next days, but it’s not supposed to drop below 50 through the next week.

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This morning I finished the outline for Paint Me a Picture. Not sure I’ll keep this title, though it works for now. I also wrote the first 2500-ish words of it. Well, kind of. About 1k of that came from a story I wrote last May for the Story a Day challenge. I adjusted some things to make it work for the first scene of this story, but it’s mostly the same. Since that’s what I was working on today, that’s what I’ll share for this week’s

“Sorry,” Rylan said, glancing over his shoulder than back own at the girl. “Tonight’s painting lesson got a little messy.”

That was paint he was washing out of her hair? Oh God. “What did you do, Cora? Roll in it?”

Cora lifted her head and grinned at her mother. “It’s okay, Mom. Sometimes art is messy. That’s what Uncle Ry said.”

‘What Uncle Ry says.’ God, how many times did she hear that phrase a day? Way too many. “You just about done?” Kirsten asked. “I’ve got dinner cooking at home. You need to eat so you can finish up your homework and get to bed.”

Cora sat up on the counter and grinned at her mom. “Homework’s done.” At Kirsten’s raised eyebrow, Cora let out a sigh and rolled her eyes. When had her seven year old turned into a teenager? “It is, Mom. Uncle Ry even went over it for me. It was just math.”

She shot him a look, and he nodded. “Even I can handle an addition and subtraction worksheet.”

She’d see about that and check over it for herself. “How bad are your clothes?” she asked Cora as Rylan dried the girl’s hair. She saw his muscles flex as he ran the towel through it. Damn it. Did the man have to look good doing everything? Especially when he was being so good to her daughter.

“I tossed them in with mine,” he told her. “I have a few spare outfits for if she needs them here,” he said, gesturing to the shirt she had on now. A different one than what Kirsten had sent her to school in. He produced a comb and started untangling Cora’s hair even as he kept his gaze on Kirsten.

Kirsten reached across herself and pinched her own arm.

Rylan’s mouth quirked up. “What was that for?” he asked.

“Making sure this wasn’t some elaborate dream.”

His hand stilled halfway through Cora’s hair, his eyes searching hers, as if he could find something there. “What do you mean by that?”

Words rolled out pretty well this morning on this. Hoping the rest will as well. Rolling words pretty much has been the theme of this week so far.

  • 20 hours on plotting/drafting projects – 12 hours so far this week. On track to meet this.
    • By the Gun – 4216 words(some of which disturbed even me. This may be one of my darkest stories)
    • Love Who You Love – 4409 words(and some steamy ones at that). I should have another snippet from this for you next week.
    • Paint Me a Picture – finished outline & added 2519 words
  • 5 hours on editing – 1.5 hours on this. I only did half an hour on Monday because that’s all the longer it took to get through the rest of my CP edits. I’m polishing it up now to send to betas, so if anyone else is interested, let me know. There are some references to Stained Snow(which comes out Friday!), but overall you don’t need to have read it to read this.
  • Come Back Down – 1 hour/1000 words – weekend project
  • Read: Description & Setting – 45% – at about 30%
  • Read: Finish Made You Up, Opening Act, Combust, A Dawn Most Wicked(Susan Dennard), Forever and a Day(Jill Shalvis), What You Left Behind(Jessica Verdi), The Hook-Up(Kristen Callihan), & The Scorpion Rules(Erin Bow) – Finished Made You Up(great), Opening Act(good), Combust(okay), A Dawn Most Wicked(really good) and almost halfway through Forever and a Day.
  • Crochet: Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket – Finish – I have about 4 rows left to finish this.
  • Knit: Mug Hug – will start when I finish the blanket
  • A-Z Challenge – draft posts as I have time – drafted (B) post yesterday. Around 1200 words, I think. Hoping to get to at least (C) maybe even (D) today.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Pulling Ahead" (11)

  1. Ha! This is cute. I love stories with kids. Is he her babysitter?

  2. I can totally understand her pinching herself at this guy. *g* Nice snippet! He’s got my vote.

    Congrats on your progress for the week!

  3. Uncle Ry really does seem too good to be true. No wonder Kirsten pinched herself. Love the ending when Rylan nails Kirsten with his intent comment. Despite the weather distracting us all, that’s good progress this week. So, if you need another beta, I’m saying yes. Please e-mail me at bluebethley at yahoo.com Re AtoZ, I usually just wing my posts each day, surprised at what I discover, but March 21 is coming fast, and I can’t decide on a theme. Ack!

    • Thanks. He’s got a pretty big sweet side.
      I’m hoping to have it ready to send to betas by the end of next week.
      Last year I tried to stay almost a week ahead, but those were all topics I could research. This year’s theme is fiction-based, so trying to get ahead as I don’t know how long each will end up. I doubt I’ll have them all finished before April starts, though.

  4. This snippet is really sweet. And I love the direction it seems to be going in.

  5. Have a theme – have written a couple and planned a few more – need to spend a few hours getting at least a fortnights worth drafted – doing food/cooking/etc as it has impinged on my life – i guess more memoir than anything else. Good snippet here – is he a nice guy or are you setting us up for a twist in the tale?:)

    • I’m hoping to get at least a week or two ahead before April starts.
      Oh, Rylan is definitely a nice guy. Kirsten is just having a little trouble trusting that.

  6. […] I’m working on Paint Me a Picture, so that’s what I’m sharing from. I shared one snippet from it last month and this one picks up pretty much right after it. 20 sentences from Chapter […]

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