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Sunday Summary: Back on Track

I mentioned on Wednesday that things weren’t going as well as I’d like. But, after that everything settled down again. I was able to get caught up and even ahead by Wednesday. And even with moving things to a new device. I’ve been thinking about getting a new computer. The netbook I’ve had for about 2 years now(I think) had been giving me a lot of problems. Well, my husband is going to be getting a new Surface Pro from work when he goes back next month. So, he suggested I take his older surface. I started putting my stuff on it. The only big problem I have with it is that I can’t install Scrivener on it. So, I compiled all the projects I was working on and saved them in one drive and have been working on them in Microsoft Word, which I don’t particularly care for. I did find another program that’s similar to scrivener called Quillerous. But, I can’t import my projects into it. I will be able to export them as an rtf file(which is usually what I use when I compile on scrivener), so I can always transfer them back to the computer to organize and format back in scrivener before I publish. Once I start one of the projects I’m plotting, I’ll try out Quillerous and share my opinion of it.


I’ve been getting a good bit of writing done this week. Particularly on Friday. I really wanted to meet my word count goals for the week, so I put in some extra time on a couple of the projects. And the words were flowing pretty well. I’m changing how I’m doing things for next month. I’ll be working on one project at a time, kind of. It’ll be on a day to day basis. Each day being something different. I’m hoping it will appease my side that feels I need to focus, as well as the side that wants to work on all the things. There’s actually 6 projects(the 5 in plotting or drafting stage & 1 editing). So, I won’t be working on the same one on the same days of the week.

She so takes after me. I used to draw pictures from my horse books too.

She so takes after me. I used to draw pictures from my horse books too.

Now, for how I did on this week’s goals:

  • Ready When You Are – 100 minutes/2000 words – 165 minutes/2607 words
  • Love Who You Love – 100 minutes/2000 words – 135 minutes/2139 words
  • By the Gun – 100 minutes/2000 words – 135 minutes/2062 words
  • Protecting the Heartfinish Declan’s backstory, start Eva’sI did finally finish Declan’s. About 2500 words. A little over 9 pages in my notebook.  I got about 1 paragraph of Eva’s written.
  • Rylan & Kirsten – finish Kirsten’s backstory, start Kenny’s – finished Kirsten’s(about 4.5 pages) & Kenny’s(a little over 3 pages).
  • Stained Snow – finish read through, format, upload to Amazon(HAVE to have this done by 3/1) – all DONE. DONE. DONE. And now, I just have to wait and panic that there’s *something* I forgot or got wrong(this seems to be part of my publishing process)
  • Come Back Down – write 60 minutes/1000 words – closer to 90 minutes/1512 words. and finally worked in the twist I thought of a few weeks ago. Coming up on to the climax.
  • Read: She Sat He Stood – 100% – finished this. It wasn’t quite what I expected or as helpful as I’d hoped.
  • Read: Flirting with Scandal(Chanel Cleeton), Unscrupulous(Avery Aster), Extraction(Stephanie Diaz), Full Position(Mari Carr), Midnight Thief(Livia Blackburne), Slow Ride(Cathryn Fox), & Fall for a Seal(Zoe York) I set Extraction aside. Just couldn’t get into it. Not sure if it was the book itself or the fact I was more in the mood for some light, sexy romance instead of a more dystopian. Started Midnight Thief, but it wasn’t really pulling me in either, so read Slow Ride and Fall for a Seal(1st 3 books in her Seals Undone series). Then I finished Midnight Thief. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t really pull me in that much, either. Then, I started Out of Bounds(Erin Nicholas). This is the last book on my list for the month. So, looks like I’ll hit this goal this month.
  • Crochet: Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanketdidn’t get very much done on this, but I finally got the yarn I need, so hopefully I can finish it this week.
  • A-Z Challenge – Plan posts(just going to work on these as I finish everything else) I finished this and even got the first post drafted.

A little green mixed in with the blue. Just the way I like it(Okay, it’s a little better when it’s all blue. But, I’ll take this). Now, for next week:

  • Work for 20 hours on plotting/writing/editing projects
  • Come Back Down – 1 hour/1000 words
  • Read: Description & Setting – 20%
  • Read: Finish Out of Bounds then read some I have from Kindle Unlimited. Once the new month starts, I’ll start on next month’s list and read: Sutphin Boulevard(Santino Hassell), See Them Run(Stacy Green), Own the Wind(Kristen Ashley), Made You Up(Francesca Zappia), Opening Act(Suleikha Snyder), Combust(Tessa Teevan)
  • Crochet: Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket – hoping to finish this week
  • A-Z Challenge – draft posts as I have time



Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Back on Track" (6)

  1. Lots of blue! It’s always tough when you’re switching machines. I always have that problem when I go camping or out of town and want to work — usually I use my Ipad, but before that I used my netbook, and I always had to remind myself to sync everything before I left.

    I’m reading a book right now that’s not grabbing me either. It sounded really good, but I dunno. I always feel guilty setting books aside b/c I may never get back to them. Sometimes I’ve been wrong, and a book just starts off slowly or something. Still trying to give this one a chance.

  2. Kat Morrisey said:

    Loving all that blue! You’ve got Own the Wind on your list–woohoo! I can’t wait to see what you think! Thanks for sending me Barrett–I’ll keep an eye on him for ya. 😀

    • Thanks. Seeing that blue after the way the week started was definitely good.

      Can’t wait to see what you think about Barrett.

  3. Nice job on keeping up with your goals in the midst of computer issues–that generally guarantees I will fall behind! 😀

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