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The week has gone pretty well for me for the most part. I’ve stayed about a book behind my reading goal all week. But, other than that, I’ve been doing pretty well. Didn’t quite hit any of my writing goal targets, though I did get my time in. Hopefully, not that ‘ve have the myWriteClub writing sprints(I’d already been using it to track my progress on projects…when I remember to update it), I’m hoping my words will come faster.

Yesterday, we spent a good portion of the day in Erie. Met mother-in-law at Eat n Park for breakfast. Love getting their breakfast buffet. Especially the fruit part of it. Then, we had to waste a little time. Husband was taking the boy with him to this outdoor expo thing. And the girl and I had a trip to Barnes and Noble. Neither opened until 10 and it was only 9:30. I should know better than to go into that store with a book in mind I really want to get. They almost never have it. At least this time, I had a few back-ups in mind in case they didn’t have the one I wanted. I ended up getting two books(The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie and Wild Man by Kristen Ashley) and the girl got one. Then, we headed to the café until husband and boy were done, and we met them next door at Wendy’s.

As for my week:

  • Work for 20 hours on plotting/writing/editing projects – got in roughly 20 hours(I lost track a few times, but I was at least close). And I got another 4.5 hours on editing. I finished filling in setting details, and decided to wait to do the rest of the edits until  next week.
    • Protecting the Heart – finished back stories(1317 words)
    • Ready When You Are – 2643 words
    • Love Who You Love – 3101 words
    • By the Gun – 3081 words
    • Rylan & Kirsten(tentatively titled Paint Me a Picture) – plot summary, character arc outlines, & scene list finished
    • Stained by Ashes – finished filling in setting details(added 1440 words)
  • Come Back Down – 1 hour/1000 words – probably closer to 1.5 hours/1041 words
  • Read: Description & Setting – 20% – got to this part.
  • Read: Finish Out of Bounds then read some I have from Kindle Unlimited. Once the new month starts, I’ll start on next month’s list and read: Sutphin Boulevard(Santino Hassell), See Them Run(Stacy Green), Own the Wind(Kristen Ashley), Made You Up(Francesca Zappia), Opening Act(Suleikha Snyder), Combust(Tessa Teevan) – Finished Sutphin Boulevard and really enjoyed it. Enjoyed See Them Run, too, though not as much as the first book in the series. Struggled with the first half of Own the Wind, just felt like nothing really happened. Still planning to get the next one in the series. I’m almost 70% through Made You Up and really enjoying it. Whatever I don’t finish this week will get moved to next week’s list.
  • Crochet: Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket – hoping to finish this week – Not quite finished with this. Have 8 rows left to do.
  • A-Z Challenge – draft posts as I have time – Have (A) done but didn’t get to any more of these this week. Maybe later today if I have time.

Other than a few of the books, it’s all green and blue. Pretty happy with that. Now for next week:

  • 20 hours on plotting/drafting projects
  • 5 hours on editing
  • Come Back Down – 1 hour/1000 words
  • Read: Description & Setting – 45%
  • Read: Finish Made You Up, Opening Act, Combust, A Dawn Most Wicked(Susan Dennard), Forever and a Day(Jill Shalvis), What You Left Behind(Jessica Verdi), The Hook-Up(Kristen Callihan), & The Scorpion Rules(Erin Bow)
  • Crochet: Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket – Finish
  • Knit: Mug Hug
  • A-Z Challenge – draft posts as I have time

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: A Little Sideways" (11)

  1. you done well girl:) I’ve managed three A-Z so far neither of them at the beginning of the alphabet!!:) keep smiling:)

  2. I have starts for all my A-Z, but lots left to do. Birthday parties this past weekend, and possibly next…so I’m hoping to get a tremendous amount done this week! =D

    Love seeing all that pretty blue! =D

    • It is a rather pretty sight, isn’t it? Hope you can manage to get stuff done before the weekend sweeps you away.

      • Another potentially busy weekend ahead, and Thursday we’re going to see Zootopia, and maybe buy the girl a new sundress (she LOVES sundresses, and wears them just about year-round). Saturday, Toys’ R’ Us is having a Littlest Pet Shop Swap. She’s not sure she wants to swap any of hers, but there are some promotional items and the event is free.

        But, in the between times, I write! =D

  3. Good for you for having such a productive week! Yeah. Hope you take the time to celebrate your successes. Here’s to another successful week!

  4. Great you’ve had such a productive week and also fitted in some quality reading.

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